Ann Coulter: Curbing Illegal Immigration Is Not Enough

Ann Coulter

As a steady stream of individuals continues to cross America’s southern border in violation of federal immigration laws, Americans are growing weary of the current administration’s lax approach to border security.

Barack Obama vowed to bypass Congress in an attempt to enact his favored policy days after requesting $2 billion from the same branch for unspecified related purposes. Conservative author and columnist Ann Coulter, however, recently confirmed she believes this announcement is simply a ploy by Obama to achieve his goal through subterfuge.

“There is no way Obama is using his executive authority in the middle of this surge on the border to suddenly just throw at them all amnesty,” she said in an appearance on Monday night’s episode of Hannity on the Fox News Channel. “What I’m worried about is that he’ll go to Congress and ask for unlimited discretion to deal with the problem.”

She went on to say that there are plenty of Republicans willing to play right into Obama’s ultimate plan.

“And we can have Marco Rubio and Rand Paul going around saying ‘What are you going to do, deport them all?’ Just get them in and in a matter of years they’ll be voting Democrat and collecting welfare,” she predicted.

Perhaps the most pressing argument for strict – and strictly enforced – immigration laws, Coulter noted, is the financial impact open borders has on America and its citizens.

“We have our own poor people we need to take care of; and we’re running out of money for that,” she said. “As I pointed out many times, the people this hurts the most are African-Americans. Their jobs are being taken. They’re the ones who need the low wage jobs that are being undercut and then subsidized by taxpayers through the welfare that illegal immigrants and also just low-wage immigrants are taking.”

Coulter concluded that, in order to ensure America can adequately meet the needs of those already here, immigration of all forms must be curtailed.

“To help all Americans, what we need now is an immigration moratorium,” she said, “both legal and illegal.”

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Ann is right we need these illegals like we need another Obutthole.They are tearing this country to shreds and you have that bug eyed Kristen Powers wanting more to come in.I wonder how much this blond asshole will adopt the bitch couldn't keep her first husband.The buses should be sent to Mexico instead of cities in the southern border states.

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