An Interesting Approach Toward Defeating Team Obama

Newt Gingrich An interesting approach toward defeating Team Obama

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore (Creative Commons)

Congressman Allen West would breathe new life into the candidacy of Republican presidential primary candidate Newt Gingrich. Congressman West and former Speaker Gingrich share the same conservative views, among them their disgust with the direction President Obama has used his power, frequently circumventing Congress, to impose his radical socialist agenda upon America.

Congressman West, like Newt, views our current tax system with disdain.  Each would deal with Sharia law differently than Team Obama. This ticket would bring  a strong  pro-life agenda while cutting government’s wasteful spending,  terminating useless and failed programs (abolishing departments the Energy Department and the Department of Education come immediately to mind), lowering taxes on all Americans and business’ large and small, and keeping our military strong. 

In short, a Gingrich-West candidacy would bring a strong understanding of economics to the table, putting Americans back to work and raising the tax base for Americans while not raising taxes upon them. No more race baiting, no more class warfare, the end of Eric Holder’s corrupt Justice Department. What’s not to like?

Congressman Allen West is absolutely correct about radically changing our income tax system with a fair or flat tax. How much do you know about the differences between the Fair Tax and the Flat Tax? 

Former Col Allen West, a highly decorated Army Ranger and multiple tour combat veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, understands the strategies and tactics of war unlike the current administration.  He sits on the House Armed Services Committee and would not use our military on a whim as has been done in our interventions in Egypt and Libya.

He certainly would have a far greater influence than Joe Biden. When VP Biden isn’t rotating shoes from his mouth, he is nothing more than a seat warmer with few if any accomplishments to his name. Allen West, a man of significant accomplishments, as Vice President of the United States has a great ring to it; can we agree?

West would certainly shake up the tea-leaves should candidate Gingrich receive the nomination and announce that he will have the Congressman on his ticket as VP.

Congressman West  is regarded highly by his constituents in Florida. He would likely help deliver a big win to the Republican Party from his home state on November 6th. A black man, he would lay to rest the “race card” used by the current administration that has few other cards to play.

Such an announcement must be made quickly as it could move former Speaker Gingrich’s from the mathematically impossible situation of securing the 1144 votes needed to seal the deal, and would move him to the head of the pack.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I’m J.C., and I approve this message.

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