An Open Letter From An American To Barack Obama

I’m a white, Christian, heterosexual male who believes in the right to life; and I firmly disagree with you, Mr. Obama. I believe in freedom of religion and the right to bear arms. I believe in the sanctity of a traditional marriage–you know, the bond between a man and a woman. I believe in the American Constitution. I believe in God and my country. For you and your minions, that makes me treasonous, a terrorist, homophobic, and a racist. I’m also something else that is far more terrifying to the radical left, something they may never have heard of before. I’m an American.

Without question, I would have saved the Americans in Benghazi. They would not have been left behind. I would bring charges against all who failed to take action.

I would arm all military personnel. Fort Hood would never have happened if I had been on watch. For the war crime at Fort Hood, I would have executed the terrorist Nidal Malik Hasan for treason and murder.

I would guard our border with our army. No one would cross illegally. Illegal aliens who have committed felony crimes would not be released from prison, or they would be returned to their country. Those responsible for the release of illegal alien felons, including ICE and DOJ, will be held equally responsible for crimes they commit in the future. This criminal release reflects the gross negligence and incompetence in the decisions and actions of those leading our nation. I propose that criminal charges be brought against the people who gave orders to release felon aliens. These are probably the same people who closed parks to our veterans, incarcerated American citizens, and now have released illegal aliens who have committed felonies.

Mr. Obama, what you said to the men at West Point was a travesty to those young men willing to sacrifice for our country. We must protect them and all our veterans. You should be doing everything possible to protect our veterans. I would bring charges of neglect and murder against anyone involved in the VA scandal (and I’m sure the problem is the same at other VA hospitals.)

Mr. Obama, if you and your men did their jobs properly, things like this would never happen. Take fewer vacations and do your job. If all you know is what you hear on the news, then you are not doing your job as President of America. Everybody involved with denying aid to veterans should be relieved of their jobs immediately, without pay or retirement. Their incompetence and neglect let our veterans die. They are criminally responsible for what they have done to American veterans. Charges of negligence and murder should be brought against all responsible parties. Can you tell me why the government gave a bonus to these incompetent people? There should never be a bonus for incompetence. My fear is that the VA fiasco is a reflection of what is to come with your Affordable Care Act.

As Commander-in-Chief of America, I consider your words and actions a Dereliction of Duty. I would like to ask you if you even consider yourself American. If your actions were those of an American, you would protect the Constitution and our veterans. No matter who you think you are, you swore an oath.

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  1. dewiseguy says:

    Jut quit! 0bama you incompetent piece of shirt!

  2. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    obama won’t give him a response, or it will be a form letter. I have an actual letter signed by Bush in response to a question, I respect that, I don’t respect the clown squatting in the White House now.


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