An Open Letter To Governor Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney 8 SC An Open Letter To Governor Mitt Romney

Governor Romney, the opportunity for you to save America slipped right through your fingers, not because of Hurricane Sandy and not because of the state of our economy. Sure, the Hurricane did not help you a great deal, but it could have if you would have said things about it that you did not say.

Obama appeared on the scene with Chris Christie for a photo opportunity, and Chris Christie by slobbering all over Obama did not do you any favors.  Nor did you do yourself any favors by not pointing out the fact that after Obama’s photo op, he jetted off to Las Vegas, leaving millions of Americans to suffer without electricity, food, water, and shelter.
There was a perfect opportunity for you to point out to the American people the many self-serving problems that Unions create, what with the Electrical Brotherhood Union’s of America turning away non-union electrical works, some that had traveled thousands of miles to try and reduce the suffering of the American people living in New York and New Jersey.

After your first debate with Obama, you sent the American people a very strong and powerful message, one that showed the American people that you are indeed in command of critical facts, coupled with your ability to appear presidential.  Unfortunately that’s where it all ended for you; and instead of continuing as an attack dog, you instead became a lap dog in both the second and third presidential debates.
There is no doubt that you were extremely successful as a businessman. Unfortunately, the skills required to be successful in business are not the skills required to win in politics.  There is an old saying which goes like this: “nice guys lose” (and without a doubt, you have proven yourself to be a nice guy, one that did indeed lose.)
I do not blame you entirely for your failure to secure the Oval Office. I put a great deal of blame on your chief advisers, since they too were likely not brought up in the streets of Chicago like the folks who supported Obama’s re-election machine.
I believe that America the way we all once knew it will soon be no more.  Obama promised to transform America, and he will continue to do exactly that.  In his process of transforming America, he will now completely disregard the Constitution, and our “Do-Nothing” Congress, will remain true to form and do nothing.
If a Congressional investigation is formed to determine who knew what when,with respect to Benghazi, and if it appears that both he and his Administration were unresponsive in providing military assistance, he will do as he did to protect AG Eric Holder and exert executive privilege to protect himself, Clinton, and Panetta.
I hope that the Republicans learned a valuable lesson: you cannot bring a poodle to a dog fight, not unless you want to end up losing your poodle.  In this case, we lost much more than a poodle; we lost our country.
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  1. ANTICRIME says:

    "We should never despair, our situation before has been unpromising and has changed for the better, so I trust, it will again. If new difficulties arise, we must only put forth new exertions and proportion our efforts to the exigency of the times." –George Washington, letter to Philip Schuyler, 1777

  2. Not fooled in Nevada says:

    I disagree — Governor Romney ran a campaign that was honest and with integrity. His honor and that of his family was at stake. He did an incredible job in the face of a non-existent, unbiased media. No election is worth compromising one's principles — except for the ones the Democrats run in and in fact, that is the only way Democrats can win elections — by deceit.

    There was nothing presidential about Oshamo zipping into the arm-pit of NY, yakking it up with Christie and then buzzing off to Vegas — The problem is 50%+ of the American citizenry is brain dead — incurable — desperate and in denial as they simply do not understand that their own party put them in this state of being, gradually, being sugar-fed with goodies since the mid-60's and the Johnson administration, peaking out with the devil-Clinton.

    Let all these East coast Liberals perish — they had 5+ days to evacuate and they chose not to. Cry no tears folks — God gave us all plenty of warning, including those about Oshamo and his evil ilk. It will be very telling when the seniors, Liberals, foolish-minded single women find their medicare and healthcare, for example, is severely diminished and exorbitantly overpriced — because that is what is coming to them in 2013! Tell us again how great Oshamo is?? Again, Liberals don't listen — they are brain dead. And, their little-penised leader is going to do them in and there will be nothing Liberals can do to save themselves. We conservatives need not do or say anything..but watch it all play out to the Grand Liberal Demise. Now that is how, Pitiful Pelosi, the SWAMP gets drained!

