America Must Repent To Return To Its Former Greatness


“Herein lies a reason NOT to allow social/political issues to consume our time and thoughts. Sin is not debatable. The Gospel proclamation is our response to the forked tongue arguments of God haters. We know the constant information bombardment from Hollywood, news, and activists are full of half truths that use every angle to win their destructive cause and yet we continually not only listen but become distracted, double minded, and tossed back and forth by every wave of apathetic argument, story and accusation of the enemy. Once we start to ponder the lies we start to compromise. Our defense is the Gospel. We must meditate on the Word!” – friend & fellow Christian, Ken Klutts, TX.

Overall, there is a fine line that exists between empathy and apathy. I think Christians are in a tough spot in today’s world. I think we are often too quick to judge our brothers and sisters.

They may be perceived as too stern/judgmental, too sentimental (possibly embracing unrepentant sin in themselves and others), or too apathetic (of the needs and trends that abound in our day). God is merciful and mighty to save; he is holy and terrifying in condemnation; he is jealous and wants to be called upon and glorified boldly and shamelessly.

God knows what we need and, when our consciences are not stifled, so do we.

Consider this valuable piece of information sent to me from my good friend, Jim Burke, who resides in sunny Florida:

“A concise expression of Western natural law can be found in the Decretum, which was written about 1140 A.D. by Gratian of Bologna, and which was a cornerstone of the development of the legal system in Western Europe (and, therefore, in the Western Hemisphere) over the next millennium.

Gratian explained: ‘Natural law is common to all nations because it exists everywhere through natural instinct, not because of any enactment.’ Examples of natural law include ‘the union of men and women, the succession and rearing of children, . . . the identical liberty of all, . . . the return of a thing deposited or of money entrusted, and the repelling of violence by force. This, and anything similar, is never regarded as unjust but is held to be natural and equitable.’

Compare the universally held natural law that has held for five millennia with the radical changes of the last 15-20 years.”

Unfortunately, Christians, and religious conservatives in general, set up lots of rules for each other:

Don’t mix faith with government, politics, work, culture, society.

Don’t show emotion.

Don’t show too much tolerance.

Don’t show too much frustration.

Don’t show too much acceptance.

Don’t show too much scrutiny… and the list goes on!

But we must always start with ourselves, by exercising daily faith and repentance.

Are we truly coming from a place of godly humility and legitimate concern or are we overlooking the grace of God in an effort to toot our own horn? I must check myself daily (sometimes hourly).

Regardless, is there ever a place for hard truths and loving compassion? Is there more than one place to speak truth?

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