An Open Letter To Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Sheriff Joe Arpaio speaking SC An Open Letter to Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio

A little over a year ago, I was perplexed that federal law-enforcement authorities, the media, the federal judiciary, the U.S. Senate, and the U.S. House of Representatives were ignoring what appeared to be a fraudulent Hawaiian Certificate of Live Birth that was posted on the White House website on April 27, 2011. The purported birth certificate was for President Barack Hussein Obama II. It became very obvious to me that there were many anomalies on the document that everyone on the federal level apparently wanted to ignore.

Arizona has fraud and forgery statutes and continues to uphold the rule of law, so I chose to download the Obama birth certificate from the White House website onto my computer here in Maricopa County to establish jurisdiction. I made an appointment with you, and we met on August 18, 2011 to discuss my concerns. Prior to our meeting, I wrote a petition requesting your assistance; and on August 17, 2011, two hundred and forty-two Maricopa residents signed the petition in a little over two hours. I gave you a copy of the petitions and a copy of the Arizona Revised Statutes that cover fraud and forgery. At that meeting, I said that you were “the last hope for America.” I still believe you are America’s last hope to know the truth about our President. I simply asked for you to investigate the authenticity of the document and take the appropriate actions.

You asked me to come back to your office on August 22, 2011 for another meeting. At that meeting, you said that you would investigate the document using your Cold Case Posse. I was assured that the investigation would be done with “the utmost diligence.” This became the first law-enforcement investigation in the nation of Barack Obama’s identification papers.

Six months later, on March 1, 2012, you held your first press conference to announce your findings. My wife Denise and I attended the news conference. It was announced that your office had developed probable cause that Barack Hussein Obama II’s Hawaiian Certificate of Live Birth and his Selective Service System Registration form were both forgeries. The Certificate of Live Birth was called a computer-generated file forgery. It was also announced that you had developed leads regarding a person or persons of interest. As was expected, the media attacked you the messenger and refused to discuss the specifics of your findings.

My wife and I were so impressed with your press conference that we decided that it was important for the general public to witness what we saw firsthand and expose what the media had censored. Denise and I put an event together in less than 10 days. We held it at the Church on the Green on March 31, 2012, charged no admission and asked for no donations, and gave you the stage as a public service. I wrote a petition to the Arizona legislature based on elements of your investigation, and Denise circulated it at the event. Nearly 1,200 people attended the standing room only event. Many video DVDs were made and circulated throughout the nation as well as displayed on the internet. I’m still amazed how well you and your presentation were received by the public.

It is now September 25, 2012, and the general election is fast approaching. America is running out of time regarding the enigma called Barack Hussein Obama II. America is depending on Arizona to act. There have been suggestions that a Congressional investigation needs to be conducted with the information that you have developed. I came to you over a year ago because Congress would not investigate this issue. Frankly, Congress is a waste of time, and there is very little time left.

I believe that it is time to turn your evidence over either to the Arizona Grand Jury or the Maricopa County Grand Jury for a determination of whether crimes of fraud and forgery have been committed against the citizens of Arizona and identify, if possible, the perpetrator of the crimes and who is the most likely beneficiary of these purported crimes. It’s time to let the jurors of the Grand Jury decide our future, not the politicians in Congress.

I have also made this request to Governor Jan Brewer, Attorney General Tom Horne, and Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery. Hopefully, you will, with their assistance, make a decision that is in the best interest of Arizona and America.

Sheriff Arpaio, I thank you for being a man of your word and investigating this issue at my request for the past year. You have been the subject of many personal attacks of ridicule and scorn, and you have responded with great poise and professionalism. You are an exceptional lawman with an enviable 51-year history in law-enforcement. We are very fortunate to have you as our Sheriff here in Maricopa County, Arizona.

Denise and I trust you will do what is best for Arizona and America with the evidence that you have developed.


Brian Reilly

Sun City West, AZ

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  1. montanalady says:

    Has the Gov come down on Sheriff Joe and probably threatened him? I don't trust them at all and hope Sheriff Joe keeps safe and keeps up his good work.

  2. I said this on a prior occasion but I will reiterate it…..Personally, I know this issue will be swept under the rug. Whether Obama has provided fraudulent documents will NEVER be disclosed even if we prove 100% beyond a shadow of a doubt the one he presented is fake. Here's why:

    The United States cannot afford to have egg on its face from an investigation that would prove an illegal immigrant was able to penetrate our defense mechanisms and secure the most important position in the free world. What message would that send to our enemies???? I suspect there are quite a few people in important political positions that know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Obama is an illegal immigrant. But there will NEVER be anything done about it because a GROUP of people consisting of BIG money, politicians and civil rights groups NEED him to get through this presidency without confrontation.

