Amnesty Activists Storm GOP Headquarters

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A protest erupted at the Washington state Republican Party Headquarters in Bellevue Thursday.

According to reports, approximately 100 women in favor of immigration reform showed up at the offices, with about 40 protesters forcing their way inside the building.

The demonstration was part of what activists said would be multiple acts of civil disobedience across the U.S. Their purpose in gathering at the GOP offices was to bring attention to an immigration reform bill House Republicans have been reluctant to support.

When the crowd refused to disperse upon requests from the owner, authorities began rounding up demonstrators and placing them under arrest.

The activists involved came from all walks of life. According to reports, even Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn’s wife was present for the impromptu rally.

The issue of immigration was on Barack Obama’s agenda Thursday, too, as he met with Arizona Sen. John McCain to discuss a path forward on that and other topics. Both men support the overhaul bill currently waiting for action in the House.

Millions of Americans, however, stand in opposition to the sweeping reform proposals. As U.S. citizens continue to struggle in a beleaguered economy, many see that legitimizing those who flout our immigration laws to come to this nation should not be rewarded with de facto citizenship.

Somehow, Republicans who dare to reflect this prevailing sentiment within the party are viciously derided by those who support blanket amnesty for illegals. When the party’s state headquarters are overrun by such radical protesters, their disdain for our rule of law is painfully obvious.

Even though leftist legislators want to ignore the blatant lawlessness of those who cross our border illegally, conservatives have not engaged in similar disruptive tactics.

When they cannot win an argument based on facts, though, it is common for the left to engage in outrageous behavior – a la the “Occupy” movement – in order to gain attention.

–B. Christopher Agee

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  1. mutantone says:

    time to question the agenda that ignores the laws. What is their intent surely not the safety of the Nation or our way of life?
    It is designed to get more votes for the democratic agenda to further ruin the nation, just look at Obama's goals and actions.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      That is exactly what these illegals and illegal lovers are being put up to by the democrap liberal commmie party.Votes so people like Dingy Harry & Botox Poopalosi can die in congress like those 2 commie liberals Byrd & Kennedy did.

  2. John Spann says:

    This govt in our country is no longer of the people by the people for the people. The government is now and has been derelict in their duty to enforce the laws of immigration as in deportation of illegal immigrants and supporting the constitution. I don’t care if they are left or right, Republican or Democrat they should stop spending our money on nsa and dhs, FEMA or any other project that isn’t for the American public. We need a real president that repects the constitution and the people of this once fine country. Lets put an end to the out of control executive order charade put on by obummer and get this country back on the road to prosperity and hold the criminal obummer accountable for all his lies and crimes. Fast and furious was and is a travesty along with arming Syrian rebels and obummercare and his new security farce. If you people or sheeple don’t stand up for something you are foing to lose everything we gained from the efforts of all our fallen patriots We were given a brain for discernment, not to swallow whatever crap these traitors in charge feed us. They need to remember who pays them and that they are supposed to be our servants not the opposite, which seems to be the case. Thanks for reading..

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