American Pastor Faces Federal Suit For Stance On Homosexuality

Cross SC American pastor faces federal suit for stance on homosexuality

Believe it or not, a Christian pastor in Massachusetts is facing a federal lawsuit for crimes against humanity for embracing a Biblical view on sexuality!

The pastor, Scott Lively, is being targeted by Sexual Minorities Uganda – easy to remember by its acronym, SMUG – based on a missions trip he made to the African nation in 2009.

Speaking of smug, leftist billionaire George Soros is representing the organization through his own Center for Constitutional Rights.

During his visit, Lively spoke about homosexuality in a Biblical context and, around the same time, Uganda’s leaders considered a bill that would make homosexuality an offense punishable by death.

No one seems to be suggesting Lively actively participated in any of the discussion among the nation’s rulers, though the militant homosexual lobby doesn’t need to establish causation in order to vilify those with whom they disagree.

“We want him held accountable for the escalating homophobia and persecution in Uganda,” a SMUG spokesperson said.

The foreign group is able to file a lawsuit in America, against an American citizen, under the Alien Tort Statute. Soros became involved, according to Liberty Council Founder Mathew Staver, to further his own agenda.

CCR wants “to silence the speech of Christians,” he said, including “people who are pro-family and people whose views they disagree with.”

Staver said this suit could have chilling implications for future missions work by conservative Christians.

“If this case is not dismissed, we will be having an American pastor that lives in the United States on trial for alleged crimes against humanity,” he said. “This suit should cause everyone to be concerned because it is a direct threat against freedom of speech.”

Staver said he wants to hold CCR responsible for filing an unjustified suit.

He explained that lawyers are using a “vague international law to silence – and eventually criminalize – speech by U.S. citizens on homosexuality and moral issues.” The incident reveals the group’s intention to “establish new precedent” that would “override our Constitutional freedoms,” he added.

I have never heard of a legitimate Christian pastor calling for the death of a homosexual, and I am absolutely sick of the left’s constant misrepresentation of my faith’s belief.

Rather than hatred and retribution, two reactions common among the humanist left, the overwhelming majority of Christians want nothing more than to lead those living in sin – be it homosexuality or otherwise – to a loving and forgiving God.

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Photo Credit: John H. Wright (Creative Commons)

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  1. Soros and his group, Center for Constitutional Rights. Wwwwhhhhhhhaaaaaaatttttttt? Now I think I know where 0 gets his talent to twist words and meanings!

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    I believe Soros is a fudge packer and that is why he donates all this money to the fag cause.It is also known that he tells Obutthole another pillow biter to stand with the gays

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