Americans Can Stop ObamaCare By Targeting Its Achilles Heel

Obamacare Why Start Over SC Americans can stop ObamaCare by targeting its Achilles Heel

ObamaCare exchanges, the online marketplaces for health care in the states, are due to begin enrolling applicants on October 1st of 2013. It’s a date that should begin a most satisfying period in the lives of those who feel for Barack Obama the same overarching contempt he harbours for us. For neither Regime apologists nor media lackeys will be able to prevent the American public witnessing first hand the stunning train wreck that is the Affordable Care Act.

Exchanges are the lifeblood of Obama’s namesake healthcare plan. In each state, it will be the job of an online exchange to enroll applicants, offer comparison shopping for plans, dole out subsidies and tax credits, and impose penalties. According to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), “exchanges will make it easier for consumers to compare plans on the basis of price, quality, and benefits.”  In fact, without these 1 stop shopping centers, the Affordable Care Act cannot function. And as of right now, that means the Affordable Care Act will not function; for of the 17 states that agreed to create an exchange, not one is in position to get their ObamaCare marketplace up, running, and communicating with the federal, ObamaCare Hub.

And what of the 33 states that refused to pay the estimated $30-$100 million tab to create one of Barack Obama’s IRS/HHS managed exchanges? It is the federal government itself that is tasked with building and running these. According to the Government Accountability Office, not only have several deadlines been missed already; the feds are woefully behind on others that involve “…consumer eligibility for federal subsidies, the certification of health plans to be sold on the exchanges and the hiring and training of special “navigators” to guide people through the enrollment process.”

But missed deadlines, increasing costs, and state-run computers that cannot be made to communicate with the federal, ObamaCare Hub qualify only as minor problems.  Insurers both large and small have taken a “wait and see” approach thanks to the endless, regulatory maze of the Affordable Care Act. It seems that, unlike the authors of the Act, insurance companies believe profit to be a good thing and tend to shy away when hidden pitfalls and ill-defined mandates become standard fare.

Aetna, Cigna, and UnitedHealth–three of the nation’s largest insurers–have dropped out of the California exchange system, Covered California. And each has said it will limit participation throughout the rest of the country with UnitedHealthcare, the nation’s largest insurer, participating in 10 or fewer states. Incredibly, the employer mandate, cancelled suddenly by Barack Obama this week, was to feature only ONE choice of insurers for companies with 50 or more employees! So much for the president’s claims of lower prices thanks to “managed” competition.

It is through its exchanges that the Affordable Care Act threatens the liberty of the American people. But Congress allocated no money in the Act with which the federal government can create exchanges in the 33 states that have refused to build their own. This is why HHS head Kathleen Sebelius has taken to extorting funds from the nation’s insurance providers, a scheme that Congress is investigating right now. And the IRS literally and illegally RE-WROTE the Act this year, claiming that the federal government is permitted to provide ObamaCare subsidies and tax credits, a privilege Congress had clearly reserved in the law only for the states. The issue is currently in court.

But the American people can drive a final stake through the heart of Barack Obama’s assault on freedom by simply refusing to sign up when the October 13th open enrollment period begins. Twila Brase of the Citizen’s Council for Health Freedom writes, “If you oppose Obamacare–49% of the public does–the Exchanges provide an opportunity. If not enough people enroll, the Exchanges will fail. If the Exchanges fail, Obamacare fails. Defend your freedom by refusing to enroll.”

It is NOT illegal, and no penalties will be assessed for refusal to enroll in ObamaCare. The law only demands that Americans be insured, not that their insurance be purchased through the Affordable Care Act. And plenty of opportunity will exist to purchase insurance outside of an ObamaCare exchange.

The exchange blunder will be plain for all ObamaCare opponents to see (and celebrate) this year. But don’t look for the beast to die on its own. Help starve it to death by refusing to enroll.

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  1. Most people have their own insurance and are satisfied with it. I don't think many will sign up on the Obama Exchange. We don't trust him nor his health insurance and by no means do we trust the IRS.
    If it is so great, let Obama and his family and all of congress sign up.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Guest are you serious these people wouldn't give up a dime. Can you imagine with all the money they make they get free haircuts.Obutthole & the Grape Ape would never give up a vacation to keep the white house tours going for school children

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      Congress has tried to make themselves exempt to obamacare. They claim if they are forced into it, they would lose too many 'employees'. Congress can't afford the "brain trust drain" it would cause they claim.

  2. nexgenesis says:


    • jetstream says:

      Just a reminder: Obamacare was passed in the Senate with NO REPUBLICANS voting for it. In the House, where Nancy (we have to pass it so we can find out what's in it) Pelosi was Speaker at the time, only ONE Republican voted for it… otherwise, all Republicans, including Boehner, voted AGAINST it.

      Since then, under now Speaker Boehner, the House has voted -37– times to repeal the ENTIRE Act. There are too many flaws in it for it to work and be affordable, and the IRS should not be involved in any way, shape or form. And, of course, Senate Leader Reid stubbornly refuses to let a vote for repeal to be taken up in the Senate, and says the Republicans are insane to continue voting to repeal it. Except, they are NOT!

      And, before you argue that the Republicans don't have any ideas on how to fix it, they most definitely do. But it starts with throwing out the entire pile of garbage and starting over!

  3. David F. says:

    There is another "Achilles Heel" that Obamacare has. Since Supreme Court Justice Roberts stated that the Mandate is a "Tax", then this Legislation is Unconstitutional, since the U.S. Constitution stipulates that ALL Legislation for raising "Revenue" (Taxes) MUST originate in the House of Representatives. This Legislation was created in the Senate, passed by the Senate in December and then sent to the House of Representatives which didn't pass the Legislation until March of the following year, makes this Legislation Unconstitutional, but can't be taken through the Court system until the first person is assessed the "Penalty" which won't happen until next year. Knowing OUR Constitution is a wonderful thing….it's a wonderful thing the "Constitutional Scholar" in the White House has no clue about what the ACTUAL U.S. Constitution puts in place to stop idiotic Legislation such as this!!

    On another note, Pelosi you scum eating POS, the Founding Fathers would have shot you for this Legislation, not applauded you as you claimed.

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    If you can't do it as a whole pick it apart npiece by piece.Like a good sniper would one man at a time.

  5. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Congress could very easily void this monstrosity called obamacare. As originally written it is unconstitutional. SCOTUS had no right to rewrite a bill in order to make it legal in their eyes. They can clarify but not rewrite.
    Another issue that makes obamacare unenforceable and illegal is the tax they can now impose. I thought any new taxation must originate in the House. Obamacare originated in the Senate. Wouldn't this also make it unenforceable or unconstitutional? Isn't this one way to shut it down?
    I wonder why Congress hasn't brought this fact up yet?

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