Ann Dunham’s Passport Files

passport SC 238x300 Ann Dunhams Passport Files

I created quite a response when I alleged that Mitch McConnell is stopping up the investigation into Obama’s birth. I had to laugh, because the comments wandered off the subject, and became a discussion about the birth certificate.

I’m not talking about the authenticity of the birth certificate. I wrote a previous piece “We Don’t Need His Birth Certificate”.

I was a corporate paralegal for 20 years. I worked with investigators. I was never an investigator – I worked at the office. I helped the investigators with their investigations. I also inspected documents.

Someone else went to Federal Court and got Ann Dunham’s passport files under the Freedom of Information Act. He posted them online:

I was curious to see them, because I know the passport laws that existed when Obama was a child. Ann Dunham and I are approximately the same age, and we both traveled with children out of the country.

I opened the files expecting to see a photograph of little Barak and his mother, together. Passport laws require a group photo of parent and child. If you read the little box where you paste your photo – it says “group photo required.”

There should also be a photocopy of this mysterious birth certificate. I thought, well, at least we’ll resolve this birth certificate issue, because she was required to bring a copy of the birth certificate to the passport office.

No copy of any birth certificate either. The only mention of little Barak Obama is on a renewal application, stamped by the US consulate in Jakarta. However, the passport officer crossed out his name — because she never brought in the birth certificate or took the required photo.

I knew immediately that she never had a birth certificate, because she was apparently trying to add him to her passport, so she could leave Indonesia with him. She wanted to go home to the states, but got stuck in Indonesia.

I had the same experience in Tokyo. My daughter was born in the US Army hospital in Tokyo. I had to retake my photo holding my daughter, and bring the Army hospital birth certificate to the US Consulate in Tokyo. it’s complicated to add a child to a passport. Ann Dunham thought she could walk into the consulate and write down his name, and that was it.

I only asked Mitch Mcconnell to go get the Passport Legal Officer who released this file, to come over to his office and explain how little Barak Obama managed to get on a plane in Hawaii, walk thru customs and immigration, and board a plane for Indonesia, without appearing on his mother’s passport.

I’m a reasonable person. If there is a logical explanation, I’m sure the Passport Office has one. Children did not travel on separate passports, they traveled as an addition to their parent’s passport. And how hard was it for Ann Dunham to go drive over to the hospital and get the birth certificate?

How in the heck did she take her son to Indonesia, without a US Passport?

The President of the United States apparently traveled as a citizen of another country on somebody’s passport, but it wasn’t his mother’s. Ann Dunham could have easily traveled on her husband’s passport when she went to Kenya, or whatever it was called. When her son was born, they simply added him to the same passport, and came back home. That passport expired.

Why would any American mother not go get her child’s birth certificate, and put them on her passport? If there’s a logical explanation, hey, let’s hear it. I honestly don’t want to argue about the authenticity of a document that I can’t inspect myself. I’m not a photoshop expert – but I am a passport expert. I just don’t see it.

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  1. Tea Party Marine says:

    There is soo much about Obama that we don't know! Hopefully it will come out before he destroys the country! Our politicians are cowards and opportunists for not following through with Obama's credibility! They are afraid of being called a "Birther". The novel name the liberals came up with to deflect an investigation. No one wants to be labeled as "Crazy"if they want to get reelected! COWARDS!!!!

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      You expressed this the way I feel.The conservatives and republicans area cowardly bunch of men and women because they don't want to be called Birthers.I can understand the democraps but the others I will never understand.This is one way to get him out before he gives America to the ragheads.

    • True our politicians are cowards when it comes to Obama's eligibility because of their complicity in allowing him the presidency without vetting him. Undoubtedly Congress was bought and sold and that greedy bunch didn't hesitate to take that bribe – "what's one more bribe to that bunch?" Our congress is corrupt to the bone – the swamp in Wash.D.C. needs a good house cleaning – I hear they have rooms available in Gitmo. Someday we'll get them there.


  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    Obungholes mother was nothing but a whore who liked black meat and God only knows where that tootsie roll was placed in her to hatch Obugme.All evidence points to him being born in Kenya or somewhere besides Hawaii.

  4. Obama is a fraud but the lawmakers are too pansie to challenge him. SO SAD.

  5. "Ann Dunham could have easily traveled on her husband’s passport when she went to Kenya, or whatever it was called …"

    It was called the 'British Protectorate of East Africa'.

  6. RacerJim says:

    One could write a book about all the coincidences and/or happenstances related to whence Obama came and, therefore, his identity and eligibility.

    There are no coincidences, or happenstances, in politics.

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