ALIPAC: AP Poll RE: Amnesty At Odds With Reality

American Flags SC ALIPAC: AP Poll RE: Amnesty At Odds With Reality

An immigration enforcement activist doesn’t believe a new poll that shows a majority of Americans now favor amnesty for illegal aliens.

According to the Associated Press-GfK poll, more than 60 percent of Americans now favor a pathway to citizenship for the illegal immigrants already in the country. That is a significantly higher number than last time the AP polled on the question — in 2010, just 50 percent supported the idea.

The poll claims the turnaround has excelled as Republicans change their views. A majority in the GOP — 53 percent — now reportedly favor allowing illegal aliens a path to citizenship. That is up 22 percentage points from 2010.

William Gheen, president of Americans for Legal Immigration (ALIPAC), contends the AP poll is extremely biased.

“The Associated Press is renowned [for being] in favor of the pro-illegal immigration camp, and so their poll has no credibility,” he asserts, “especially considering the numerous scientific and certified polls we have … that show approximately 66 percent of Americans oppose any path to citizenship for illegal immigrants; 33 [percent] support.”

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Photo credit: Roger Smith (Creative Commons)

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  1. Stop the Amnesty send all the law brakers back to there country We need are jobs they are brakeing us close are borders and shot to kill if they cross over we have to stand up for are country Ovmit and the Demacraps want them here for the votes so they can stay in office The Republicans are so dumb If they think the Mexicans will ever vote for them They will loose the republican party because 60% of the people will be pissed at them and wont vote Republican I no I wont and I will be leaveing the party and going to Libertarian party I am sick of Republicans and Demacraps they are both wortless partys

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