Allen West: “Anyone with an Obama 2012 Bumper Sticker is a Threat to the Gene Pool”

Rep. Allen West, R-FL;

Greetings to our constituents, fellow Floridians, and all Americans, here we are for another weekly update. There is only one word that describes the past week: appalling.

It was appalling to hear the President of the United States truly threaten our nation’s senior citizens and Military Veterans/Retirees. Furthermore, the blatant lie that 80% of Americans want their taxes raised is beyond unconscionable.

I believe we are headed towards the ultimate ideological clash in America. There is a widening chasm which has developed between those who believe in principled fiscal policies and those desiring the socialist bureaucratic nanny-state. An unfortunate aspect to this is the complicity of a mainstream media which does not report facts, but rather ideological bias. This clash will determine the future and legacy of our Constitutional Republic.

I know who wins in the end, but it is going to be one heck of a fight.

This week the House GOP shall vote on a plan that will enable us to protect the full faith and credit of the United States but also tackle the long-term fiscal viability of our nation. The plan is summarized by the concept of “Cut, Cap, and Balance.” Our Congressional office issued a statement on Friday which explains the legislation, of which I am an original cosponsor – you can click here to view.

Neither I nor any other reasonable person wants to see the United States default on its debt interest payments and threaten a potential rise in our interest rates. I do not want to see my country devolve into the European situation played out in Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, or Spain (PIIGS). However, now is the time to get our fiscal house in order by implementing spending control measures which will begin to turn around our economic ship of state…

The problem is, there is no confidence and certainty in the fiscal vision emanating from Washington D.C. and hence revenues and receipts are down. We are not setting the conditions or creating an environment for economic and job growth. For all of you, that is what has to change, and that is where I am committed to seeing change and not the empty rhetorical doublespeak of 2008.

I suppose the President forgot that 47% of wage earning households in America do not pay federal income taxes.

In the area of foreign policy, the United States has officially recognized the Libyan rebels as the “legitimate” government of Libya. Now, I am just a simple fella from down South, but I recall a previous Democrat President recognizing a bunch of undefined ideological zealots called the Taliban…and we all see how that ended up!

The voices of the American people who want sound fiscal, taxation, and regulatory policy need to be heard this week. I am issuing a “call to action” – let the White House, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid hear how you feel. Are there REALLY 80% of Americans who want higher taxes?

I must confess, when I see anyone with an Obama 2012 bumper sticker, I recognize them as a threat to the gene pool.

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  1. The Other White Meat says:


    • mountaine says:

      Let's make him our POTUS ! He's a real Black man ! Not like the chocolate one we have now !!

    • butterflylady says:

      I’ve been saying this for a couple of years!! He has so much on the ball and at least he knows what goes on when it comes to our military, and have heard him in person, a very humble person!
      I am 72 years old and never was really into politics, but I would sure do what I could to get this hero into our white house and I’m sure he would clean it up in no time!

  2. AlwaysRIGHT says:


    Tangent note: Why isn't anyone – congress, senate, lawyers everywhere, and media – pursuing the fact and pressing charges that Obama stood before the American people and showed us a fraudulent birth certificate? Why? Damn it, this isn't a hypothetical, theorhetical idea that it is fake, IT IS FAKE. There is no doubt that it is fake. It is with 100% certainty a fake. There are layers created to forge in pieces, there are 20 or so character variations (that is, unless you believe someone used multiple typewriters back in the 60's to create it, IT IS A FRAUD!) And I've only touched on some of the evidence that prove it is fake. Plus, I haven't touched on the more than a dozen other ways he's violated the constitution. Obama s a treasonous dictator who is hell bent on destroying our country. All you morons who disagree (aka Obama bumper sticker holders, illegals, felons, criminals, etc.), you are a threat to the gene pool. The world would be better off without you. Seriously.

    • Rosemary says:

      Hi Always right, why is the question. No one either Demorats or Republicans has a person with the guts to start looking into this. A few days ago I read in one of the newsletters i get states that the a few in the GOP are looking into this matter. We all know how that will go, under the rug like the rest of the illegal things he has done.

