An Examination Of Our 2012 Presidential Choices

Obama Romney SC An Examination Of Our 2012 Presidential Choices

The presidential race is now in full swing, and we didn’t even have to wait for the party conventions that normally denote the start of the official race. Then again, I don’t think anyone is really surprised the race would be between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney. Obama is the unchallenged incumbent, and Romney has been begging for this opportunity ever since he lost to John McCain in 2008. The differences between the two candidates are startling.

The president will desperately do anything to prevent voters from scrutinizing his true record that includes a broken economy and skyrocketing debt. He may be a master politician, but his management skills score badly, particularly in the area of leadership. Thus far, he has offered no proposals for correcting Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, the budget deficit, protecting our borders, or for providing any direction for the country to follow other than deeper into debt. He stands at the helm of a bloated bureaucratic government that is becoming more invasive in our lives and discourages business. He certainly cannot admonish the country to “Stay the course” as all of the economic indicators point to disaster. What Obama lacks in governing skills, he makes up for as a demagogue obsessed with his ideological view of America. Instead of looking for ways to negotiate a respectable budget or broker changes to the debt ceiling, he wallows in polarized politics at the country’s expense.

This election is certainly not about race or the 1% (even though the left would have you think otherwise); it’s about failed policies and leadership. Ask yourself: what are the priorities of the country? What is our direction? Is it space? Energy independence? Becoming fiscally responsible? Instead, he fabricates catch phrases such as “paying fair share of taxes,” an expression aimed at dividing the classes. He also wants to move towards Green energy and allow spending and entitlements to go unabated. He is quick to accuse the Republicans of playing politics with the nation’s economy but feigns innocence of any political wrongdoing himself. Is this being hypocritical, or is it just an example of sleight of hand? The country is now more divided than when he was inaugurated.

I find it rather ironic that President Obama, who desperately wants to be compared to Ronald Reagan, is primarily responsible for transforming Mitt Romney into the next Reagan. Originally considered a moderate, Romney is being pushed to the right by Obama’s election campaign, where he is being portrayed as a right-wing zealot. The vicious GOP primaries galvanized Romney and made him a more polished politician who is now more than ready to withstand the slings and arrows the president will undoubtedly throw at him. Now, as the Republican contender, he is beginning to act and sound more like Ronald Reagan. For example, consider his acceptance speech on April 24, 2012:

“We believe in America. We believe in ourselves. Our greatest days are still ahead. We are, after all, Americans!”

And now compare it to Reagan who said:

“America’s best days are yet to come. Our proudest moments are yet to be. Our most glorious achievements are just ahead.”

Both quotations are positive, uplifting, and optimistic. Romney is obviously taking a page from the Reagan playbook.

Frankly, Romney was not my first choice in the GOP primaries, but I am now gravitating towards him. I have heard people complain about Romney being a Mormon, and as such, they cannot vote for him based on religious grounds. Such people have to be reminded that this election is about the economy, unemployment, energy independence, and maintaining our mantle as the leader of the free world. It is certainly not about being a Mormon; it is about our survival.

As part of his program on class warfare, the President wants people to resent Romney’s success as a businessman. Under no condition should Romney apologize. After all, as we live in the land of opportunity, Romney experienced the American dream. What would be the alternative; electing a failure? I don’t think so.

After studying all the facts, I cannot imagine an intelligent person voting for Obama. They either have a distorted interpretation of reality, or they have sipped his “Kool Aid.”

I’ve been thinking long and hard about Obama’s legacy when he is voted out of office in November. He will not be remembered for rebuilding the economy, Obamacare, or “hope and change” in uniting the country. Instead, I believe he will best be remembered as the element that reignited the conservative movement in this country. It wasn’t Romney who lit the fire; it was the president who ignited our passions and taught the country to ever be diligent and never take elections for granted again. For this, we should be grateful to him for teaching us this valuable lesson, regardless of how painful it was for us to learn. Whereas he liked to portray former President George W. Bush as the poster child for failure, Obama’s legacy will be as the worst president in our history.

Keep the Faith!

Photo credit: Cain and Todd Benson (Creative Commons)

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  1. IAMAVET says:

    I hope that there is a little of Ronald Reagan in all of us come this November. He was a true American

  2. Seeks_the_truth says:

    I thought this was an article on comparison of our Presidential choices? I only saw Oblameo and Flip/Flop Romney.
    Where is the TRUE candidate Ron Paul?

    I quit reading about Oblameo and Romney a long time ago. Wouldn't matter which one got in, it would be status quo.

    Ron Paul 2012

  3. What choice ???

    The UN/media/NWO is doing all it can to blackout Ron Paul, the only candidate that can bring the change we need to these united States. Restore the Constitution! Stop preemptive wars, stop the spending.

    Neither of the two candidates in this article will do what the country needs nor what We The People want.

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