An Open Letter To Barack Hussein Obama

obama fail4 An Open Letter to Barack Hussein Obama

Dear President Obama:

I am just one man, but a man who has freedom in his heart. And the dream of every American is to live free, peaceably, and without fear, in a nation that millions have immigrated to because the United States of America gave them what their nation couldn’t. But yet I along with millions of other Americans hearts are bleeding as we watch you single-handedly attempt to destroy not just the core values of America, but the entire Bill of Rights itself.

The only difference between me and those other millions and millions of Americans that despise your policies, is that I stood up. I decided that I could no longer live with myself without not only standing up, but also inspiring many others to stand as well. And I truly hope that this short letter finds you well through the miracles of social media, because my true purpose of this is to thank you.

You see Mr. Obama, if I wasn’t glued to my TV on that horrific day in December, I’d probably still be a “sleeping zombie.” But when I sat in front of that TV in tears with my wife, tears for those innocent children who were taken from their families long before they should’ve been, I would have never seen you addressing the nation with your fake tears, turning that tragedy into nothing more than a ludicrous ploy to push your ridiculous political agenda. But when you did that, sir, you changed something in me, like the flip of a light switch turning on for the first time. You ignited a fire in the very depths of my soul; and at that instant, I realized why I was put on this earth. And you’ll be interested to know that things have gone very successfully. When you thought you were tapping into Americans’ emotions on that December afternoon, there were many others who saw right through you. The push for gun rights in our great nation has never been stronger. You can try all you like, Mr. President, but America will always prevail. Because in the words of our founding fathers, “We The People” run this nation; not you!

Now we both know that your gun control agenda will accomplish nothing. After all, sir, you’re a very well educated man, an attorney, and the most powerful man in the free world. So surely, you and I both know that criminals don’t follow any law, any rule, any ordinance, or any policy. That’s why they’re called criminals.

This little organization that I started (Gun Rights Across America) right after the Sandy Hook tragedy motivated 150,000 Americans to stand with me on Jan. 19th at every statehouse in all 50 states, and now we have nearly a quarter of a million followers nationwide. No small task in just 7 months. And the reason for that is I have vowed to listen to the people, to listen to America, and they have clearly spoken. Perhaps you too should listen. WE DON’T WANT ANY NEW GUN CONTROL LAWS IN THIS COUNTRY!

As long as you occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. attempting to explain how a tragedy occurred because of law abiding Americans guns, how America will be so much safer with laws that address how to disarm law abiding citizens but not criminals, and as long as I still have oxygen in my lungs, I’ll be in your shadows banging our drum as loud as we can for the good American people to hear. Because you may have been successful at breaking our economy, but YOU WILL NEVER BREAK AMERICA!

Respectfully yours,

Eric Reed
Gun Rights Across America, President

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  1. Ed brown says:

    Very. Amazing letter and just goes to show you how
    A non American is running our country with sealed records
    And can’t even pass e-verify I guess a social security card is
    Required but no one will ever disarm America that
    Would be a tragedy for America because once a country is
    Disarmed it can be taken over by the government
    That’s why (We The People) 7-4-1776 was so important

  2. Sue B O'Dea says:

    I tried to sign the petition but never received the email to confirm it. I tried to add the email address per instructions but when I clicked on the download I received an error message that the download could not be completed. So, I am not able to sign the petition.

  3. I believe you would serve America more effectively by trying to find a candidate for President
    who can win in 2016 then trying to impeach President Obama.

  4. I liked the letter but I think not only were the tears Obama shed during his speech were fake so was the whole supposed shooting. I watched all those videos on YouTube of the alleged parents of the young victims. I too am a parent and a grandparent. I can say without ANY doubt in my mind that none of those people lost a young child just two days before the interviews they performed. You go out and watch them and think if that were you and your child what state of mind you would be in just two days later. I saw no tears and very well rested/relaxed people fondly reminiscing. I am sorry but that whole event in my opinion was a false flag with the intent to disarm honest gun owners in America. If a shooting truly took place all I can say is those people that posed as parents were fake. Take another look folks.

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