    • onright says:

      AlwaysRIGHT…I agree with all your posts, why isn't anyone challenging this???? he haas committed at least 17 crimes that are more than misdimeaners…and everyone looks the other way. Why?

    • onright says:

      I just remembered something! Look what happened to Col Latkin! He served prison time, and had everything he earned taken away from him for questioning the legitimacy of the illegal in the wh!!! He, and we, the American people, DO HAVE THE RIGHT TO QUESTION! But look what "they" did to him!!!

      That could be one reason no one is challenging? Big fat scaredy-cats! WHAT WE NEED IS A HERO!!!

    • Oh Heavens!!! Someone is using all capitals — I am so traumatized!!!!!! Help call a doctor!! Call the website ppanty-waist police!!!! SHOUT IT IF YOU ARE ALWAYS RIGHT!!!! SHOUT IT!!

    • Chess Game says:

      I have not seen Allen West questioning obama's birth certificate.

    • madmadam says:

      Let's face it –He Who Shall Not Be Named–is a foreign national who works for the International Bankers and Globalists, hell bent on One World Government. More than half this nation has been used as collateral to obtain loans, for which taxpayers have been on the hook for decades, not even counting the blood shed by our military in never ending wars. If you ask me, the solution would lie in return to constitutional government instead of this demonic "Federal Reserve Democracy" that we live in and which has destroyed the national treasure.

    • k9maiden says:

      I was extremely upset, especially with Fox News and well known Conservatives for just brushing the birth certificate issue off as if it didn't matter and labeling all of us that know this was a fraud as birthers or people who just didn't like Obama! I have a friend, born in that same hospital in HI 6 years before BO. She and her husband were livid as this crappy green piece of paper didn't even resemble the black, long form, original certificate with the seal of HI embossed on the front and the babies footprints. The name of the hospital was wrong, the forged paper had the name given to this hospital AFTER 1978, and no one called people of color African in 1961, they were NEGRO! How stupid do they think we are, yet, who, with a voice, can speak up for the millions of us who know this president is ineligible. He is a Muslim, American hating man that is Hell bent on destroying the America we know and love. It is no coincidence that in 2003, Congress tried to amend the "natural born citizen" clause from our Constitution. Obama has been groomed for years to take over POTUS and he and the wealth and power behind him succeeded, this is exactly why, if we don't act and act on this soon, he will again cheat, buy and win the 2012 election, that way, he can finish destroying this country.

  3. Mike C. says:

    I agree they are a threat to the gene pool.

  4. What is to keep Obama from treating the Cut, Cap, Balance exactly lik he has the Constitution, UNLESS this no good Senate decides to buckle down and see that he honors. I DO NOT TRUST HIM ONE INSTANT. He is a complete violation of GOD, AMERICA AND ALL THAT WE STAND FOR. From the first time I ever saw him I have mistrusted him 200%.

  5. Bravo, Col. West! You and Senator Rubio make me proud to be a Floridian!

  6. Great line Mr. West my late dad said people loved to hoodwinked no matter what the consequences.

  7. " STOP THE BLEEDING ", one sure way to get a balanced budget would be to tie it directly to ALL government salaries ! For every dollar of excess of receipts, a dollar of salary, beginning with EL PREZ, then Biden, the cabinet, ALL dept heads, congress, staffs and ALL THE WAY DOWN the roles to the White House trashman and include ALL benefits, perks and pensions, past and present !

    The BIGGER the overspending the longer the GARNISHMENT of salary ! We might be surprised how quickly a balance would come

  8. AlwaysRIGHT says:

    80%? BULLSH##. What study is that? Can't someone "call him" on that? How can he get away with just blatantly lying to the public without any repercussions? If I went in front of my colleagues at work and told a bold faced lie, I'd be questioned, shouted down, proven wrong, and possibly fired if, in fact, it was proved that I knew I was just making it up. Well, that's what Obama is doing! C'mon. Who, anywhere, believes that 80% of people want their taxes raised? That is BS. This should be stopped. It erodes the credibility of our govt.

