An Interview With Western Journalism Co-Founder Joseph Farah On “Isaiah 9: 10 Judgment”

joseph farah An Interview With Western Journalism Co Founder Joseph Farah On Isaiah 9: 10 Judgment

Bresciani – This is Rev Michael Bresciani of the American website, and I’m interviewing Mr. Joseph Farah, the Chief Executive Officer of World Net Daily on his production of the movie ‘Isaiah 9: 10 Judgment.’ Welcome.

Farah – Before you get started, I just want to say that World Net Daily is the name of the website that most people are familiar with; on January 1st, we changed it to WND, and officially we don’t use World Net Daily anymore.

Bresciani – You know I should know that because I have a link to your site and a little logo on ours and it does say, simply, WND.

Farah – Old habits are hard to break.

Bresciani – The nine ‘harbingers’ are broken down into these categories, if I could say them quickly. 1. The Breach, 2.The Terrorist, 3.The Bricks, 4.The Tower, 5.The Gazit Stone, 6.The Sycamore, 7.The Erez Tree, 8.The Utterance, 9.The Prophecy. The first question I have is – it was the Rabbi, Jonathan Cahn who seems to be the person best versed in these harbingers; was he the one that discovered these or did somebody else find them with him. Was there a collaboration or did he just come upon them – how did he discover them?

Farah – It is my understanding, although I never specifically asked that question of Jonathan, is that these were things he discovered, and I think I would be accurate in saying that he was led to these discoveries, by the Holy Spirit. He is a great student of the Bible, and he is a student of the Bible in original languages, and he sees a lot of deeper meanings, much more than the average English speaking Bible student, and I think that certainly helps, for instance, knowing the difference between when you read in the King James Version of the bible that the sycamores were replaced by cedars. Well, cedar is not actually the word in Hebrew; it’s erez tree. Erez is something; it includes the cedar, but it can be something. It’s more generic than cedar, and so when you see the sycamore tree in New York City being replaced by an erez tree, then you see the fulfillment of what appears to be prophecy repeating itself. So I think Jonathan is uniquely gifted and studied to be able to have made these discoveries.

The movie itself is a different kind of telling of the book he wrote, The Harbinger, and The Harbinger is a terrific book, but it is actually classified as fiction because it involves fictional characters. It’s the telling of a real historical story. He does it in a way, a narrative form, that when I read it as a journalist, I said to myself, wait a minute, I’m afraid people are going to read this and think it’s a nice book, but not get the fact that – its real, that its true.

I felt compelled to make this into a video documentary where we could actually show these events that took place because – seeing- is believing – for people. We increasingly live in a world where the visual is much more powerful for some people than the written word. So that was the genesis of the Isaiah 9: 10 Judgment. I knew the ‘Harbinger’ was going to be an incredibly successful book, which it has been and continues to be the number one Christian book in America this year.

Bresciani – That leads me into the second question I was going to ask you. How is it (The Harbinger) doing in the marketplace? I understand its rising again?

Farah – Yes, it’s been consistently on the New York Times best seller list, and it’s really just a question of whether it’s in the top ten or the top twenty five, and that sort of depends on the exposure he (Jonathan Cahn) he is able to give it in media.

Bresciani – I had the feeling as I watched the documentary that it wasn’t trying to be a ‘prophecy’; it was being shown as a parallel, that we (America) are repeating a pattern, and no one could argue with that.

Farah – Well no, and if your familiar with the bible, you know that the bible is a book of patterns. And so it only makes sense that those patterns would continue into the future ,and to me this story, whether you read it in book form or watch the video, I have yet to see anybody come away with, well that’s all coincidence.

Bresciani – Another question that came up is, I wondered if anyone involved like Sen. Daschle, Jon Edwards, Mayor Bloomberg, and the Governor of New York or anyone that’s part of the documentary has been exposed to the video, and have they made any statements or thrown back any reflections?

Farah – No, not to my knowledge; however, I will say this because this is the journalist in me, I have asked my team, my staff, to make every effort to try to reach out, particularly to Daschle and Edwards. I want to find out from Tom Daschle, who gave the first speech on September 12 and cited Isaiah 9: 10. I wanted to get somebody to talk to him or the aide or the speech writer that came up with that verse as the inspiration for his talk that day.

SUMMARY – The full length audio of the interview with Joseph Farah is 43 minutes in length, and a great deal of depth and detail can be found in it. I strongly advise anyone considering the purchase of this video to listen to the entire presentation. It is totally free. has since 2005 featured the articles of columnist Rev Michael Bresciani along with news and reviews that have earned this site the title of The Website for Insight. Millions have read his timely reports and articles in online journals and print publications across the nation and the globe.

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