Allen West Paid Price For Uppity Patriotism

Allen West Allen West Paid Price For Uppity Patriotism

(Editor’s note: In case one reading this is not aware, the author of this column shares the same skin color as Allen West.)

Congressman Allen West made a big mistake! He thinks he’s an American Black instead of a Black American.

What’s the difference, some ask?


If you’re centrist right or left and of primarily African ancestry, your definition of “Black American” spans a spectrum running the gamut from Thurgood Marshall to Clarence Thomas, representing the two majority camps in the community using that term.

Far-left Black folks interpret “Black American” as meaning political prisoners owing allegiance to the former, not the latter. They view America as their “enemy”, ‘oppressor”, and other often-cited terms.

Conservatives like Congressman Allen West see themselves as American Blacks, citizens whose loyalty is first to this country and then our community.

Black folks aren’t political prisoners, according to community members like West. We’re Americans who’ve been disenfranchised by a double dose of past domestic segregation and imported socialism.

While Black dissidents passionately hate America and White conservatives, their rage at patriots like West is apoplectic.

They form a rancid rainbow coalition with White leftists who hate America too to launch private COINTELPRO-style attacks against Black conservatives.

Every kind of racist, lurid language was deployed to smear West as a race-traitor, a war criminal, and a dupe for White supremacists.

His outspoken patriotism and forcefulness made them fear a conservative “Black Messiah” who’d lure Blacks and others away from the Left.

Ironically, just as prejudiced 1960s public/private partnerships targeted charismatic civil rights and nationalist leaders from Dr. King to Malcolm X, Congressman West experienced the liberal version.

Toppling this charismatic conservative spokesman became top priority for the Obama administration, the Democratic National Committee, and Black America’s pigmentary politburo.

Hoover’s FBI used poison pen campaigns to break up activists’ marriages and start war between rival groups. One prime example are the original Black Panthers and socialist scholar Ron Karenga’s US ( United Slaves ) organization.

Karenga is also alleged by detractors to have been an FBI informant during this same turbulent time period.

Congressman West’s frequent media appearances were rebutted by a national rumor mill, campaign ads depicting him hitting White women, and a new low: spinning wartime love letters to his wife as imaginary proof of sexual deviancy.

The letter stunt reminded me of FBI tapes documenting Dr. King’s alleged extramarital affairs mailed to his wife and the more recent Anita Hill disinformation campaign, deployed during Justice Clarence Thomas’ confirmation hearings.

Racists on both sides of the aisle demonize Blacks deemed”uppity.” In their narrow minds, only opinions aligned with theirs are permissible, Allen West scares liberals. Someone as forceful as Farrakhan who isn’t anti-White and anti-Semitic makes them tremble.

A biased Black base keeps Democrats in power. Serious threats to that stranglehold must be discredited.

Congressman West’s reelection defeat is seen as effectively silencing him. All they’ve done is give the Right its greatest proof of the bigotry infesting the modern Left.

Allen West is an “uppity” Black patriot liberals feared would lure American Blacks away from the Democratic Party.

I also think they worry he’s a future presidential contender.

I hope they’re right. The more “uppity” patriots like Allen West we get, the fewer liberal front men, leftist politicians, crack dealers, gangs, and addicts Black America has to endure.

Sounds like the promised land to me!

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  1. Simcha Mendel says:

    Allen West for president!!! He is a true patriot and practices what he preaches and means what he says. The liberals do not want to see the truth. The truth hurts!!!!!

  2. He probably was cheated out with voter fraud…

    • 141% voted in St Lucie county,Fla.West led by 2000 votes just before the polls closed,4000 votes for his opponent came in at the last minute.Military absentee votes were not counted.Voter fraud?Nah,they wouldn't do that.Democrats mantra in Fla was"Vote early-Vote often"

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    I was very disappointed that socialist democrap stole the election from Col.Alan West a true American patriot.I guess coloreds will only vote for blacks if they're muslims and promise free entitlement programs like Obutthole.West should have said I'll put a watermelon and a bucket of KFC in your kitchen if you vote for me like the democraps do.

  4. Seeks_the_truth says:

    What upsets me most about this article is the notice placed by the Editor. "(Editor’s note: In case one reading this is not aware, the author of this column shares the same skin color as Allen West.)"
    So this truthfulness is acceptable from a Black, but no one else?
    This in itself shows the true racism in America.

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