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As the Obama administration continues to damage America’s credibility through serial scandals and ill-advised public policy, patriots are fighting back by becoming more informed and better able to articulate the conservative solutions to our current woes. The upcoming Western Conservative Conference in Phoenix, Ariz., offers many tools to that end.

With a deep lineup of influential newsmakers and influencers hosting a variety of specialized workshops, attendees of the first-ever WCC will have access to some of the brightest minds in the modern conservative movement. In fact, the only thing that could make this two-day event more enticing to those upset with America’s current trajectory is a deep discount on ticket prices.

As a top-tier sponsor of the conference, the Western Center for Journalism is offering just that – but only for a limited time. Anyone interested in attending any portion of the event can register now to take advantage of early bird pricing, which will expire Jan. 1.

Many engaging and enlightening speakers have already signed on with more being added regularly. Entertainers including rock star Ted Nugent, martial artist Steven Seagal, and talk radio icon Neal Boortz will headline the event along with a bevy of prominent elected officials.

Joe Arpaio, deemed by many to be “America’s Toughest Sheriff,” will also be on hand to speak as well as face some good-natured ribbing as the subject of a luncheon roast.

Following a reception Feb. 21, attendees will have access to several unique panels designed to provide insight into a number of important issues. Whether interested in tax reform, media bias, security threats, immigration reform, or Barack Obama’s scandal-plagued presidency, the inaugural conference offers something for conservatives of all stripes.

Find out more about this exciting event by visiting the official Western Conservative Conference website.

–B. Christopher Agee

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