    God gave us Governor Romney and the masses ignored him at their peril..

  3. So now the blame is on Romney?
    How about the Chicago thug tactics that have been running this country and its elections?
    How about having a traitor in the high office who arms our enemies and meets with them secretly.
    Blame the education system that teaches this kind of socialism that sucks the populace into stupidity!

  4. NIce guys finish last. There is no playing nicey-nice with Chicago hoodlums. Our country is lost. There's no stopping Obama now in his mission to destroy our country, economy and set fire to the Consitution. God help us!

  5. It was a fix. MItt was not supposed to win. It was just a scam perpetrated by those who control the world, and it's all about that, control. Obama is their boy. He hates the US so it's not going to hurt his feelings to see us crash and burn. You can expect 4 more years of the same…..only worse. There are two groups controlling the world right now….the Bilderbergs and this other group who I call the BIGBADUGLIES, or the BBU. The Bilderbergs have had control for a long time; it's all about the possession and control of the OIL. So, along comes the BBU with characters like George Soros, Chavez, the Saudi's and other muslim leaders. The Bilderbergs don't care squat about going to war with the muslims. They'll go in a heartbeat…well, they'll send your kids.

    • The BBU however, will not go to war with the muslims as they are arm in arm with them. And as we have learned from Oblamo, one muslim will not order other muslims killed. So, now we have a new battle going on….the BBU wants to kill the US and the dollar and turn us over to the UN and make it a giant one world government party with them running the show. The Bilderbergs liked the status quo; they already controlled the oil and the money and were willing to fight for it. Now, we have a president committed to the BBU and the muslims, and these 2 factions are fighting each other (financially speaking) and guess who gets killed (financially speaking)? If the Bilderbergs lose, we are really going to be in worse shape than we can imagine. So, they should be behind any kind of impeachment etc….UNLESS, they've joined forces and are all shooting with the same gun. If that is the case….don't even duck…what will it matter at all.

  6. Edwardkoziol says:

    This letter should have been sent to Romney before because it is exactly why he lost.Maybe Romney should have went on the Factor .Both O'Reilly and Huckabee along with Rush and Hannity were giving him talking points to bring up but this loser wouldn't take advice.When the women were complaing that he was taking over and cutting of their abortions,rubbers and health care he should have read them the law that showed he couldn't do it.

    • Obama and thugs werer flooding internet, phones and robo calls in all swing states about abortion.

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        your right and Good ole Mitt instead of portraying Obutthole on abortion as a murderer because he voted as a senator to discard a baby who could live on its own in the trash because it was aborted.This coon is worst then Hitler and so are the women who sympathize with him.

  7. lovesconstitution says:

    I also thought he played too soft. I don"t know why he didn't come out swinging and talk about all the corruptions and his socialist policies of his administration. It really would have been great for him to tear apart Obama's ideas of destroying our constitution.

  8. Your letter shows you to be a complete ass. There is no winning against slim, it just keeps slipping under your feet. Yes, Mitt could have nailed Obvomit's ass for all his lies and illegal transactions, but he didn't. Get over it. Just because Mitt was not an ass doesn't mean you have to be. You are a fool if you think the reasons you listed are the only reasons Mitt lost. Those lacking intellect are another reason he lost. Ovomit's followers can't find their own asses with both hands.

  9. Romney is a man of honor, competing with a crook and his cronies does not go with people. of honorThe bums of America are wanting free everything as the rest of us work but no need for any of us to work as we should follow the bums since they seem to be the majority but without our money the country will fail as there will be no money to give to these people.

  10. Sigh…. it hurts to read truth. You left off that a huge majority of Obama's voters were blacks, illegal aliens, young spoiled college kids, occupy morons, and so forth. He got the idiot vote, plain and simple. Frankly, I think we should leave the idiots to it and secede!

  11. Carmelita says:

    Man Romney was such a good guy, and Obama is an evil asshole.

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