An Open Letter To RNC Chair Reince Priebus

Reince Priebus SC An Open Letter To RNC Chair Reince Priebus


Dear Mr Priebus,

I signed on with the Republican Party back in 2008 when I perceived the threat that our Muslim/communist plant Barack Hussein Obama would bring to the United States if he won the election. Like every good party supporter, I gave what I could in order to further the CONSERVATIVE Republican cause, to no avail of course. I gave once again in 2012 as it looked like a pretty good field of Conservative candidates, except for the fact that we ended up with the socialist/RINO Mitt Romney. Once again, the party’s choice of a candidate was to no avail.

My question to you sir is this: when are you going to stop asking your party members for money when the best that you can muster is nothing more than a bunch of co-opted progressive Republican RINO’s like John McCain and Lindsey Graham?

If you haven’t noticed, Sir, the people that you didn’t back and in fact tried to ruin in the primaries such as Rand Paul, Nikki Haley, and Ted Cruz are the very same people that We The People through our grassroots efforts put over the top against your RINOs against all odds. I don’t know if you have noticed, Sir, but it is OUR people that are making a difference in that corrupt cesspool on the hill.

My advice to you as a Republican voter is this: if you want to get this party back on track, get this party back to true Conservatism. Otherwise, I will remain a Republican only for the option of voting the RINOs out during the primaries. Until such a time that you begin to field truly Conservative candidates, you will NOT receive another dime from me, so please don’t ask.



Tim Powers

True Conservative Republican voter


Photo credit: Gage Skidmore (Creative Commons)

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  1. My sentiment exactly, Mr. Powers. Thank you.

  2. I am a life long repulican now iam a tea party supporter i would like to see the democrats kicked out of office and shown what they realy are i want obama impeached and inprisoned. i want to know that my reps are looking out for my best intrest and not just a way to line their pockets like fienstine war proffiteer what a shame she should be put on trial and inprisoned

  3. I received a call just a few minutes ago from the Republican Party wanting yet another donation. They won't take no for an answer and go on and on until a person is forced to hang up on them. I don't intend to give them any more of my money until I see some changes. I am sick of McCain and Graham and so many other RINOs who don't care what any of us think. They have their own agendas and do not care anything about representing the people who elected them. I will vote Republican only when absolutely necessary to keep a Democrat out, but I will not support an incumbent when there is a viable new-comer. We need people who will give us an alternative to the incumbents, but it costs so much to run that the average person cannot afford it. I will give my donations to people who share my values and will represent me. Those Republicans currently in office are not representing the people who elected them.

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