    During the last two years, the credibility of our govt has eroded so far that intelligent people don't believe a word that comes out of the White House. It's nothing but lies. Everything about Obama is a lie. From his fake birth certificate to his hidden school records, his forged draft documents, his fake social security number, and his time at various colleges where not a single person has ever come forward – not a student, not a professor, not a girlfriend – admitting that they knew him then. In fact, there are people on record saying they were there and in the same academic program as Obama claims to have been in and they don't know him, never saw him, and don't know anyone else who knew him. His picture isn't in the yearbook, his name isn't on rosters. He is a fake and a fraud. WAKE UP AMERICA. put this SOB behind bars. Or actually, and this is NOT a death threat, the punishment for treason is death. Where are the lawyers when you need them? C'mon!!!!!

    • G Gregory says:

      What I've learned about this FRAUD in our White House is that, he was recruited out of Occidental College by the CIA. He became a CIA Operative! In fact, his whole family has been involved with the CIA. His Muslim background and perfect language skills in Arabic made him useful. He never went to Columbia University. Everything is a LIE about this guy!

    • Just goes to show that with enough money everything can be bought. Even a fake history and law degrees. Why do you think he and Michele were disbarred from practicing law? It was found out that there Degrees were fake.

  9. ForRealChange says:

    All of this stuff about being called a racist because we don't like Obama's policies. I'd vote for Herman Cain, Allen West, Tim Scott, or any other minority person that makes sense and loves this country in a heartbeat. That's what Obama and his media cohorts don't get – it's not the man; it's what he stands for. Obama's goal was to take us down and he's doing a pretty decent job of it. I feel sorry for the next President as the amount of cleanup to be done will be overwhelming. Hopefully, we can do a conservative sweep next year so that he/she gets some help from Congress.

    • He is a Muslim. That is why his goal is to destroy America. The only so called Christian Church he ever attended was of course a preacher that also hates America. His history tells the entire story.

      • JOHNNY AMERICANS says:

        Carol I am in total agreement with you the Obama has never been to a real American Church the so call Church he supposed to been going too is not a CHURCH of GOD as the want to be Preacher is nothing more than a man who want too start a race war for Obama here in the USA for Obama the peacher is using the church to preach what the DEVIL words and no one would used a Church to preach and call others races that they are all ways telling lies to the Black Peoples If the Black would look they can see that its not the White Race that been lieing to them its been the Obama from day one he has cost each and every race something since he been in office ,This is one man that we all of every Race need to stand up and run him out of the Whitehouse…

    • Old dogs says:

      How about a Herman Cain/Allen West ticket, then how could they call us racists?….

    • They call us racist because they have nothing else and racist is a buzz word!!!!

  10. Good Stuff Mr West. . .

  11. Obama should start with his pay and benefits first! Cut all those vacations and trips around the world at tax payers’ expense, he took 6 doctors with him to London and 494 staff members. His wife has 22 personal staff members that are costing the tax payers $1,591,200 in annual salaries. The congressmen and senators should cut their health care and benefits, including the automatic pay raises they receive every year and their big time retirement pay.

  12. We pay enough in taxes. I don't believe that I work hard to pay for someone else to have what I work for. I am not a socialist and if this UnAmerican President is trying to impose those regulations on me or any other taxpayer who works hard for their money then he should resign. He hasn't listened to the American people who put him in office in the first place since he took office. I am totally against all his socialist policies. NO to any taxes that will kill this country. His policies haven't worked in the last few years and they will totally destroy us in the future unless he sides with the Americans and not the liberal Democrats who are also destroying this country. Get out my life with all you regulations. Don't tell me what to eat, drive, drink or do with my family. I'm tired of it.

