ACLU Threat Prompts School To Ban Postgame Prayer

ACLU SC ACLU threat prompts school to ban postgame prayer

A Michigan high school recently joined the long list of organizations unwilling to stand up to bullies on the godless left. The Lahser High School football team has a long tradition of leading an invocation, which is open to anyone on either team, following games.

Unsurprisingly, the American Civil Liberties Union suffered a collective conniption and filed a complaint in an effort to put the kibosh on the practice. Administrators, including head coach Dan Loria, immediately obliged.

Conceding that the postgame prayer is “something that somebody wanted to do every year,” Loria was overly apologetic for his role in the manufactured controversy.

Claiming he “lost sight of it” because of the ceremonial aspect of the tradition, the coach said that he should not have allowed his players to express their faith in the first place. Hoping to placate the godless bullies targeting his team, Loria confirmed that he was only present during the prayers and never took a leadership role.

“By me being present, I was encouraging it,” he said. “This happened because of me and I had to wake up.”

Finding an area of agreement, I also believe it is time to wake up. While countless other groups receive special consideration from our government, Christians are told they must remain silent regarding their convictions.

This, of course, is contrary to Christ’s instruction to “go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” Whether bureaucrats in Washington and shyster ACLU lawyers will admit it or not, there is a higher authority to whom even they will one day answer. In the meantime, believers must be vigilant in reflecting the Light of Jesus to a dark and bitter world.


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  1. Then the MENTALLY SICK Christians do NOT believe they have to obey the LAWS!!!

    The belief in God/s IS a BIZARRE DELUSION and Religion IS a PSYCHOSIS!!!

    • marxist ,nazi bastard,you are the one thats sick , anti christian = socialist ,marxist ,nazism,faschism everything our constitution is against, thats why you communist a hol– hate christians an the constitution.

    • wilson—you people sound like apeasers, you will be saying give him the benefit of doubt, untill this country has no constitution, i dont think obama even acknowledges you people exist or your rights , we will see, an our grand children will see what a screwed up mess you sympathizers have made of this country,

    • yea GDC like yourself

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      Is that all you have? Name calling?
      You wish to yell Christians are delusional but yet you make a bold faced lie that Christians some how believe they don't have to obey the law.
      Would you mind giving just ONE example of this? I'm sure you have plenty so one will be enough.
      I'm also sure it's just your opinion God doesn't exist, but that is just your opinion.
      What is mentally sick, bizarre and delusional is your god, the government.
      I truly pity you. You are so cowardly and helpless you rely on your god to support you at every phase in your life.
      How sad your life must be to feel the need to make such bold lies in order to make yourself feel better.
      It doesn't hurt anyone for you to claim there is no god. What is pathetic is you attempt name calling and lie for no other reason than to build yourself a soapbox in which to cry from.
      You needn't worry. Your spouting will change no ones mind.

      I'll wait for your fine example of your lie that Christians believe they don't have to follow the law. When you post nothing, I'll take it as you recognize all you said was a lie.
      And by the way, your whining is getting quite old.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    You have to be like the mafia find out where these ACLU creeps live go to their houses grab who ever is the lawyer take him or her outside and beat the piss out of nthem till they can't walk or talk anymore and beg God to help them.Justice will be served

  3. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Everyone just needs to remember one thing. Just because they say you can't pray doesn't mean you can't.

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