Amnesty Group Blocks Deportation Buses

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After a recent rally in Washington, D.C., proved that the federal government favors illegal immigrants over World War II veterans, the pro-amnesty crowd coordinated an encore performance Friday morning in Arizona.

As part of a program known as Operation Streamline, a group of illegals were about to be sentenced and then deported when protesters arrived. By blocking the buses used to transport these criminals, these amnesty advocates posted videos of the demonstration and applauded their efforts to halt, for now, the deportation process.

Some of the demonstrators actually laid down in the road to prevent the buses from moving. Another group locked arms to prevent access to the courthouse in which the group of illegals was to be sentenced. Still more marched in the roadway with signs bearing the message “End Streamline.”

Specifically denigrating the program, which involves handing down a jail sentence to the criminals before deporting them, one protester called Operation Streamline “unconstitutional and immoral.”

The threat of awaiting jail time theoretically acts as a deterrent for future illegal border crossings. These extremist activists, however, will use any excuse to deride America’s immigration laws.

Roberto Cintli Rodriguez, who participated in the standoff, called such laws “unjust,” adding that it is “our responsibility to challenge them.”

Additional demonstrations — including an attempt to shut down a Phoenix-based Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility — are planned for the coming week.

Despite the fact that their mere presence in America indicates a willingness to flout our laws, many on the left refuse to acknowledge the criminal behavior of illegal immigrants. Simply because a percentage of those who sneak into the country do so in search of a better life, the pro-amnesty crowd wants to give them all a free pass.

–Western Journalism staff writer

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  1. Jerry Houchens says:

    Where Was Sheriff Joe ?

  2. Linda From NY says:

    where was the police? these people needed to be rounded up and arrested

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