Acting EPA Chief Among Most Likely To Succeed Jackson

EPA logo SC Acting EPA chief among most likely to succeed Jackson

The looming departure of Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson is yielding quick speculation about who will replace her, and might touch off a brutal Senate confirmation fight to lead a department that has faced constant GOP criticism.

Jackson announced Thursday that she will step down early in 2013. The White House did not say when President Obama would nominate a replacement.

The White House said that Robert Perciasepe, the agency’s deputy administrator, will take the top job in an acting capacity if nobody has been confirmed when she departs, which appears likely.

Perciasepe is also on a short list of names that EPA observers see as potential nominees for Senate confirmation to replace Jackson.

He has already been Senate-confirmed to serve under two presidents. In addition to his work in the Obama administration, Perciasepe served in former President Clinton’s EPA as the top water quality regulator and later the top air quality official.

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  1. Best answer is to eliminate the EPA totally. It just another rouge, out of control Federal agency, with a left wing agenda.

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