    Can you imagine what would happen IF it was officially announced that Obama IS an illegal immigrant? For one, it would be a signal to citizens that "CHEATING IS OK"!!!….I mean, if the president can do it why not YOU?!?!?!……Also, there would be civil unrest (riots and acts of vandalism), extreme loss of trust/respect from other NATIONS,

    The mantra of the United States has always been "lead by example". What kind of example or precedent would this set?!?!……….So,,,right or wrong,,,this is going to be swept under the carpet…..Sheriff Joe is without a doubt one of the best sheriffs in the world but this issue is MUCH bigger than what he has control over. This issue involves top level CIA, FBI, etc,,,,all participating (or at least turning their head) in a cover up in the interest of national security.

    Without a doubt the birth certificate presented to U.S. citizens is "fake". I don't think Obama ever said it was real. It was simply what the public asked for. A birth certificate.

    • Don't you think, by now, EVERYONE in the world knows ovomit is a fake and a fraud?? THIS is why he needs to be ARRESTED and IMPRISONED, to show that this MISTAKE will NOT be tolerated or accepted and it was NEVER OK!! If nothing is done, that is the cue that it is OK!!
      Civil unrest is inevitable and a lot of idiot libturds will be removed, so bring it on!!!! WE may have to lose some of what we hold dear and sacred, but will be able to rebuild much more easily and quickly with less obstruction in our path!! ovomit must go down, by any means necessary!!

      • I agree,,,but isn't it evident that there's a HUGE difference between what "We The People" want,,,,and what the upper echelon is held accountable for?… Prior to 1950 (or so) he WOULD not have even made it to senator to begin with because they would have demanded undeniable proof of citizenship……Not now……I guarantee this will be swept under the rug in the interest of National Security. Right or wrong……….I definitely don't agree with it but that's what IS happening….This issue will simply dissipate regardless of how loud "We The People" yell….And regardless of how much publicity he gets, Joe is part of "We The People"….He is not part of the upper echelon.

    • Yes, that's one way of looking at it – that bring Obama to justice would show the things you mention, but there's another side of the coin.

      But before I explain the other side of the coin, you're afraid that if we prosecute Obama, that the world would know that an illegal CAN penetrate our defense mechanisms and get away with it so I must ask – Do you think the world is so stupid as to not know by now that an illegal HAS penetrated our defense system? Of course they know!

      By prosecuting Obama, It would show the world you can't mess with the United States of America and get away with it because we are going to protect our constitution and our way of life. The world will see that justice WILL be served and that will serve as a warning to anyone else who is thinking of penetrating our country. But by not serving justice NOW, it is showing the world that it's alright to trample on the USA, on our constitution, and that they won't have to answer to their crimes and they can in fact run for office again and we the people will just sit back and allow foreigners to destroy our country. We're already showing that by allowing Obama to have come this far and to do what he has already done!

      So I have to ask – which is worse – the world seeing that cheating is OK, having an egg on our face, showing the world we're vulnerable, or "leading by example" and showing the world they had better not mess with us again? You tell me…. I'm not afraid of an egg on my face. I'm afraid of a terrorist in my face tho.

      • "Do you think the world is so stupid as to not know by now that an illegal HAS penetrated our defense system? Of course they know!"……..No they don't…….All they know is Obama keeps sending them aid……The REAL pressure would come if 100% of the media suddenly announced that Obama is an illegal immigrant and not legally able to represent the office of "President of the United States"…….THAT is when our credibility would diminish….In fact, at that point, you would most likely see the dollar become a back seat currency to the Chinese Renminbi.

        • Puddentain – I disagree with you. Imagine this scenario…..

          Your parents left town and you're home alone. Do your friends know you're in charge and you can do whatever you want? Of course they do.

          Same thing with Obama. We're his parents… He's at home alone, doing what he wants and we're blind to it. He's funding his friends. Solyndra comes to mind. He's spent over a BILLION dollars of taxpayer money on his own family. Did you know that? It's circus and they're living it up off our backs.

          Oh hell. My cousin in Denmark knew he was an illegal before he got elected and he's just a retired college professor. You can bet – the world knows he's illegal and they're playing to him, being his "friend" while he plays so they can get some candy too.

  3. AlwaysRIGHT says:

    I don't understand why these cases haven't moved forward. We have a fraud in the White House, and he may even be re-elected by the 47% of the stupidest laziest socialist terrorist-leaning members of our country.

