Admission: The Left Won’t Back Impeachment Because Obama’s Black

Philip C. Restino Jr., OpEdNews

Twenty years ago after U.S. forces had driven the Iraqi military out of Kuwait and back into Iraq, President George H.W. Bush as Commander in Chief ordered the U.S. military to cease-fire on February 28, 1991. Years later, in his 1998 memoir “A World Transformed,” Bush admitted that the reason he chose to order the cease-fire was because he understood that advancing further into Iraq, a country that had not attacked the U.S., and overthrowing its government could easily be seen as an illegal war of aggression and thus warrant a call from the American people for his removal from office by the Constitutional remedy of impeachment. It was the fear of a call for impeachment by the American people that in effect stopped the President from continuing the war.

Since the Presidency of Democrat Bill Clinton during the 1990’s, which immediately followed the Presidency of Republican George H.W. Bush, the American people have allowed a practice of the President acting as a “unitary executive” unaccountable to the rule of law in ordering the U.S. military into unprovoked, illegal wars of aggression and occupation.

During the Presidency of Republican George W. Bush, attempts were made to even re-define the office of the Presidency as a “unitary executive” with literally dictatorial powers beyond the rule of law. Now, because the American people have still not spoken up, the current Presidency of Democrat Barack Obama has allowed the President of the United States to order young Americans to war without consulting the American people’s representatives in Congress or even having to concoct a lie about the U.S. facing a “justifiable” threat to its national security.

President Obama’s ordering of the March 19, 2011, attack on Libya, without even consulting Congress, let alone getting a Declaration of War or other type of Congressional approval for the attack, has led to a good amount of discussion as to how the President could very well be impeached for having unilaterally ordered such an attack. People from both ends of the political spectrum, to include members of Congress, have been quite clear in publicly stating that the President’s attack on Libya is not only an impeachable offense, as per Democrat Representative and 2008 Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich from Ohio, but it also makes him accountable for war crimes, as per Republican Representative and 2012 Presidential candidate Ron Paul from Texas.

Notable legal experts and scholars from both the left and the right, including former Democrat U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark, former Republican Deputy U.S. Attorney General Bruce Fein, and Professor of Law Francis Boyle, have publicly offered their services to assist in carrying out impeachment proceedings against President Obama over his unconstitutional and otherwise illegal war on Libya to any member of Congress willing to step forward and introduce Articles of Impeachment.

Let us not forget that it was the former Constitutional Law Professor and U.S. Senator Barack H. Obama who said himself during a December 20, 2007, interview with the Boston Globe that “The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.”

The sovereign nation of Libya posed no such threat whatsoever to the United States, and Obama’s ordering of more than 120 Cruise Missiles fired into Libya on just the first day of his own March 19 “Shock and Awe” is nothing less than another outright illegal U.S. war of aggression similar to the illegal U.S. war of aggression on Iraq launched eight years to the day prior — minus the land invasion — which is the next step in the process if the American people don’t draw the line and call for a stop to it now.

With such a clear-cut case for impeaching President Obama over his war on Libya, along with the legal experts and political figures ready to proceed with a call for impeachment, why has there not been a call from leaders of the national antiwar organizations for impeaching Obama? It is obvious that making such a call now could actually prevent him from going ahead with a land invasion into Libya, and even be enough of a threat to force him to finally end the 10-year U.S. wars and occupations by using his unique ability as Commander in Chief to order a cease-fire.

People involved in national antiwar organizations have told me that the issue of racism is a major factor in their failure to call for impeachment of President Obama for what amounts to the same crimes cited in their former calls for impeachment and present calls for prosecution of President George W. Bush over his war on Iraq. If calling for the impeachment of the first Black American U.S. President for prosecuting illegal wars of aggression is racist, then that first needs to be squared with all the brown-skinned people being killed under his command….

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  1. Well why don't you ask the black people you might be surprised. This is a cop out if I ever heard one.

    • I totally Agree, I'll bet there are plenty of Black people out there that want this POS impeached, but I would also bet that they would be cautious because of black radicals

      • fedupwithlying says:

        I hate to tell you this but it's mostly WHITE radicals. Have you read what April Blackman did to Orly Taitz?