  13. Lt. Col. Congressman Allen West is the only man who can beat obama. He's smarter, more capable, has ethics, has principles, he was in the military for 22 years in Iraq and Aphganistan, and HE LOVES THE USA !!!!! He is EONS beyond obama. We must, must, must encourage him and beg him to run for POTUS. If we don't, obama WILL win. No one running can beat obama, and this is what we faced in 2008 election, no one was strong enough to win against him. Below is Congressman West's address and phone numbers. Get on the phone and call his office, fax his office, and write him letters. I have been doing this. Did you know, that he personally wrote me back a very nice letter, and it was NOT a form letter. This man has awesome character. He is another George Washington, and we need this patriotism. He WILL NOT let us down. The addresses are in a separate message.

  14. Congressman Allen West
    1708 Longworth HOB
    Washington, DC 20515

    Phone: (202) 225-3026
    Fax: (202) 225-8398

    Congressman Allen West
    3111 South Dixie Highway, Suite 308
    West Palm Beach, Florida 33405

    Phone: (561) 655-1943
    Fax: (561) 655-8018

    Congressman Allen West
    6300 NE 1st Avenue – Suite 100
    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

    Phone: (954) 202-6211
    Fax: (954) 202- 6212

     PLEASE call him, PLEASE!

  15. Despite President Barack Obama’s statement on CBS Evening News on that he could not guarantee the government could pay out Social Security checks and veterans’ benefits after Aug. 3 if Congress does not agree to lift the limit on the national debt by then, official Treasury Department accounting documents for the month of June indicate that tax revenues for the month were almost three and a half times what the government needed to cover all Social Security benefits and veterans’ programs.
    The Daily Treasury Statement for June 30—which any American, including the president, can look up on the U.S. Treasury Department’s website at this link—says the government took in $196.994 billion in revenue during the month.
    The same statement says that the government paid out $50.719 billion in Social Security benefits in June, $4.196 billion in veterans’ benefits, and $2.961 billion for other Veteran Affairs department programs.
    The combined $57.876 billion that the federal government paid out for Social Security benefits, veterans’ benefits and other veterans programs during June equaled 29.4 percent of federal revenue for the month. In fact, federal revenues for June could have paid all Social Security benefits and all veterans’ benefits.

  16. He told the DNC Chair to shut up today. Wish he and Palin both would step up

  17. I agree with everything Alan West just said. For too long the government has initiated a "divide and conquer" strategy to defeat its own citizenry. Maybe, if we all paid the same taxes, we would feel the same about them, but the ruling elite is too smart for that scenario. Maybe, if no race received preferential treatment, no race would resent the other. You see, they want us fighting with each other, and have positioned just enough winners in there to defeat the losers. What to know why Obamacare passed? Because they threw just enough bones to the Insurance industry and Doctors to induce them to sell out their brethren. That's right, some doctors GAIN from Obamacare. They are called OBGYN's and they deliver lots of babies (guess which race). Kelsey Seybold has plans to take over with a quasi-government agency that starts where free-market insurance providers get nudged out by unfair government regulation designed to make them die on the vine.

  18. wnettles says:


    Should Cut, Cap, and Balance bill be passed by both the House and the Senate, and Obama be forced by political pressures (internal) to sign it into law, then a false flag event of unprescedented proportion will soon follow, allowing all of this legislation to flow under the "Emergency Powers Act" table.

    If you back this most dangerous man into that corner, he will play the trump card. Mark my words…..

    • I thought he started playing the trump card in 2009. How do we get rid of this man ???? All I know to do is to fall prostrate on my face and beg God to move West into the campaign … We are desperate …….

      • Old dogs says:

        Allen West has said over and over again, he won’t run for President….wish we could change his mind. I’d love to see him in a debate with Odumbo. I don’t think he is well known enough yet, to win. Maybe in 8 years!

  19. Gracey, thank you so much for the addresses and the phone #s for Lt. Col. West. I appreciate you taking the time to do that. I will definitely write and call him. I am praying that our country will wake up, and I whole heartedly agree, Col. West is the only one who can beat obama. He is so smart obama would be tongue tied in a debate. I have gone to YouTube and watched his videos, he would dance around obama, and he has made it clear that he cannot stand obama. God bless this man, he needs to be in the White House. EVERYONE needs to tell him and beg him to run. We need to get off our butts and do it before it’s too late.!!!


