America’s Judeo-Christian Baseline

Christian cross SC Americas Judeo Christian Baseline

America is a Judeo-Christian country.

Some say “Duh!” while others make statements I can’t repeat in my family friendly posts (LOL).

Hereafter called its “J-C baseline” America’s religious heritage is ground zero for what Pat Buchanan famously called the “Culture War”.

Americans come in all faiths. We also have those who profess no faith. Our civic culture is a secular big tent where all who abide by its rules are more than welcome.

Liberals, socialists, and worse spend much time and money trying to degrade the the J-C baseline’s primacy. The funny part of this ordeal is that J-C proponents aren’t trying to ram it down other’s throats!

A country with a Jewish and Christian religious heritage informing its ethos and laws will naturally esteem holy scripture like the Torah and Bible, as well as major spiritual figures like Abraham, Moses, and Jesus.

It also stands to reason that Jewish holidays along with Christian ones like Easter and Christmas would be held in high regard in such a country.

The Constitution protects Americans from state-sanctioned religion. This alone should temper efforts to alter America’s J-C baseline.

Non-Jewish and non-Christian Americans aren’t assigned second class status. Since September 11th, a fault line has emerged toward Muslims that will close eventually as our civic culture cools passions on both sides- so long as the J-C baseline and homeland security are preserved.

Otherwise, a very blunt and pointed national discussion will ensue, the result of which will shape Western-Islamic relations for generations.

America’s Judeo-Christian baseline undergirds her universal civic culture where all faiths and ideologies exist unmolested so long as they commonly obey the law.

Attempted alteration of this baseline is unnecessary and, frankly, vulgar.

Critics should consider that America’s baseline did not bar the election of a president raised as a Muslim and the major party nomination of his Mormon challenger.

Despite passionate views about both, America’s Judeo-Christian baseline supports each (and for that alone should be commended.)

Real acceptance has happened; and for that, supporters and critics of the Judeo-Christian baseline should stop bickering long enough to take a well-deserved bow.

Good work, guys.


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