After What Justina Pelletier’s Dad Just Said, I Wouldn’t Want To Be A State Official Right Now

Justina Pelletier, after being kept against her will by the Boston Children’s Hospital 16 months ago, finally returned home to her family, Wednesday. Now her father, Lou Pelletier, vows to hold the Massachusetts authorities accountable for their unjust actions, pursuing legal action against them.

The teen’s family is beyond grateful and relieved to have Justina home again. Yet, they cannot ignore her significant deterioration in health since being taken under the custody of the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families.

“Sixteen months ago… Justina was ice skating… now Justina cannot walk,” spokesperson Reverend Patrick Mahoney said. “It is parents and family that know what is best for their children other than government entities or courts. Parents know best. Families know best, and we can see that when Justina was with the Pelletiers. You could see what her life was like.”

According to Lou Pelletier, Justina “has no feeling at all below her hips” and is constricted to her wheelchair.

The Pelletiers will pursue legal action against the Massachusetts officials who took their daughter out of their care.

Via The Courant:

“This is just the beginning,” Pelletier said.

“There’s going to be a Justina law,” because hospitals are “taking kids, using DCF to be their little wing man,” Pelletier said. “I’m going to be the guy that’s going to change that.”

Asked whether officials from the Connecticut Department of Children and Families had contacted him, Pelletier said the agency is “not in the picture, never wanted to be in the picture, will never be in the picture … no more government agencies.”

According to Rev. Mahoney, the Pelletier’s first priority is unquestionably to get Justina well.

After that, “they are committed to ensure that this injustice never happens to another family in America again,” said Rev. Mahoney. “That the 16 months, the nightmare, the tragedy, the crying, the weeping, the financial ruin never happens again to a single family.”

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  1. Dark_Archer says:

    i dont know how this father kept his cool if it had of been my kid there would have been a few commies from the DCS that would have had terrible accidents

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