  21. Wlmitch1 says:

    Barack Hussein Obama FALSELY claims that 80% of Americans want tax increases, ObamaCare, bigger government, and less freedom. Obama is either delusional or he KNOWS that it is a lie. He doesn't love the American People! He doesn't even like his own followers – proof of which they're out there back-biting each other and throwing each other under the bus whenever they think it is to their political advantage to do so!

    The pattern has developed across this nation that the man has gone insane, absolutely out of his mind – besides, you cannot be that egotistical, that megalomaniacal, and that narcissistic and surround yourself with handfuls of domestic terrorists, radical Leftist, America-hating malcontents, and Marxist, Globalist puppet-masters and keep your right mind! You can't do it.

  22. I LOVE this man. If only his straight forward, articulate and genuine common sense could be bottled and force fed to the rest of the GOP (especially the Speaker of the House) the country might be able to breathe easier.
    WEST/RUBIO 2012 or WEST/ BACHMANN 2012 Obama’s marketing machine will have a hard time figuring out the angle against West, can’t claim racism, West IS a proven PATRIOT, super intelligent, can think on his feet and could mop up the floor with BO in a debate. On the other hand, Latino’s need a Marco Rubio to vote for…pride in an immigrant American success story. Latino’s are conservative/religious/family oriented and Rubio, another intelligent, great communicator provides them with a choice instead of being used as a voting block for the Demo-communists. Bachmann is a fighter and has more b–ls than most of the men in Congress…. any one of the above: we have some excellent talent, now lets them elected. NO RINO’S NEED APPLY.

    • flajacques9 says:

      Please jane t, as much as I admire Marco Rubio, his talent, his honesty,and his character, the fact is that he is not elegible under Article II,section1 of our Constitution. His parents were not U.S. citizens at the time of his birth
      here in Florida, therefore he is not a natural born citizen, but rather a native born citizen as is the current occupier of the Oval Office. Senator Rubio will continue to be a driving force and shining example to all of us in the Sunshine State, Latinos, Crackers,or whomever

  23. Allen West rocks. He is one of few in Washington that has a lick of common sence. He has my vote. He and Marco Rubio should run for the presidency, and vice-presidency. We need to get our heads on straight or we will be….no longer. The one world government liberals have sold their souls to the devil and I want no part in it. If they don't like our constitution, the they are free to move to a country that suits their taste. DO NOT TRY TO CHANGE US, we know what we have and too many have died protecting it. Thanks to our military and God fearing people, this country has been blessed. Obama is not a traitor, because he is not an American, he is a commited Islamic trying to decieve us. He is an enemy of the US., our forefathers would have had him hanged for what he is doing to our country. Islam wants to win even if it takes lying and deception….look at their history.

  24. onright says:

    saw the first obama/biden2012 bumber sticker, and looked in the car, and sure enough, I saw what stupid looks like. i was raised to be nice to everyone, so am sorry for saying that, but it's true.


  26. RosemaryMariotti says:

    Anyone that has listened to Obama since he came into our lives should know he does nothing but lie. He started when he was lying while on the campaign trail.
    Ex".the health care will be televised on Cspan for all the read", we all know how that went. The poor souls that believed him had better listen and do their homework. He lies and lies. His threat about social security check won't be sent is the worse lie ever. Scaring Seniors all through the U S A. AMERICA LET'S WAKE UP AND KICK THIS OBAMA AND THE REST OF HIS RADICAL GOVERNMENT TO THE CURB. WE CAN'T AFFORD THE NEXT FEW WEEKS OF HIS REIGN OF TERROR LET ALONE 4 MORE YEARS. GOD HELP US ALL IF AMERICANS GET IT WRONG AGAIN.

  27. To date Obama has accomplished what he set out to do, and that by his own admission is to transform America into a socialist state. I hear people say he is unqualified and he is, but stupid he is not. If the voters fail to hold him accountable in the next election America will be unrecognizable before the next election. Just the healthcare bill alone will transform our lives in ways we can only imagine. Google Dhimmitude and you will be amazed how any of the Congressmen or Senators could have voted for Obamacare.

