America’s Moral Stockholm Syndrome

United States map SC America’s Moral Stockholm Syndrome

Gabrielle Ludwig is 6-feet 6-inches tall and weighs 220 pounds. ‘She’ plays basketball for the Lady Saints, the women’s basketball team at Mission College in Santa Clara, California. Gabrielle is the former Robert John Ludwig. Gabrielle is a surgically altered and hormone-induced woman.

“As someone living as a woman and taking female hormones since 2007, Ludwig was eligible to play in the NCAA. Transgender student athletes who have taken medication to suppress testosterone for a year may compete on women’s teams under a policy adopted last year.”

Ludwig is 50 years old. Under any other set of circumstances such an absurd thing would never happen. But in our day of unlimited toleration (unless you don’t believe in tolerating such things) even the bizarre has become normalized.

If you can dream, you can become it, even if it means turning a giant of a man into a giant of a woman to play college basketball.

If you or I speak out in denouncement of normalizing gender “reassignment surgery,” we will be declared the worst type of bigots. And it seems that Ludwig’s real female teammates don’t have a problem with their 50-year-old teammate masquerading as a woman:

Teammate Amy Woo, 19, said Ludwig has brought a maternal influence, helping the team keep problems in perspective. “We all love her,” Woo said. “If someone is going to talk against her, they are talking against all of us because it’s like she is part of a family.”

If anyone talks against her? Ms. Woo has been morally lobotomized. I can feel sorry for Mr. Ludwig, but I can’t condone his radical decision to make himself into a fictional woman.

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  1. SICK sick, sick, the only thing I could use her for is an ugly bodyguard.

  2. This person until late in life was in the military, married, had children and did all of those things that would be normal for a man. But then he, much like most transvestites/transgender, allowed his fetishism to take full control to the point where only a further delusion would satisfy him.
    I can understand that there are those who from even before the age of puberty somehow knew they had a body in contradiction to their brain sex and sought relief. But this is not relief but a further tragedy imposed upon society by the GLBT crowd of non-conformists who would use any and all methods to gain an undeserved sympathy for their behavior.
    I see too often the confusion being added to by certain people to include acronym classifications such as intersex and some even transsex (GLBTI and ?) but the latter two I would suggest are medical and not behavioral issues. I can even accept some are in dire need to change sex but unless there is such a thing as brain surgery then gender is a constant and not a 'trans' variable.

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    One sick dude or dudette if I wasone of his children I'd consider him dead.Any man who would try to mount this old ugly thing is sicker then he is.

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