An Open Letter To Governor Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney 8 SC An Open Letter To Governor Mitt Romney

Governor Romney, the opportunity for you to save America slipped right through your fingers, not because of Hurricane Sandy and not because of the state of our economy. Sure, the Hurricane did not help you a great deal, but it could have if you would have said things about it that you did not say.

Obama appeared on the scene with Chris Christie for a photo opportunity, and Chris Christie by slobbering all over Obama did not do you any favors.  Nor did you do yourself any favors by not pointing out the fact that after Obama’s photo op, he jetted off to Las Vegas, leaving millions of Americans to suffer without electricity, food, water, and shelter.
There was a perfect opportunity for you to point out to the American people the many self-serving problems that Unions create, what with the Electrical Brotherhood Union’s of America turning away non-union electrical works, some that had traveled thousands of miles to try and reduce the suffering of the American people living in New York and New Jersey.

After your first debate with Obama, you sent the American people a very strong and powerful message, one that showed the American people that you are indeed in command of critical facts, coupled with your ability to appear presidential.  Unfortunately that’s where it all ended for you; and instead of continuing as an attack dog, you instead became a lap dog in both the second and third presidential debates.
There is no doubt that you were extremely successful as a businessman. Unfortunately, the skills required to be successful in business are not the skills required to win in politics.  There is an old saying which goes like this: “nice guys lose” (and without a doubt, you have proven yourself to be a nice guy, one that did indeed lose.)
I do not blame you entirely for your failure to secure the Oval Office. I put a great deal of blame on your chief advisers, since they too were likely not brought up in the streets of Chicago like the folks who supported Obama’s re-election machine.
I believe that America the way we all once knew it will soon be no more.  Obama promised to transform America, and he will continue to do exactly that.  In his process of transforming America, he will now completely disregard the Constitution, and our “Do-Nothing” Congress, will remain true to form and do nothing.
If a Congressional investigation is formed to determine who knew what when,with respect to Benghazi, and if it appears that both he and his Administration were unresponsive in providing military assistance, he will do as he did to protect AG Eric Holder and exert executive privilege to protect himself, Clinton, and Panetta.
I hope that the Republicans learned a valuable lesson: you cannot bring a poodle to a dog fight, not unless you want to end up losing your poodle.  In this case, we lost much more than a poodle; we lost our country.
Photo Credit: davelawrence8 (Creative Commons)

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