After What This School Board Just Said, Every School In America Could Be Trashing Michelle’s Lunch Program

evil Michelle

Public schools across the nation are reeling from the costly and unappetizing meal choices that have resulted from Michelle Obama’s campaign to fight childhood obesity. Under her direction, the federal government has implemented a number of strict restrictions regarding the nutrition contents of foods served in school cafeterias.

Administrators are increasingly fighting these regulations, with many districts looking to Congress for a way to opt out of the program. For their part, Republicans in the U.S. House have proposed legislation allowing schools that can prove the regulations are cost-prohibitive to bypass the first lady’s pet project.

One school board president in Wisconsin recently weighed in on the restrictions, taking a few jabs at Michelle Obama in the process.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that Muskego-Norway School District Board President Rick Petfalski wants the freedom to decide what is best for local students instead of receiving mandates from D.C.

“We believe that proper food nutrition and meal portion guidelines are best decided at a local level,” he maintained.

He is reportedly willing to forego federal funding for the opportunity to provide meals kids in his district are actually willing to eat. Under the existing guidelines, he noted that the district’s food service program was set to reach a funding shortfall of $54,000 – primarily based on sluggish sales of the unpopular meals.

If his district shuns the federal mandates, however, he said the department could actually reach a surplus of more than $7,000.

“By leaving the program we will not be required to follow these onerous guidelines,” he explained, “pushed by and large by Michelle Obama who, last time I checked, has been elected by no one.”

The Journal Sentinel noted that other area districts are making similar decisions.

Central High School District of Westosha Administrator Scott Pierce said that adherence to the program had his district on track for an $80,000 deficit. He just wants the opportunity to employ a private vendor – which has already been secured – to provide healthy, tasty food for local students.

“We’re not trying to fatten up our kids,” he asserted. “We’re trying to give them food they like.”

Waterford Graded School District Superintendent Christopher Joch reported that the mandates led to significant waste, adding that parents in his district were outspoken critics of the program.

“The food ended up in the garbage instead of the kids’ mouths,” he recalled.

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  1. I want to see exactly what she has mandated. So far, none of the nutrutional advice she has dished out has sounded helpful to me.

    • jarhead says:

      What I want to know is how can she mandate anything. She has NO power other than married to that fascist faggot American impersonator, who is trying to pass amnesty so he can stay in this country.

  2. Hap McGee says:

    You know, the other day Joan Rivers said the mooch is a tranny… Looking at the photo accompanying this article I would have to say yeah, Joan Rivers may be on to something..

  3. mutantone says:

    if it is so great nutritionally why are the Obama's not eating that way?

  4. G. Braud says:

    I would be interested in viewing the daily menus for the president and his family.

    What good is Michelle Obama's school menu if the children are not eating any of it? They are getting any nutrition.

    Children need to eat a balanced meal. So that children can keep their weight down, physical education needs to be required and implemented back into the education curriculum, from kindergarten through high school. The purchasing of "junk" foods with "food stamps' needs to be prohibited. And children need to be limited to the time spent on computers, tablets, I phones, etc. and spend more time being active.

  5. Steve Crawford says:

    No one will think USA is the best place to live after Obama,s plan to change it to a third world courntry. This is why he was picked to do this job he has no love for USA because it was not born in him like all of us. Just stop and think if you were from USA would you treat this great country like crap that so many died for. HE hides behind the very rights liberty justice that make us great in the eyes of the world.


  7. Edwardkoziol says:

    I wish she would just stick to swinging from tree to tree. After all no one elected her to do anything but it looks like she wants to put her 2 cents into the school lunch program.I'm surprized she doen't want the scools to serve Southern Fried Chicken and watermelonsYou don't see her saying no to those big state dinners even with the pictures of her feeding her fat black ass.

  8. Freedom Agnes says:

    Why would any school initiate the food program she designated? She is not a registered dietician! Every school board should have her eat the school lunches she proposes for a month before they put her recommendations into effect. The best answer is to go into the Rights issue. States rights should be put into effect and her foodie ego declared "Null and Void"!

  9. Kathy Mitro says:

    As a firm advocate of zero wasted food when so many are hungry in the United States, this school lunch program absolutely appalls me. It is wrong in so many ways. First to absorb all school has to offer in a full way young bodies must be adequately nourished. Secondly all that food thrown in the bin lands up in our landfills where it decomposes into methane gas a major source of global warming. Thirdly with so many hungry children who in the world thinks it's a good idea to throw any food away .Lastly with our economy in such dire straits to force the economical loss this program is ensuing onto school systems that could used that lost money to educate is morally reprehensible. I must agree with this author no one elected Michelle to any position and why she is being given such power is beyond my comprehension.

  10. this so-called woman is one ugly specimen.

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