        They are afraid of black backlash, I think it's white backlash they should be concerned with. More black people are waking up. Anyway I think it's just an excuse. These people have a much larger plan for America then we know. God help us all!!

        • Nightfighter says:

          God helps those who help themselves. If we could find Americans, besides those fighting over sea's, who had the guts and courage too step away from the shield of the computer, and actually do something to defend their country, we would succeed and regain our country. Americans are weak, spoiled and accustomed to hiding while others fight their fights. Get up get out and fight for your Country for once, then stop crying!!

        • Lorene B says:

          You are right, the liberals' job is not quite finished. They need to keep him in place so they can finish bringing down this country and install their Marxist government. So far as him being black, that is a convenient excuse which "doesn't hold water". He is a MULATTO.

  2. You won't have to impeach him! According to this article he is NOT a natural born citizen of the US. He is not eligible to be our president and since he is not eligible then he is NOT our president and Joe Biden is not the VP. They both are null and void and all the legislations they passed are not valid! It is up to Congress to have Obama whoever he really is, step down!!

    • Freedom4America says:

      The illegal alien doesn't even DESERVE to be impeached and live off the American tax payers for the rest of his life! He needs to be tried for treason and hung! The war in Libya is only the latest of (how many now???) flagrant violations against the Constitution. I am a Black man and I want this tyrant gone NOW. Also, remember he is HALF WHITE, so forget about race being the issue!! What is wrong with our gutless Congress??!! Fire them all and elect real people who will defend our Country and our Constitution!!!

    • Anyone in the government that obey`s anything this person say`s, wants or does should be immediately fired or jailed. Ignore him and tell him to sit down and shut up and maybe he`ll fade away.

  3. When are they going to stop calling him black? He is not white nor is he black he is half of each and that makes him a mullato. I often wonder if they realize they are not going to live forever and if they keep backing this ignorant b——d they will have to live with thier results also and then they will not like them. He is the sorriest thing that has happened to this country and hopefully will be the last before he completely gives it away.

  4. This is the big mistake everyone makes Obama/ Soetoro or whomever he is is NOT black, He is half white, a mulatto, a mixed breed, a mutt. His dog has a better pedigree than he does. Till we see a birth certificate a legitamate one we will not know if he even has any black blood in him. People are assuming but there is NO proof.
    If you are looking for BLACK, look at Herman Cain, Allen West, Dr. James David Manning, these men are black.
    Look on YouTube at how many blacks hate Obama, Dr. Manning has assured us that should Obama be impeached no blacks will riot in Harlem,

  5. John Grychak says:

    Get his black ass out of the presidency, IMPEACH the SOB now, us whities will deal with the consequences later. Being afraid to get him out of office because he's black is not good enough of an answer, I for one demand that you take action on this matter now. Don't let this keep lingering on, before he finishes his killing of Americas ways.

  6. Go to the website and join the Citizens Class Action Suit Against Barach Obama. Please make this virual.

    The election of Barack Hussein Obama to the office of President of the United States has resulted in individual losses, anxiety and hardship, and has changed, and will continue to change, people’s lives as long as he remains in office. No [American] President has deliberately caused so much anxiety, controversy, and unrest among the American people as Obama with his anti-American behavior and tactics, contempt for not only America, but our allies, and disregard for the rule of law. This class action, supported by several patriots and coordinated by US, gives “We The People,” the opportunity to work together as a unified force in restoring our country by the removal of Barack Obama from office, and dismantling the destructive progressive – socialist movement. Please read the contents of this website carefully, and join us in this effort. We need every patriotic American to sign up in order to succeed. Are you with us?

