Analyzing Obama’s MLK Speech

Obama MLK Content Of Character Gauge SC Analyzing Obamas MLK speech

It was a short speech. It stopped short of 1,600 words – a point at which many public figures who have far less to say are just getting warmed up.

King possessed the great advantage of having character on his side. The same cannot be said of certain other mesmerizing orators. Obama, Sharpton, et al. come most immediately to mind, which makes their oratory sound repugnant, not compelling.

Freedom needs no lengthy explanation. It needs no five-year plan, or 10-point agenda, or 30-percent tax, or 200-person bureaucracy. Freedom asks for none of those things. In fact, it doesn’t ask for anything – except to be left in peace. One word would have sufficed…”Freedom”

MLK and BHO did/do not see the path to equal opportunity through the same light. To compare the two, listen to a couple of MLKs speeches: take the Street Sweeper speech, for example, and listen to how MLK always says that growth starts with the individual, and be the best you can be; that will create a great society of equal opportunity.

BHO chastises the individual, and he instead talks about “society” and the collective (collective is a socialist word). It’s sad that the left is making MLK a commodity and a political tool because his dream is real and achievable if we all would stop putting our hands out and strive to be the best at whatever we happen to do or be.

Obama’s attempt to act like he cares at all about MLK is a pathetic one, considering what he has intentionally done to race relations in the US.

He also had a dream, and his dream came true.

Barack Obama took 50 years of Martin Luther King’s hard work and destroyed it!

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  1. "Barack Obama took 50 years of Martin Luther King’s hard work and destroyed it!" What's more is, Obama has NOT overcome. He in fact, uses the shade of his skin as a barrier and a sword. The barrier to deflect any challenges to his leadership by claiming it's race related and the sword to cut down such challengers with the same claim. What Martin Luther King Jr. meant for peace, Obama turned into a social and political weapon of chaos.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    It's too bad these spooks and Clinton are crapping all over what MLK had to say in that speech.

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