  28. onright says:

    @Dori, I 100% agree with you!!! Allen West is like a breath of fresh air! He calls it like he sees it, and that's exactly the way my family and I see it! West/Rubio sounds perfect to me, and I am out here in Liberal WA!!!! I agree also with the hanging for the treasoner/illegal/muslim in chief! Wish someone in DC would recognize what is happening right before their eyes!!!!

    • Tommygun says:

      Oh they recognize it alright but you see most of the politcos in DC are of one spade (crooks)
      I think Allen West would make a fine POTUS and Rubio as VP would be unbeatable.

    • Oh they see it & recognize it, unfortunately most of DC politicians (Dems) were involved in getting him elected!! They are serving their own agenda which consists of greed, with no regard to this country or what it stands for! I will never forget in one of his first speeches(continual campaigning) he made a very derogatory remark about Hiliary and her lack of ability to bring the healthcare reform forward while her husband was in office not 1 but 2 terms; and she was standing right beside him!!! That had to feel good, right Hil??? This is how he pays you back……oh well!!! The lies, deceit and outright treason that spews forth from this un-american, illegally elected occupier of the white house is a disgrace and is destroying our countries success that we have all fought and sacrificed for throughout our lifetime! WHY IS NO ONE PROCEEDING WITH IMPEACHMENT/CHARGES OF TREASON – Because everyone who can block it has been appointed to their position by him and his cronies!!!

  29. BobVelon says:

    Love Allen West… I would vote for him.

    Anyone with an Obama 2012 bumper sticker needs to be removed from the gene pool, exterminated…. Just my opinion…..

  30. Every time I read what Allan West has to say I think: Why aren't you running for President. We need a good man like you! And your color is an asset.

  31. Thomas Marguccio says:

    GOD BLESS REP WEST! HE IS A GREAT AMERICAN!!! How about a West/Rubio ticket in the future!! Or Rubio/West.

  32. p schwartz says:

    God bless you Allen West. You have served your country well and continue to do so to save this great country from being choked to death with massive debt. Please continue to fight the good battle, we are with you.
    And I also want to thank you for your support for israel, our staunchest ally in the Middle East.

  33. LTC Ray Burke says:

    As things stand, we are in grave danger of losing our Constitutional Republic and our cherished way of life. LTC West displays the intellect and mindset of a dedicated conservative. I believe that, if given the opportunity, he might very well succeed in saving us from the impending political and social apocalypse we face today.

  34. Edwardkoziol says:

    This man Lt.Col.Allen West is a breath of fresh air,he speaks his mind and this should have been the first negroe president or possibly Herman Caine.West does not let anyone crap on him like that Debbie Washerwomen Schultz tried to do all this woman would be good for is a pole dancer at a gentlemens club with her friend Casey Anthony.Instead of trying to get Christie from NJ lets go after West he saved his men in Iraqi and now he can save the country from the socialists.

    • Lt. Col. Allen West may still become the first Negro President. The current (occasional) resident in the People's White House is an anti-American, illigitimate usurper, fraud, liar, and therefore not worthy or deserving of the title or the office. Why hasn't the Congress done its job and removed the evil one??!! I would be a proud American to be able to call Lt. Col. Allen West my President!

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        I'm glad you said that and also your right the Col. would be the first real negroe president and not an oreo who uses his complexion to suck in the black vote.I usually point that out that he is a pinto and a fraud.

    • Please leave Casey Anthony out of this. Caylee was an INCEST baby, & NO, her mother did NOT kill her! Just watch WHO will be arrested & hopefully SOON!

  35. LTC Ray Burke says:

    All things considered, our first task must be to unseat Obama and his minions ASAP !!! With this goal in mind, an interesting American Thinker article reveals that "most African Americans grow up adhering to an unspoken, subliminally understood "Black Code" which sets the standard for most relationships with the caucasian community. I'm rather certain Col. West is acutely aware of this race based anomoly. The code apparently obliges blacks to vote unquestioningly for Barack Obama and other black candndates based solely on the kinship of color. Failure to do so can be expected to generate disapproval within the black community.

