Abortion Supporters Declare War On Freedom of Speech

Photo Credit: Dallas Krentzel (Creative Commons) Meme Designed By F. Peter Brown

A Massachusetts law makes it illegal for any citizen to  “enter or remain on a public way or sidewalk”  within 35 feet of an abortion clinic if they are distributing pro-life literature. This case has made it to the Supreme Court, where it is anyone’s guess how they will rule on this issue.

How they should rule on the question is pretty clear- speech, especially political speech, is protected under the 1st Amendment. If this law stands, it will keep concerned pro-life people from one effective venue to spread their message to those who are considering abortion.

Free speech is one of our most sacred rights- its importance is one thing on which conservatives, libertarians, and liberals should all agree. Liberals trumpet it all the time. It is most distressing to see them abandon it when it doesn’t suit their purpose.

Let us hope and pray that the Supreme Court will render a just decision on this issue and uphold free speech, even when the liberal Massachusetts legislature is assaulting it.


Photo Credit: Dallas Krentzel (Creative Commons) Meme Designed By F. Peter Brown



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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    What can you expect from a liberal gay state with a pathetic colored Governor.Patrick is the most liberal piece of crap in Mass besides the Kennedys and Little Skunk Warren(Indian name)

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