Allen West Exposes Knockout Game’s Roots

Allen West SC

A violent, disturbing trend has spread to communities across the U.S. in recent weeks. Commonly referred to as the “knockout game,” there is nothing playful about the actions of those who participate.

Perpetrated largely by black youth against white citizens, numerous victims have been injured or even killed after being sucker punched in the head. Outspoken conservative and former Florida Rep. Allen West recently addressed the troubling development during a recent panel discussion regarding immigration reform.

The systematic cycle of dependency inflicted upon impoverished neighborhoods by leftist legislators, he explained, has played an enormous role in creating a culture that could support such random outbursts of violence.

When generations of relatives have relied on the government to provide essentials, West said young members of a family will see that way of life as “the new normal.” The effects, he noted, only become more pronounced as time elapses.

“The safety net becomes a hammock,” he said. “And therefore, you have to have an increase of government spending because you’re going to expand and grow this welfare nanny state.”

Such dependence also “affects your level of self-esteem,” he added, which has led to a sense of frustration among many within that environment. Instead of finding meaning through a career or some other positive means, West said too many youth believe they have no options.

“You’re going to have more Detroits,” he predicted, noting teens in these communities “have nothing to do, their education system is failing them.”

During his formative years,  West said he would “go and get my little part-time summer job,” noting today’s inner-city youth “don’t even have those options now. So what are they doing? They’re going out and they’re beating on people.”

Until something meaningful is done in these communities, West said “it will continue to drag the rest of this country down.”

Unfortunately, these inner-city wastelands are almost entirely under the control of radical leftists who are happy with the status quo. Dependent constituents are dependable Democrat voters, after all.

If only West’s message would resonate with a significant portion of those living in America’s urban centers, this troubling tide could one day be stemmed. To prevent this from happening, the left has worked feverishly to portray conservatives as racist and hateful.

Thankfully, West is among a growing number of patriots who are willing to cut through the political posturing to expose the real, if unpopular, effects of leftist policies.

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  1. Allen West has got it together. More than I can say about our potus (not worth the caps!).

  2. Seeks_the_truth says:

    There is only one thing that can be done in these communities and that is for them to take parental responsibility seriously.
    They must do this on their own.
    Teach their children to be responsible by your own actions.
    Teach their children to want to be educated.
    Teach their children to be hard workers.

    The problem is parental neglect.
    If the community take on this challenge, only then will we see change.

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    I still can't believe Col.West lost to a moron in Fla.The worst part was the republican Governor didn't look into the voter fraud in that election.In my opinion West should half been the first black president not some mulato.

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