    • James Ferris says:

      That is really bad because Allen West and Herman Cain are the only two men worth voting for and we have Michele (Bachman) not Obama and maybe Sara if she desides to run.

  36. Oscar Dar says:


  37. LTC Ray Burke says:

    This clever strategem virtually guarantees some 90%+ of the Black vote, surely an immense advantage !!! Just do the math. It occurs to me that the white community had better wake up and smell the coffee !!! Why not establish our own "White Code" and just as loyally support our own brothers and sisters running for office in 2012. Sounds fair to me. What say you?

  38. Pablo Cruise says:

    I know who's going to win too. I am also a veteran and because I no longer actively receive doesn't mean my oath to uphold the constitution of the United States of America doesn't hold true. I will die for the US constitution and if a person is wiling to die for a cause, they're probably willing to kill for it too. If the left really wants to go down that route…and I'm really afraid they do. As long as the house holds up, because the Senate is going to fold… as long as the house holds up, we're still able to hold on. I say let August 2nd come and go and lets see what exactly happens then. I say call Obama's bluff, vote for a recall for Mitch McConnell and finish gutting the senate of commucrats in 2012.

    • The alternative of giving Obama the option of raising the debt ceiling even a little bit as McConnell plans is to hang us all and our progeny with increasingly impossible debt; it's not a matter of him owning or disowning it (he'll blame Bush/the Republicans).
      Beyond the Senate in 2012, you know we have Muslims at all levels; I'm not saying a Muslim can't be at heart a good America. I am saying the Qur'an says Muslims can lie, that this alone is against our principles and values which require people to "tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth" implicitly recognizing our accountability to God above man. Muslims even held accountable to Allah and his messenger Muhammad are accountable for waging holy jihad even to and beyond the point of lying!
      Do we really want the eyes of the Muslim Brotherhood in the person of Huma Ebedin assistant to SOS Clinton looking over everything internal and foreign with an eye to eradicating US (the great white Satan)??

      • Chess Game says:

        There is another Black congressman (his name escapes me) who is also a Muslim, and was ragging about the Republicans. He probably is a frequent guest of MSNBC.

  39. Sarastro says:

    The only and optimal candidate for president is Allen West, he will never cave to leftist pressure, he is educated and knows the score, he doesn't come from the infested nest of the "president makers" such as Soros and Co., he cannot be bought. May the good Lord protect him and bring him victory. He is our hope and salvation.

  40. Richard Wagener says:

    Col. West:
    It is refreshing to have someone with guts in Washington who isn't afraid to articulate the beliefs that the majority of Americans. We've got your back sir. I'm with you all the way except the first part of December when Army vs Navy Richard C. Wagener
    Proud U. S. Navy Vet

  41. Dr. Gerald Stephens says:

    Dear Congressman West,

    Your life's record is that of rising to challenges of great import and the perseverance to to triumph over them.

    The pitiful condition and violation of Constitutional Governance plaguing our country is the greatest any of us will ever encounter.

    Please respond to our cry for help by declaring the intention of placing your name to be a candidate for President of the the United States of America. It is my belief that the people of America will respond as you did on behalf of the men under your command. The current challenge is one of nothing less than the life or death of the Nation.

    Dr.Gerald Stephens

    • warren reynolds says:

      I agree, if you were to run I think you would have a landslide victory and you could be the 1st African American president, you know because obama is a mongril ( his own words ) LOL The race and class warfare that the current administration emphasizes is pathetic at best, the liberal left is so blatently hypocritical and the media just enforces their stupidity, most people are opening their eyes but there is the parasite class that will vote democrat no matter what,( I think it's the gene pool thing, LOL ) They don't see that after 4 or 5 geneerations of democratic voting their perspective families are no better off than they were 50 – 60 years ago. Anyway I have not heard even the left bad mouth you, your impecible record speaks for itself and Sir, You Rock……..

