And The Number 1 Issue This Fall Is…

When David Jolly beat Alex Sink in a recent special election for a Florida congressional seat, the knee jerk reaction from the GOPe’s pet pollsters was to immediately warn the Republican rank and file that Jolly didn’t win because of Obamacare. “Who are you going to believe, us or your lying eyes?” came to mind.

Phonies like Karl Rove pontificated about how winning elections requires more than simply getting on the right side of issues voters care about and hammering that message home. Hey, who knew there was more to winning elections than supporting the things voters want and opposing the things they hate?

Clearly, it takes more than bottom line election results to convince these “experts.” Nevertheless, what those of us who know how to pour water out of a boot and knew all along has been scientifically validated.

A recent Pew survey discovered that 54% of those who intend to vote next November see Obamacare as “very important.” Of those voters, 2 of every 3 hate the law; and this is an undeniable motivator for getting voters to the polls next fall.

After reviewing the Pew results, Kansas Republican Senator Jerry Moran remarked, “If you don’t care about Obamacare, you’re less likely to vote. If you think Obamacare is good, it’s not a big issue for you. But if you think it’s bad, it’s an intense one.”

Moran was likely referring to the numbers of people who now “don’t know” how they feel about Obamacare that Pew found.

The percentage of “don’t know” or wouldn’t answer respondents has grown from 5% to 12% just from December to February. Liberals would likely insist this is a good sign (they insist everything is a “good sign” for them), but it seems more likely that this increase is the byproduct of true believers coming to understand they have been lied to by Barack Obama.

The honest mixture of respondents (Republicans 42%, Democrats 39%) makes this a serious piece of information for anyone who will listen. Obamacare can turn this November into a big disappointment for Democrats.

Republican establishment, are you listening?

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  1. I live there and Jolly won because of Obamacare and his stance on it! We do not want this POS health plan. All it is for is to restrict us even more under this tyrannical govt. and keep us broke paying for it! If it is soooo good, let Obama pay for it with all the billions he has stolen! 6 billion missing from the pentagonand 6 billion from the State Department under Hillary's watch, who is in cahoots with Obama! We intend to vote out as many Democrats as we can! I suggest the rest of the nation do the same! It is time to take our country back before we end up being the USSA!

    • Well said Debbie,
      I intend to vote out in Nov all democrats and I hope most people will NOT stay home and ignore what is going on, our Country is in trouble and we all have to get out and Vote OUT these POS

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