Allen West Dissects ‘Tyrant’ Obama And His Legacy

Allen West SC

Though never one to mince words when discussing Barack Obama, former Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) recently let loose on the administration — specifically the troubled ObamaCare law.

His comments, made via social media, came around the same time the federal government reopened following a 16-day shutdown. While the ObamaCare debate was ultimately scrubbed from a congressional deal to end the standoff, the shutdown began with that issue front and center.

He said that the failure to adequately address the law during negotiations, along with other concessions made by the GOP, means “the Constitutional Republic we know as America has suffered a horrible defeat.”

West decided to once again advance conservative opposition to socialized medicine, describing Obama’s key legislative legacy as “an edict handed down by a tyrant, not a President.”

Defying the legislation’s leftist supporters, who demand Americans accept the unpopular system, he boldly proclaimed “ObamaCare is not the law of the land.”

Explaining his assertion, West noted that Obama did not seek congressional approval before postponing the certain portions of the law, noting that inaction during the recent debt debacle means that he will now be even more emboldened to unilaterally enact changes in the future.

“This is reprehensible,” he concluded, “and we can expect even more bad behavior from a President that continues to spit on our Constitution and in our eyes … and smile.”

His direct comments come on the heels of other pointed criticisms, during which West called Obama “a pathological liar” and “spoiled brat.”

The tendency for leftists to classify Tea Party conservatives as inherently racist falls flat when the most outspoken Obama opponent is himself a black man. It is the left, not the right, that continues to see everything through the prism of skin color.

West — along with countless other patriotic Americans — just wants to live in a nation of guaranteed liberty as our founders envisioned. When a leader, regardless of race, threatens that ideal, these principled citizens will rise up against him.

Along with a handful of other vocal opponents, West has been and continues to be a great source of inspiration for those of like mind.

–Western Journalism staff writer

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  1. When I listen to West it gives me faith that we can restore our republic to what the founders intended.It would be a crying shame to lose it after all the blood and lost life by patriots who defended it for us.Most liberals would Never defend the USA against ANYBODY,in fact they never miss an opportunity to defame her and God! it sickens me to see the democrat party become anti-American,marxist,socialist pigs!

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