America Is Broke Because America Is BROKEN

US Flag 3 SC America Is Broke Because America Is BROKEN

I received an email recently, saying that twenty-two percent, or eleven of our fifty states (not fifty-seven, as our President thinks) have more people on welfare than working for survival. Is it any wonder that our nation is both broke and broken?

Yes, there are those who are unable to earn a living and need our compassionate help to survive.  I doubt that many would have a problem with providing the essentials to those who are unable to go it on their own.

My real argument, and outright disgust, is with those in these eleven states, and the other thirty-nine (or forty-six by our President’s calculation) who are completely capable of earning a paycheck.  Our political liberal mindset that says “You vote for me, and I will give you a meal ticket for life” has resulted in a nation of takers, not givers.

I know of a person who has ridden the unemployment gravy train for 99 weeks and more, simply because he decided that he was too good to take a job at ten-dollars an hour to get off the government welfare train.  He is typical of many who feel they are ‘too good’ to temporarily do ‘whatever is necessary’ to bring in a paycheck until a better opportunity comes about.

This mentality is totally void of personal pride. It is probably more the result of a generation that has been bombarded with “entitlement” propaganda at all levels of education along with a generous seasoning of media and government reinforcement.

I am of another generation.  Am I saying that everything about previous generations was right?  Not by a long shot, but previous generations in America had an instilled value system of ‘right and wrong’ that many of the current generation know nothing about.

Several years ago, I went through a horrible decade in my career.  All of the odds were against me – my age in a changing industry and economic downsizings.  I was determined to pay my bills. When nothing was happening as the result of submitting dozens of resumes, I signed up with a ‘temp’ service.  They called and almost apologetically said that they had a temporary position, but it had nothing to do with my background or previous salary.

It was a job at six-bucks an hour packing books into shipment boxes. The mistake most people make is in comparing a current opportunity with what they may have earned in their last position. It is like comparing apples to oranges.  I guess the fear is that “if I accept this six-dollar-an-hour job, I am lowering my standards.”  Sorry, but I do not agree.  It was a temporary position, and that company appreciated my work ethics and gave great latitude in adjusting my schedule to accommodate interviews for a full-time position.

I have great compassion as an American in offering a helping hand up and out of a temporary rough spot in another person’s life, but I am saddened that so many (especially younger) Americans get way too comfortable living on government assistance (“handouts” if you begin treating them as ‘entitlements’) to take any job to pay their bills so that the rest of us don’t have to.

Giving a paycheck to people who will simply not get off their butts because they can just vote a certain way and get a paycheck for life is just plain criminal, and those who make this happen are even bigger criminals for selling out the greatness of America to protect their own political turf.



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  1. OK, I only have one problem with this whole article. Obama thinks there's 60 States, not 57. During his first campaign, he said that he's been to 57 states, with one more to go, but he wasn't allowed to go to Alaska or Hawaii.

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