You Won’t Believe Why This 12 Year Old Girl Received A Purple Heart


The 12-year-old girl who survived being stabbed 19 times, an unfortunate victim of a the murder plot of two classmates to win over the fictional internet character “Slender man”, received an amazing anonymous gift in the mail, her family announced yesterday.

“The little girl and her brother open up the hundreds and some days thousands of packages sent to the family from generous people from all over the world” Stephen Lyons, the survivor’s spokesperson, told ABC News. “It’s therapeutic and something she and her brother do every day.”

But this package was different. It included an unsigned card that housed a Purple Heart for the Wisconsin girl.

“The only heart I could find,” the anonymous individual wrote the little girl. “Be strong!”

Purple happens to be the girl’s favorite color.

“[Her parents] explained to her the significance of a Purple Heart in the military and what it means, what a personal sacrifice it is to be wounded on behalf of the country, and how incredible it is to be sent this,” Lyons said. “The gift really resonates with the family because they are still dealing with wounds, emotionally and physically, from the evens of May 31.”

In May, two of the 12-year-old’s friends, Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyser, lured her into a park and stabbed her 19 times in hopes of pleasing “Slender man,” a fictional character they had read about online, authorities say. After the stabbing, she crawled from the woods and was discovered by a passing cyclist who called 911 as she fought for her life. The two have since been charged with attempted murder.

 “Our family continues to be so moved by the prayers, well wishes, packages, financial support and purple hearts from around the world,” the family wrote in a statement. “It does not surprise me that a decorated veteran unselfishly gave this amazingly brav+e and courageous little girl something from his or her heart.”

Photo Credit: Margaret Maloney (Flickr)

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