Allen West Considering A Run Against Marco Rubio In 2016

Allen West Allen West considering a run against Marco Rubio in 2016

Allen West, beloved Tea Party candidate, is telling D.C. bloggers he’ll take a run at Marco “Speaks With Forked Tongue” Rubio’s Senate seat in 2016.  “If I see people are not taking our country down the right path, God will set my feet on the right path,” said the Colonel. Rubio’s fatal mistake was to coax the Tea Party into backing him–and back him they did, right into the Senate’s front door–and then promptly putting in with old guard, Senate liberals who were playing him for a fool.  This mistake just may doom his re-election bid. It’s something you do not do in politics (that is, not dance with the guy who brought you.)

Popular SoFla radio talk host Joyce Kaufman plays over and over Rubio’s speeches against amnesty before he was elected.  She mirrors the hypocrisy factor that just sticks in the craw of once-gullible ordinary citizens looking to back a candidate who will truly represent them.  Word bouncing around SoFLa airwaves is that once Rubio was elected, his “relatives” (that is, blood links from in and around Calle Ocho) leaned on him to get behind comprehensive immigration reform just because blood votes blood.

Well, the young man, new to brutal D.C. politics, allowed himself to be sucked into an unholy alliance with old bull, lib Dems who saw a two-fold opportunity in Rubio–namely to push Amnesty through Congress, but mainly to sink the very promising newcomer’s presidential aspirations.  Apparently, they calculated correctly on the second aim, but not the first.  “Listen to the People,” Senator Ted Cruz kept telling Congress over and over for 21 hours.  And the people in SoFla, although with many libs in their midst, just turned away from a Potomac Two Step of the personable young Florida Senator.  They knew where Astronaut Bill Nelson was flying; but what’s that adage? Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.  “The People are mad,” says an astute observer.

So Colonel West just may be lining up for a run at Rubio.  And don’t forget, Congressman West survived a positively brutal SoFla Congressional campaign to defeat Ron Klein in 2010. The incumbent Dem. Chief of Staff Joyce Kaufman had her bags packed to head up the West Congressional D.C. office, but the fallout from the mean streets of the Gore Triangle proved to be not worth the fight.

West was defeated in a re-districting nightmare challenge by Dem Patrick Murphy, who was helped along by the entrenched Democrat machine in St. Lucie County; and West lost out in the very narrow and very contentious recount.  But his loyal followers still stand by their war hero and are not looking to go away anytime soon.  And as for Rubio, his home four blocks away from Calle Ocho just may be a bridge too far away from the Potomac in the future.

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  1. YES

  2. Rolfadinho says:

    Will vote for him. I once supported Rubio, but he betrayed me with the Immigration vote.

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    If I lived in Fla.I'd vote for Col.West because he wouldn't take orders from Chunky Schumer or Traitor John McCain the old fart RiINO.Arizona wake up.

  4. Perfected democrat says:

    We need President Allen West, ASAP!.

  5. God bless you, Allen West! Thank you for wanting to be a good leader!

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