Allies Turn On US Over Snowden

European Union flag SC Allies turn on US over Snowden

U.S. allies are turning on the Obama administration over the latest revelations from National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden.

French politicians from the right and the left and a leader of Germany’s Green Party called for their countries to grant amnesty to Snowden on Monday amid continental outrage over reports America bugged offices of the European Union.

French Justice Minister Christiane Taubira described the allegations as “an act of unqualified hostility,” while President François Hollande warned that talks on a U.S.-EU trade pact that were set to start next week would be jeopardized unless the spying stopped immediately.

Luxemburg’s foreign minister, Jean Asselborn, called the latest accusations “disgusting.”

The spying fight has put German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the defensive over her government’s relations with the U.S. less than three months before national elections. She said through a spokesman on Monday that “the monitoring of friends cannot be tolerated.”

Read More at The Hill . By Julian Pecquet.

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