Americans Need A History Lesson On Communism…

che guevara communism killed tshirt Americans Need A History Lesson On Communism...

Americans need a history lesson on communism. We can start with Harry Bridges. Bridges was a communist who came from Australia to organize the Longshoremen’s Union in the United States in the 1930s.

Coincidentally over in Kansas, there was Earl Browder, a homemade communist who learned communism from his father, a country school teacher. Browder and his sister went to Moscow, just after the Russian Revolution. When he came back, he ramped up his communist organization in the Midwest and was jailed for refusing to serve in World War One. After he was released, he ran for President against Roosevelt. That’s how long communists have been infiltrating the United States. It’s a good thing he didn’t win, or Hitler would have won the war.

His comrade Harry Bridges was responsible for organizing a series of strikes along the west coast. When Hitler invaded the Soviet Union, Harry received a call from Moscow. Moscow told American communists to stop their organizing because they needed the support of the United States.

Bridges disregarded Moscow’s orders and continued to organize. This shows the complete insanity of the American communists. It was only the independent military leadership of the United States that saved Europe from total disaster.

American communists split with Moscow but continued to play the Soviet game. Then in 1949, Bridges pulled off a full scale communist revolution in Hawaii, closing the islands’ ports for 177 days. The FBI arrested the ringleaders and began a full-scale investigation of the Communist Party USA.

McCarthy didn’t stop Harry. He was indicted. His communist lawyers got him off so he could continue organizing.

Soviet communism fell apart, and a lot of in-fighting developed during the Cold War. When Russia finally abandoned communism and took up a hard-line form of democracy, American communists continued in the same old-communist politics of 1917.

Bridges was an old communist war-horse who did very well. Governor Gray Davis declared July 30th as “Harry Bridges Day” in California. Obviously, it takes one to know one.

Bridges is also memorialized at the Harry Bridges Institute and Education Center in San Pedro. They erected a statue of Harry for the pigeons. The Center serves as a home for the Longshoremen’s unions that called a labor strike last Christmas at the Port of Los Angeles.

The purpose of the Longshoremen’s Union is to stop up the unloading of boats and make communism palatable in the United States. Of course, they don’t tell people that they’re communists. They’re “Democratic Progressive Labor.”

You can send your children to the Harry Bridges Span School in San Pedro, California, operated by the Los Angeles Unified School District. The cornerstone of their education is Common Core.

The Communist Party obviously isn’t stupid because they control the labor unions and the Democratic Party right now. The revolution in Hawaii was just a trial run. They move slowly, testing each step.

Now we know why Mitt Romney wasn’t exactly crazy about being the President of the United States (and why the Mormon Church is stockpiling supplies.)

The Communist Party decided to infiltrate and take control of the Democratic Party in the 1950s. They sent communist delegates to the Democratic conventions; and eventually, they were elected to Congress. They realized early on that they couldn’t get anywhere without a communist President.

That is why Michelle Obama wore that ugly red and black dress to her husband’s first inauguration. Red and black, if you don’t know already, is the color scheme of the Communist Party.

Bernie Sanders admits his affiliation with the Socialist Party. He’s much more honest than the rest of the cowards, who still hide behind their Democratic identity.

Communists went to law school because they needed communist lawyers and judges to enforce communist legislation. Did you ever wonder why the courts are so corrupt? Well, there’s your answer. The only judges who are reliably communist are the ones appointed by Carter, Clinton, and Obama. American lawyers will have to figure it out for themselves, just like the rest of us.

The only real problem they failed to anticipate is the rest of the world that is fed up with the communist plot. The minute they invite Moscow to the party, they’re going to get much more than they ever imagined. Putin is already fed up with the United States. Doubtful he’s going to let a bunch of American communists dominate the world.

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  1. VirgoVince says:

    Those of us who remember Joe McCarthy DON'T need any history lessons, we know full well and have known all these years about communism!!!!
    It's the pitiful younger generation that has been indoctrinated, rather than educated, probably never heard of the senator that brought communism to the American public, all those years ago and how quickly the American public put it out of their minds and forgot about it!!
    Who among us is surprised that it has become our current political regime??

  2. Unfortunately they are too stupid to grasp it

  3. Helen Tritt says:

    I remember a little bit of when the FBI did their communists hunts in the late 1940's & '50's which were rounding them up and identifying who they were. Some of the actors in Hollywood were put on the lists and seems like they were banned from acting for a period of time. I was only a child at that time, so my memory does not serve me well on all details. Even then, the times were SCARY about thinking of these COMMUNISTS in our country. YES, AMERICA, WAKE UP AND STOP HANDING THE EVIL COMMUNISTS OUR COUNTRY.

  4. I got a real good education in communism at a place called Viet Nam.

  5. Linda A. From NY says:

    Communism has finally been indoctrinate in 2008 when obama became president, and we the American people were not a where of it, yet. The writer is correct about the ugly red dress Michelle obama wore on the night of 2008, the first election of obama.

    I remember well that red dress and black in the middle very well. For some reason it stood out but at the time I didn’t think anything of it. Perhaps it may be a coincident or perhaps the writer is correct that dress represented communism.

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