    I have watched/listened to Sheriff Joe's press conference, I have read a lot about other eligibility trials that liberal judges snuffed out before evidence was presented and/or never let evidence be presented. The last I heard was a case that got thrown out because Obama wasn't technically the official democrat nominee at that point in time. It's always something. Obama has spent over $2 million now ensuring that nobody gets to see/know anything about him. Oh, and did you hear the lastest scam he's starting to develop, just in case? He's saying he was born to a single mother – I think that's so that cases involving natural born citizenship status will have obstacles regarding who is his father? It could be communist Frank Davis. In any case, he's a fraud and an SOB who should be tried for his many crimes, including violating the constitution, violating his oath, treason, aiding and abetting our enemies, and many more.

    He's a pathetic excuse for a person, even for a democrat! ha ha And the bar is pretty low for democrats.

    C'mon Joe, finish the job! Put him in pink panties in the desert, living in a tent in 120 heat.

  4. This issue first broke out at World Net which I now believe to be a FAKE conservative site. This issue has been slowly going away for some reason or another.

    But I do not support the site anymore as they have banned me from the comment section all because I use the word NEGRO to describe oBama. BUT, this is the way oBama WANTS to be described as per his autobiography and his public behaviour and demeanor.

    When they banned me I swtiched to the more scholarly NEGROID but they banned me entirely. I have come to the conclusion the site is a FAKE site and could be used to actually GET THE obama RE-ELECTED!!!

    How else can one explain it???? I mean banned for telling the truth??? That means they want oBama re-elected, whether by choice or idiocy still remains to be seen.

    • Odd you should post this today, I'm in a state of limbo myself, with WND, they interrupted a couple of my comments with their 'moderation' BS and sent me their list of dos and don'ts!! My replies were not too civil so we'll see if TRUTH means anything anymore!! Their moderators are real people, not just computer programming, which is much easier to CORRECT and CHANGE!!
      They still treat 'ass' as ***!!
      Sometimes, it even happens here!! It's a running joke!!

      • “Ass” is actually a legal word and can be found in any dictionary.

        What is happening to the connservative movment is well represented by WND.CUM and Mutt Romney. They all have become GIRLIE men. Afraid of offending Mooslims, negroes, woman, liberals, homos, etc., being proper and polite and all that crap that cums with it.

        It is OK to be proper and polite and there are sometimes when YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE PROPER AND POLITE like when someone is robbing and going to KILL YOU! You know what I mean????

        We are surrounded by people who want us in everyway DEAD! Now is not the time to offer tea and biscuits and have a nice “chat” with the $%@^&# ROBBER!!!!

    • BimBam,google & comcast are in charge of what is posted,not WND. I know this because they denied a post of mine & I got a message from them about it. I fired back at them about my freedom of speech & they allowed the post.

      • I find that hard to believe as they never stated that in their e-mails to me. Only that I was banned from commenting. I believe WND.CUM have become girlie men and that’s why oBama may be re-elected and we will have riots, a police state, public mayhem, crime, insurgencies, suicides, 3rd world immigration all rise under the negro.

        This is, of course, what they want! They are using the unwitting negro to commit all their treason!

    • You are absolutely correct!.. Most if not all of the 'conservative' sites are nought but controlled opposition..

  5. I don't think the issue of an ILLEGAL President should be swept under the rug and I bet most will agree. It doesn't matter if it looks like we have egg on our face. What matters is that we recognize it and correct it. It matters that we look at what may have happened and strengthen our defenses and ask for and check records before anyone is nominated for the Presidency. I still can't see how this ever could have happened. I always assumed you had to prove your credentials beforehand.

    It wouldn't mean that cheating was OK if we act and prosecute. It only would strengthen our world position because we recognized the fraud and acted instead of just "sweeping it away" as you suggest. The civil unrest as you describe can and would be handled by our military as needed and TRUST would be restored.

    So "leading by example" in your eyes is sweeping the corruption under the rug???? I'm from a military background and we have never said RETREAT instead of DEFEND! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!

  6. It is just amazing that Congress and federal law enforcement are so totally ignoring this evidence. Why is this happening? Because he is a democrat? Black? Are they just scared? Or don't care?

    This is one of the greatest crimes our country has ever seen but no one seems to care. Why? All of this will come out at some point and the people who have refused to follow this crime up will pay.

    If this were George Bush, you know the MSM would have been screaming all over the place. I hope everyone involved in this cover up will face federal charges and jail time when this is exposed, Including Obama, his wife and all of his thugs.

