After Hearing What Boehner Had To Say About Impeaching Obama, Here Are My Thoughts…

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I read with consternation the reports of House Speaker John Boehner’s comments regarding the idea of initiating articles of impeachment against President Obama.  His response to the idea when asked several times recently was, “I disagree.”

In my estimation, there are two issues regarding impeaching the president. The fallout Boehner is concerned with is primarily political.  He is worried about the effects on the Republican Party and it’s ability to influence policy in the future.  The second, more important issue in my opinion is the future of the United States of America.  The lawlessness of this president and his administration is having a serious negative effect on the rule of law in America; this is very bad for my children’s future as well as other future citizens of this great country.  In addition, his incompetence in the arena of foreign affairs is needlessly jeopardizing our national security.

We are several months away from a momentous national election, one that will have far-reaching consequences. It is also true that if there is a trial in the Senate with the Democrats in control, there will never be a guilty verdict, no matter the evidence. So I am willing to concede that now is not the time to initiate articles of impeachment in the House.  We desperately need to retake the Senate in order to be able to stop our Dear Leader from further destroying the country during his last two years in office.

However, once the election is over, and hopefully the Republicans control both houses of Congress, there will be no more excuses.  We have to put the future of the United States of America above the future of the Republican Party.  I am hopeful that in the post-election environment, there may even be honest Democrats on the other side of the aisle who will vote to impeach, as Republicans lined up against Nixon.  I am positive we will see further evidence of criminal behavior come out over the next few months as the investigations in the House and in the court of public opinion proceed.

The American public has no idea how big the problems are underneath the hood of this White House.  The criminal activity that has bubbled to the surface is simply staggering.  I have a feeling we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg.  America cannot tolerate two more years of this kind of gangster behavior.  I agree with Sarah Palin; the immigration problem on the border and the dark agenda associated with it is the last straw.  Obama is attempting to change the country in a fundamental way, as we have discussed before.

So I hope that Speaker Boehner is simply playing politics at this point, as he states he will not start impeachment proceedings.  I hope he is running out the clock to the election.  I hope that his lawsuit has some merit and a chance for success, although I am doubtful that will be the case.  I think impeachment is probably the only solution. This president and the members of his gang need to be removed from the White House.  The country cannot take anymore. My children’s future depends on it.

Photo credit: Talk Radio News Service (Flickr)

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  1. G. Braud says:

    Talk is cheap! Action speaks louder than words!!

    I've been hearing about impeachment since Obama's first term and nothing is being done.

    There will be many members of Congress that will no longer be members come election time.

    The American taxpayers are completely fed up with the entire group!!

    Another thing, when making campaign speeches, I don't want to just hear their promises; I want to know how they plan to achieve their promises. And I am not interested in their personal lives and problems; I'm only interested in their abilities to serve the American people, as employees of the American taxpayers and how much common sense they have.

  2. RacerJim says:

    Since Boehner won't impeach Obama "We the people…" must remove Boehner.

  3. Linda A. says:

    Impeachment? Impeach what? The illegal Kenyan? The answer to America’s problem would be to un-seal his records. As Americans we have a right to know who is this man. His policies are affecting all of us in a negative way and I don’t know why is it so hard for Congress to demand to see those sealed records

    To impeach this idiot, would mean that he was eligible to being with, which he is NOT!!! If his records were to be reveal then the truth comes out and all his laws would be null and void, and it would put a stop to his madness of Fundamentally Transforming the Country into another 3rd world nation of poverty, which is what he wants for America

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Linda by the time you get to see his records he'll be out as president hopefully.With a assholes like Boner and Jeff Flake who are against impeaching the Kenyan I wouldn't hold my breath.

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        Linda Obozos grandparents weren't poor and don't forget his mother was in porn and whatever spook knocked up his mother they weren't poor either.I'm sure Harvard had to except so many colored people because they weren't as smart as white children.

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    Obuttholes caddy John Boner trying to sue him is a bigger joke then trying to impeach him.If anything should happen is people like Cruz should impeach Boner.Boner is as bad as that little evil gnome Dingy Harry Reid.

  5. The reality is Impeachment would not work right now! There would not be enough votes in the Senate. The best thing to do is to vote out the dems in 2014 and then go for Impeachment.

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