Another American Killed In Benghazi

Obama Who Is Benghazi SC

Just over a year after a deadly attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, another American was reportedly shot and killed in the Libyan city Thursday.

Reports from the region indicate that a teacher from Texas was jogging in the general vicinity of the former attack when he was shot and killed by an unknown assailant. This tragic development illustrates the area’s persistently hostile environment.

As of this writing, no person or group has come forward to take credit for the murder; however, militant Muslims in the region have long been responsible for the majority of such violence. The presence of armed militias throughout Libya has increased precipitously since the assassination of Moammar Gadhafi two years ago.

It was for that reason U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens sought additional security just prior to the raid that killed him and three other Americans Sept. 11, 2012. The incident has plagued the Obama administration since, as many feel Obama and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton failed to act preemptively to secure the embassy and did not provide resources for the victims in the aftermath of the attack.

Had the administration responded appropriately, detractors contend, American lives might have been saved.

In response to the scandal, the administration has been conspicuously unforthcoming. Numerous questions remain unanswered as Benghazi remains a potentially deadly place for any American.

Signaling a complete disconnect from reality, the State Department has yet to provide any real evidence of increased security at any of America’s embassies in unfriendly parts of the world. Instead, officials have decided to spend millions on art in less contentious areas.

In fact, the State Department spent $1 million this year on a single work – a pile of rocks titled “Wall of Light Cubed 2” – now on display at the London embassy.

Still, amid reports that witnesses to last year’s attack are being prevented from sharing their stories, the administration refuses to address the issue head on. With the violent murder of another American very near the same location, millions of outraged patriots continue to demand accountability.

Obama’s many scandals come and go, due in large part to sycophantic media outlets dutifully obfuscating relevant information. The public outrage regarding Benghazi, however, is different.

With identifiable victims and a demonstrable lack of action from the White House and State Department, this egregious atrocity deserves to plague all involved for the remainder of their (hopefully short) careers.

–B. Christopher Agee

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  1. Benghazi was suppose to be a kidnapping. Obama set it up with his Muslim Brotherhood buddies. He'd trade the "Blind Sheik" responsible for the first WTC bombing for Stevens. Morsi had already asked Obama to release him. This exchange would give Obama a boost in the polls just before the election. How convenient. But those damn CIA agents, former SEALs, refused to obey the stand down orders and opened fire on the terrorists. Believing Obama had betrayed them they tortured and murdered Stevens. That's why no help was sent and Obama went to bed. It was all going as planned. When they discovered the op had been blown by the SEALs White House and State Department went directly into full cover up mode. They didn't care about the lies over the video. They calculated it would be a month or so before the lie was fully exposed. They'd stonewall until the election same as they've done for years on Fast and Furious. Welcome to Obama's America. A place where Al Qaeda terrorists are illegally provided weapons by the nation they will do anything to destroy. That's one of the things that was happening in Libya at the time that they're trying to prevent from ever going public.
    a 2013 congressional report showed that Clinton did indeed sign an April 2012 State Department cable acknowledging formal requests for help. So, she DID know of various cables requesting assistance in Libya, for MONTHS before the attack!. Reporter Sharyl Attkisson tweeted that while Clinton knew of these requests for aid, she “ordered the withdrawal of elements to proceed as planned.”
    I WILL NOT vote for Hillary! I would write in a vote for my dog first! My dog is loyal to where he lives and will protect me! More than I can say for her or the "O"!! Guess who was fired from the Watergate investigation because of her “ethics” or complete disregard of them? Read this and find out!. Especially under “A Tiger Never Loses Its Stripes”! She was dishonest, underhanded and a liar even back then! I remember her well, as I am in my 60's! No votes here! Obama and Hillary are two rotten peas in a rotting pod. Go to Capital Hill Daily and type in "What the Scandals mean for 2016". Also at the "powerline blog" is this "hillary-clinton-culpable-for-benghazi-from-beginning-to-end". Vote them out in 2014, vote them all out! And do not vote for Clinton unless you want more of the same thing that Obama has been dishing out!

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