  42. It's about time those in washington start telling the truth all this bull is not getting us anywhere .stop giving money to the U.N stop wasting money with all the things that just help people in washington give there friends jobs . there are people in our own country that have no home no food . get jobs for the American people . stop all this bull -hit . this president won't be happy until we are like mexico

  43. realist says:

    Harry Reid won re-election in Nevada. How did that happen! All the polls showed him loosing. But he won. Media and the voter were silenced as evidence of voter fraud and fraudulant poll rigging took place. Harry Reid, still in D.C. No questions asked.
    Next the Obama re-election. I believe will follow the same pattern. If you can’t win legally fraud will still get him in. Harry Reid did it, Obama will do it to stay in.
    No one will question this fraudulant win. Obama can commit fraud with no consequences. History gives us the forged birth certificate as proof that he can get away with fraud.
    Will Obama win the election with the photoshopped birth certificate? We will not know until the day is upon us.
    Will Obama use illegal ways to steal the election? More than likely.
    Will he answer to anyone for his suprise election victory?
    Babe, if he can commit as many crimes against this nation as Obama has and he’s still breathing fresh air, you can be sure he will take re-election.

    • Chess Game says:

      ACORN is still around, under another name. You bet Ovomit is going to try to cheat next election.

    • james Ferris says:

      Obama won by FRAUD last time and he has given out four trillion dollars to his people after he was elected, do you think that is enough to get the FRAUD election again? My father was a Democrate and he voted but he's been been dead for fifty years and he was a Truman Democrate but as I said that was fifty years ago the Demotrac party of today is the COMMUNIST party on Fifty years ago. Obama will win by FRAUD.

  44. I am 100% in agreement with your statements. But, for the life of me, I don't understand why Obama has not been impeached by now. He has ignored the laws of the land (The Constitution), he has not defended our borders, he over reaches his powers, has no regard for our Constitution and he demeans our country throughout the world but promotes the power of the United Nations to create a one-world government and bypass our Congress.

    Maybe a move to impeach Obama may be the better plan to revive the United States.

    • Chess Game says:

      Even if he got impeached by the House of Congress, he would never get impeached by the Senate with a great democratic majority. obama's back is still covered by the bias press, the dems in office and a lot of rich people with influence, like soros.

  45. Lt Col. Allen West is the first man in any position I've heard address the issue of Islam in the United States with intelligence and an understanding of what the religious-political-legal-social-military system is all about!! IMO, this (Islam and it's spread via Sharia Law) is far and beyond the economy, the Cultural clash, or any other conflict being waged in our country today. Look at the Middle East, Europe, the Far East, and everywhere else this insidious system is "waiting in the wings". With sufficient popular support, they wait for the opportune moment to begin flexing their muscle noting that as Muslims they have the right to practice their religion, then their law and culture, and soon they've begun to emerge in our churches, businesses, communications, banking, and everywhere else most particularly in our government and our military! Do you think the Muslim psychiatrist who shouted "Allah Akbar" before shooting people at Fort Hood was an isolated case and will he truly receive appropriate punishment?? After all, he's a "protected class" being Muslim. If he is found guilty and executed, he becomes a martyr as did those flying into the WTC. and the Pentagon.

  46. FreedomScribe says:

    Alan West for Speaker of the House! He schools John Boehner at every turn.

  47. michael says:

    Obama is a threat to the American gene pool. I think Obama is the most destructive president in history. Obama is also a fraud and is trying to hurt our great nation. I say Obama needs to be investigated and brought to justice. Enough with giving this clown a pass.

  48. michael says:

    I can't even stand to watch Obama speak on TV. He lies so much it makes me sick. I even get sick when I see Obama and hear his lyin voice. It makes me cringe when I know that so many stupid people are out there that would still vote for this impecile. I'm surprised Obama's nose doesn't grow a foot long while he speaks. Obama has lied about his entire life, he has hidden his past and Congress just gives him a pass. I think anyone in congress who doesn't do something to stop Obama should be voted out come election day. I am so sick of this crap!

  49. womenfly says:

    Mr. West…. you have what it takes, why not start the impeachment process we're all waiting for?

  50. That statement should quickly be made into a bumper sticker…I'd certainly buy several and immediately attach.

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