    Monitor class action progress by reading

  7. EdinNOLA says:

    Mr. Restino, Are you saying that the good people that we elected to represent us (all of us) are now to be considered racists? I mean, if they will not entertain the impeachment of a President who very clearly has violated the restraints of the Constitution as well as his oath of office, just because his skin is almost black, then they most certainly must be racists. That's probably why they refuse to investigate the original qualifications of Mr. Obama to become President. They had no problem investigating McCain for essentially the same infraction of the Constitution, but refuse to look at Obama's qualifications, even when he admits to not being qualified, publicly ! In your face America. This entire government is operating to the contrary of America's best interests, just because of racism? OMG – Obama MUST Go

  8. womenfly says:

    We're going at this all wrong… let's impeach only the white portion of him… no racism then, right? What's wrong with everyone, why can't we get support from the people we voted in to step up! SSN, Birth Cert, wars, the list keeps getting bigger and bigger and NOT ONE DAM THING IS EVER DONE ABOUT IT.

  9. Edwardkoziol says:

    Lowlife people wether black,white or illegal will never want Obuma impeached because that would be like biting the hand that feeds you.The annoited one thinks he's a black Robbing Hood steal from the rich to give to the laziest who want everything but don't want to work for it.

  10. IMPEACH HIS WHITE HALF!!!!! THIS SCUMBAG DOES AS HE PLEASES WITH NO CONSEQUENCES, and our gutless politicians left and right look the other way because hes black…he made a speech yesterday blaming republicans in congress for not doing anything to fix his fuck up , he thinks we are stupid and will forget that the communist democrat party had a majority in the house ans senate and did nothing but stuff health care down our throats …they didn't fix the problem, but none the less, its the republicans fault even though they only have the house, Dem's still own the senate and fight the republicans on everything …this black rabble rouser communist troublemaking muslim is an ass

  11. They fear the riots that could possibly take place.jacjson & sharpton would encourage riots.Those 2 would have people in the streets in every major city. in the U.S.

  12. Blacksheep says:

    We've had our share of terrible leaders over the last six decades. President Truman's failure to cross that 38th parallel and hit North Korean forces hard after they attacked South Korea was quite costly in both American and Korean blood. Moreover, John F. Kennedy's illegal Vietnam war/police action fiasco. In addition, this power mad President threatening to start an all-out annihilating nuclear holocaust with Russia (Cuban missile crisis) proved him too be quite mad. However, the CIA working hand & hand with one other internal government entity ended this evil Presidents reign of terror in Dallas. Kennedy's successor was no better. L Johnson a weapon making corporations best friend did everything he possibly could to prolong that hideous Vietnam disaster in that nonexistent foreign-policy crap. Richard M Nixon wasn’t a bad President he just stepped on the wrong toes and these lowlifes created that Watergate nonsense. Jimmy Carter was a prime example of a worthless leader too. He was solely responsible for the disaster that is now Iran. Ronald & Nancy, Reagan, ran our country with a horoscope for 8 very long years. George Bush Sr. preached about the New Evil World Order to come. Next, we had that oversexed fool B .Clinton who soon became a terrorist’s best friend. I personally believe that it was his criminal appeasement of terror groups which opened the doors wide for those 911 attacks. This followed by George W. In addition, his so-called war on terrorism. Then "the patron Act" the most destructive piece of twisted legislation in the annals of American history. This freedom damning agenda was followed by two overly expensive wars that are now bankrupting the great American Empire big time. Now this brings us to the current Devil in that White House, "Barrack Hussein Obama", by popular demand obviously the worst President ever… Yes, I have to concur with the public on this one. He is indeed the worst most criminal President I've ever seen. However, no matter what criminal acts he may align himself with, Cap & Trade, that carbon tax legislation crap, the deliberate destabilization of our American currency, another 10+ years in Afghanistan & Iraq, war crimes, treason, you name it? But, lets face it the evil man is unimpeachable. Oh yes I hear a lot of big talk about impeaching him. Nevertheless, he is the most powerful man in the world not just here but his Muslim brothers look at him as the "great law giver?"– Muslim Messiah! If there’s one thing we've learned in this new age of political correctness is one must never insult that peaceful Muslim faith. Therefore, if this man was impeached tomorrow our world would literally explode into the most graphic bp violence this spending speck of space dust as ever witnessed in a long long time…

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