  7. The only solution….Every Self Respecting Voter should BOYCOTT THESE BOGUS ELECTIONS…. here's why:
    Sheriff Joe is too little too late.. respectfully. The Congress is responsible to investigate and arrest this Obamantion/imposter and they are not! Congress passed the NDAA, and ignores all Obama's, whatever his real name is, Executive Orders which are null and void because he is an illegal alien unless he can prove different before the next election. All eyes should be on a treasonous Congress, not an elderly sheriff…this is a joke and more time is wasted with Arizona etc. Arizona is the most 'invaded' state by illegals in the entire country, the border is like SWISS CHEESE. What the heck can an old man do who can't even control his own county! If Congress refuses to uphold the law, NO ONE SHOULD VOTE IN THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS and referendums should be held in all 50 states till the matter can be cleared up. Romney is nothing but a white Obama. Romney and Ryan will pass martial law in a heartbeat and are both all for the the NDAA and the PATRIOT act. He is very unpopular and always has been. This Commie government is going to shove another 4 of this Undocumented Worker Obama down our throats, whether we like it or not..Time to pull the plug on these bogus elections, BOYCOTT THE ELECTIONS NOW BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.!!!! All the Precinct Captains and County governments, towns, villages, hamlets, cities should refrain from opening the voting booths till this terrible problem is cleared..nothing less will save our country…if they don't we are screwed I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO HAS COME TO THIS CONCLUSION…

    • Accordig to one “known” blogster if oBama is re-elected we have only the 2nd Ammendment as recourse. I never heard this guy talk like this before. It’s getting pretty serious!

      Could it be why the Homeland Security ordered over a billion bullets???? We have traitors in our highest office, just a shame and unbelievable it will come to this.

      Another civil war brought on by negroes. Are they a curse on any nation that have them??? We already lost a 150,000 Americans on the first one.

    • You do not know what you are talking about everything you have posted here is bogus. I suspect you to not even be a citizen of this country.

  8. Carl Manning says:

    Keep dreaming. Attorney Orly Taitz who has brought the most ineligibility lawsuits against Obama has requested at least twice now for Zullo and Arpaio to testify at her trials. She even SUBPOENAED them for GOD's SAKE, but they still refused to show up. I believe this move by Arpaio to expose Obama and then abandon the slam-dunk was a quid-pro-quo to eliminate the federal lawsuit against him. There is no justice system anymore in America ANYWHERE!!!

    • Carl Manning says:

      I didn't think any of you sheeple could handle the truth about Arpaio and the ridiculously traitorous GOP trhat has abandoned you and the US Constitution in deliberately choosing to sidestep Obama's obvious ineligibility and criminal behavior. YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH. You therefore deserve the chains that you will shortly be in thanks to the GOP horse you choose to ride on.

  9. Carl Manning says:

    Obama was the best thing for the Conservatives because he exposed the GOP for what they truly are: TRAITORS. I hope when Obama has his Communist purges shortly that he executes ALL OF THEM. They will pay dearly for the evil they refused to oppose when they had the chance. I hope their executions are televised on State Propaganda MSM LIVE or should I say DEAD!!! LMAO!!!

  10. please DO SOMETHING

  11. WELL! We have all this "EVIDENCE" When are we going to shove it up O'Bunghole's Bunghole????

  12. I also have issues with WND! I think the biggest is the sharing of info with Discus! I have heard something relating to where the info goes……democrates?????
    Does anyone know anything about this? I will not post to WND!

    • Disqus is suppose to be some kind of hosting site used by a lot of websites to contain their blogs. I never heard of it going to the opposition but I would not be surprised as most social media on the internet is controlled strangely by the left or people who made who slowly get converted to leftist causes.

      Even though the left works contrary to capitalist success. A strange bunch, very strange! Guilt, greed working in reverse?

    • VirgoVince says:

      WND is definitely idiot libturds in sheep's clothing!! They hate all criticism, truth, facts, adult vocabulary and thoughts and they still think 'ass' is a dirty word!! Do they have a lot of children viewing their site??
      Disqus is a real pain in the **** they deprive viewers from posting if they don't use a certain browser, how stupid is that?? I DO HAVE IE9, but they can't pick up on that!! They've taken over so many sites, it's hard to avoid them!!
      Another pain in the ass is Facebook, why should I have to go thru facebook to get to any link I choose, get them out of my face, stick to your members and leave the rest of us alone!!
      WHY have WE allowed this to happen??

      See what happened in the 2nd paragraph, 'pain in the ass' is what should be there!! It passed in other lines, but that one was censored?? Go figure!!

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