An On-The-Ground Report From The “Million Muslim March”

Muslim Americans 620x350 An On The Ground Report From The Million Muslim March

Most of the day, I stood with around 50,000 Patriots (The DC police had counted over a million of us total in the City by 1pm) on the West Capitol Lawn, waiting for POTUS to come out and make another speech on Syria.

Word has it Obama got wind of our presence and, like the little feckless man he is, decided to go out the opposite side of the building to make a short, hurried little 9/11 speech before putting his head between his legs and scurrying back inside

We were waiting to hear which movie caused the chemical attack in Syria, or whether it was actually a phony attack. Maybe Hillary would make an appearance and ask “What difference does it make?”, but they never acknowledged our presence other than to send out some Federal Police in full riot gear to bother some of our peace/freedom loving patriots/bikers in one of the parks.

Seriously, it’s apparently okay to take our ambassador, rape him with foreign objects, drag his dead body all over town, and even kill 100,000 in this little ‘rebellion.’ But oh man, some Al Qaeda “rebels” spread some chemicals around, and wow, it’s time for bombing their opponent Assad.

For those who do not know, our original goal was to shut down the Million Muslim Terrorists March; and I’m happy to report to you that it WAS a GREAT SUCCESS!!

At last count, there were maybe a dozen or so Muslims (total) that showed up!

Here’s an alternative headline:

“‘Million Muslim March’ a Virtual No-Show in Nation’s Capital”

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  1. Cowardly Communist pig

  2. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    They should of had a muslim manikin to run over.

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    God Bless the Patriots is all I can say.As far as Obutthole you should have known he is a skunk,possibly a snake who slithered away so he wouldn't be booed.

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