America Is Free Falling To Third World Status, And Guess Who’s To Blame?


I may take some heat for this post but, those who know me know that I tell it like it is.

Since the founding of America, the mantle of Freedom has been passed from generation to generation. Even Ronald Reagan stated that “Freedom is one generation away from extinction”. Well, my fellow Americans, the time is here.

We can all sit around all day and blame the President, the Congress, the judges, or even our Governors and a complacent media. The facts remain clear, government was meant to be by the people and for the people and quite frankly, WE THE PEOPLE have failed this time around.

We have failed to research those who we have put in positions of power. We have failed to force those in power to uphold their oath to the Constitution. We have caved into political correctness, which, by the way, is nothing more than control of the masses. We have lowered our standards as an exceptional, hard working, people in order to take the path of least resistance… the government hand out, thus willingly enslaving ourselves to an over inflated government entity.

We the people have disgraced everything that our Forefathers have fought and died for in exchange for a few pieces of silver. With the exception of a few Americans who have embraced the “old ways,” Americans have given up. We are willing to trade our Freedom for security, our rights for government giveaways, and our Liberty for a roof over our head and food on the table.

Freedom isn’t free. It has to be fought for on a daily basis. It has to be preserved, revered, and nurtured or it will be gone before our children and grandchildren have a chance to enjoy it or preserve it for generations to come. American self worth has become nothing more than a number in a welfare or unemployment line. Whose fault is that? OURS!

In a government that is by the people and for the people, the job is ours to make sure that our way of life is preserved and not squashed out by those who seek to destroy us. To be honest, Americans are either showing up late to do their job, or not showing up at all. Wake up America, the alarm has been going off for a long time now and you keep hitting the snooze button. We are in the eleventh hour and there is much work to be done. We can bring America back to her former glory if we just roll up our sleeves and get a bit sweaty. It will take a nation.

Wake up America, it’s time to roll!!

As always fellow Patriots, stay safe and be aware of your surroundings.

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  2. Get rid of people who vote by skin color and by nothing else!!!!!!!!! Clean out the uneducated, the undesirables, the scum bums that leach off us. Deny their right to vote unless they are productive, working citizens….

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