Al Sharpton: “People Do Not Have The Right To Unregulated Rights In This Country”

Al Sharpton SC Al Sharpton: “People Do Not Have The Right To Unregulated Rights In This Country”


If I had to make a list of the most dishonest, bigoted and despised people I know of, Al Sharpton would be very close to the top. He has made a career of creating racial hatred rather than trying to end it. He speaks from a very black biased and bigoted view point, often without knowing the facts. I would place him the same category as Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Jesse Jackson Sr, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Maxine Waters, Charles Schumer, Alec Baldwin and Samuel L. Jackson.

In his latest public statement, he showed his socialist side as well. Sharpton and other black leaders were meeting and then held a press conference. In that press conference, Sharpton said,

“Absolutely, I mean if you look at the Second Amendment it was that you would have militia to protect yourself in case the government came and attacked citizens.”

“First of all, if the government were to come to disarm you, you would not be able to use an automatic weapon to defend yourself. Let’s be serious. We’re in a world of drones now so the Second Amendment would not help you in that area. It is absurd to try to cite that.”

“People do not have the right to unregulated rights in this country. And I think that for those that use the Second Amendment [they] are conceding that they have no argument on why you need a magazine with 100 rounds of ammunition or 30 rounds of ammunition.”

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Photo Credit: North Dallas Gazette (Creative Commons)

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  1. VirgoVince says:

    So, let's END this ugly niggher's Unregulated rights, by ANY means necessary!!
    Be sure he's one of the first to go!!!! You'll find him hiding under all the nigghers he sent out to protect his worthless ass!!

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      I'm with you there lets get him the worthless piece of shit.I look at that fat puke and it turns my stomach.I thought I was a racist till I seen him on TV and in the papers.He makes me look like a choirboy.

  2. He is a special kind of STUPID!!!! Every time I see him or jesse jackson on tv, it makes my skin crawl. All they both do is hate on us white folks. I guess he dosen't realize that his hatered for slavery is directed at the wrong people. It was his own kind who orginally sold them into slavery, not whites. I am in NO way condoning slavery, I think is is totally wrong. To these two, every thing is racially motivated, no matter what it is. A white law enforcement officer can give a black person a ticket, and they will play the race card every time. What IDIOTS!!!!

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    This man is nothing but a fat little coon who should be in jail for all the crap that he has pulled starting with Tawana and his role in the Duke case.He looks more like Fat Albert sitting there trying to sound intelligent the racist bast-rd.If he was white he would have been a good KKKer and the hood would have fit over his pointy head.Rev al my big Ass

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