And The Three Most Popular Secession Movements In The US Are…

Secession is a word we have not heard much about for a while. Past secession movements have centered on grievances over tolls and taxes, which are not items people have been willing to fight out to the bitter end.  Those movements failed because local and state governments eventually addressed the would-be secessionists’ demands.

Today, there are several secession movements brewing in various diverse parts of the country; but each one centers on a much more important issue: The personal freedoms and liberties of We The People.

By all reckoning, We The People are deadly serious about wanting to break away from the left wing tyrants who are kept in power by the nation’s takers.  The three most prominent secession movements are found in Northern California, Western Maryland, and Northern Colorado. In each instance, the same scenario plays out; in California, the overwhelming amount of takers in its Southern half are choking the freedom out of the lives of the makers in the rest of the state. In Maryland and Colorado, each State’s cities are destroying a once free state for the same reason.

As in 1775, freedom is the burning issue in these movements. Those who are voluntarily wards of the state have sold their freedom to the Democrats who rule them. The price of maintaining the plantations that keep electing Democrats is being paid by rural and suburban Americans who are beginning to say “No, Enough!”

Building a new state carved out of an existing one is not easy.  Bloodless efforts to secede have not worked since 1820, when Maine peacefully broke away from Massachusetts.

Once the groundwork of organizing has been completed, the petitioners have to get their state legislature to pass such a measure. Thereafter, it must be signed by the governor concerned. In most cases, this is the end of the line because the very people who are sucking the life out of those wanting to secede must pass the necessary bill.

If a secession bill somehow happens to pass at the state level, it must pass in the House of Representative as well. By that time, the national media and the halfwits on late night TV will pile on and mock the effort, which will make adding new fighters to the cause very difficult.

For those seeking secession, everything boils down to whether the states involved still have enough “maker” Americans who will demand change and restoration of their freedoms.  Sadly enough, that looks like a tall order for We The People.

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