An Update On Obama’s Personal Army…

General Obama Forward Stand Down SC An update on Obama’s personal army...

Because the American military swears an allegiance to the U.S. Constitution, and not to the President, could Obama’s strategy be to strip our Armed Services and shift their dollars into an all powerful civilian Army under his command?  Two tips coming into CiR this week surprisingly connect just these dots and link these machinations to Obamacare funding.

On page 496 of H.R. 3590 is this quote: ” (b) Assimilating Reserve Corp Officers Into the Regular Corps. . .Effective on the date of enactment of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, all individuals classified as officers in the Reserve (civilian) Corps . . .shall be deemed to be commissioned officers of the Regular Corps.”  Reserve and Regular Corps are military terms used to describe a “civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded,” says Obama in his famous Civilian Army Speech.

An article from the Marine Corps Times this week states: “The Marine Corps faces a difficult period of transition that will include shedding thousands of personnel per year, sharpening its role as a crisis-response force. . .”  This means our U.S. Marine Corps is being cut by 8,000 personnel fewer “than previously planned, and 12,800 fewer than the 186,800 end strength” recommended by senior Marine analysts!  This severe reduction in the Marine Corps force is the “minimum acceptable force” according to the warning given Congress by Commandant Gen. Jim Amos.  “Eleven combat arms battalions and 14 aviation squadrons will be cut,” he added.  This very important article, sent to CiR, details a severe force reduction in “Manpower and Force Structure,” plus procurements and even Aviation.  As many as 25,000 airmen and 550 planes “would go if sequester continues.”  But how come sequester isn’t affecting Obama’s Army?

A long time FEMA source cites this sentence in the Obama Army speech:  “We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set.”  This tipster told CiR that when Obama took office, older, long time FEMA employees and/or individual assistance personnel were in the process of being replaced by “18 to 24 year olds who knew next to nothing” about homeland security or emergency response.  These young people and FEMA operations were pulled into Washington, D.C. under the executive branch’s prerogative.

Ordinary citizens cannot ignore the increased local and state police presence now seen all over American streets, television screens, and ubiquitous surveillance cameras.  Just this month, SWAT team goons shot and killed a 107 year old black man, Monroe Isadore, in Pine Bluff, Arkansas.  An over-eager Tallahassee, Florida road cop team used such force to subdue a tiny young mother with alcohol breath that they broke the bones under her blackened eye while inflicting other injuries on the small woman.

This is over-the-top overreach; but federal money talks, right?  Those DHS disaster drills are filling the coffers of local police nationwide as tax dollars from suffering taxpayers shrink public sector income.

Just what part does the Obamacare law, passed in the middle of the night in rather creative, legislative Potomac Two Step style, play in defunding our military in order to fund his “strong civilian national security force?”

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  1. (1) Defund o'care and (2) Impeach o

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    We know that Obutthole wants to get rid of our military to put the muslim brotherhood in power.where is the Mafia when you need them.

    • Anonymous says:

      Don't need the mafia. American citizen patriots will do the deed with smiles on their faces. JiggaBama can't stop a million people from descending upon the white house. I'd like to see him try….. JiggaBama and Reid need to be stood against the wall for the whole world to see as they as executed. That would be an example to the world – don't fk with America……

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        I'd like to see JiggaBama stoned with Reid according to muslim law.Shooting or Hanging them is to merciful.

  3. Starting to look that way……….Obama told us he was going to build a civilian force equal to our military and now he's doing it!

  4. Linda From NY says:

    This is what Hitler did, he build a personal Army, hmm sounds very familiar. I can see Obama too out a page straight out of Hitler's book.

  5. Think about this…I have been reading all kinds of article's about the military recently, and how the gay's and others are now coming down hard on any military members that hold Christian belief's, or for whatever reason do not support the homosexual agenda. There have been disciplinary actions, talk of court martials, (SP?), loss of promotions/pay increases that are well earned, etc.–we will be losing a lot of good people in the military because of this bullshit persecution, and all that will be left are Obama supporters, and those to afraid to speak up. Soon he will own the military as well.

  6. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Issue 158) Purchased 2,717 mine resistant armor protected vehicles for use on civilian streets in the U.S.
    In the wake of the Boston Marathon attack, militarized police, DHS, FBI, and ATF roamed the streets of Watertown. Looking for the unarmed teenager Jahar Tsarnaev, citizens were confined to their homes. Light-armored tanks roamed the streets. Hundreds of militarized police conducted illegal house-to-house searches. Citizens were taken into custody without being charged with a crime. And yes, most of this “national security force” was dressed in black. In a video that has now gone viral, former Marine Colonel Pete Martino testified how our law enforcement apparatus, especially the Department of Homeland Security, has become indistinguishable from the military, down to every piece of equipment, weapons,  and vehicles. The Posse Comitatus Act makes it illegal for the military to roam the streets of America. Obama, like he has done with virtually all laws, has found a way around this. His “Civilian National Security Force” that he dreamed of while campaigning in 2008, is now coming to fruition. And guess what, America? He’s just getting started.

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