The Governor Who May Have Covered Up Obama’s Birth Certificate Just Got Betrayed By His Own People

Photo Credit: Facebook/Neil Abercrombie

Following Saturday’s Democratic primary, Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie received the dubious distinction of becoming the first governor in the state’s history to lose a reelection bid to a primary challenger. He is just the second incumbent not to be reelected.

According to a WND report, his loss to Sen. David Ige was resounding despite the fact that Abercrombie’s campaign spent nearly 10 times more money than his opponent.

As many fellow Democrats across the country are shying away from running on Barack Obama’s endorsement, Abercrombie received a recent nod from the chronically unpopular president. Despite – or perhaps because of – that endorsement, Ige received more than twice as many votes as the incumbent.

“For 40 years going back to 1974 – really at about this time – every waking breath I’ve taken, every thought that I had before I slept was for Hawaii,” Abercrombie said in his concession speech last weekend.

To his former rival, he affirmed his intention to become an ally for the common good of his state.

“We need to work together, stick together, be together,” he said, “to move Hawaii forward; and he can count on me to do that.”

During his tenure, Abercrombie gained some notoriety for his role in the ongoing debate over the authenticity of Obama’s birth certificate.

After insinuating that his long-form record might no longer exist, he promised to continue searching for the elusive document.

“It was actually written, I am told, this is what our investigation is showing,” he said prior to the 2012 presidential election, “it actually exists in the archives, written down.”

Abercrombie also hinted that the entire mission to release Obama’s birth certificate is rooted in partisanship.

“If there is a political agenda,” he said at the time, “then there is nothing I can do about that, nor can the president.”

Years earlier, as a U.S. congressman, Abercrombie cited a letter supposedly written by Obama as proof that he was born in a Hawaiian hospital.

The letter, which refers to Kapi’olani Medical Center as “the place of my birth,” was apparently all the proof Abercrombie needed to conclude that the case had been closed. On his website, the legislator stated that Obama’s letter settled the debate “once and for all.”

Photo Credit: Facebook/Neil Abercrombie

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