ABC Links Traditional Americans To Hate Group

ABC SC ABC links traditional Americans to hate group

For those not quite sold on the claim that the mainstream media possess a palpable liberal bias, a recent ABC broadcast should put any doubt to rest.

Reporting on news that the Supreme Court will review gay marriage legality, the network’s “World News” program offered a lopsided newscast with a clear predilection for the leftist view.

Though the segment was generally one-sided, by far the most offensive aspect was a visual depiction of Westboro Baptist Church protesters as the ABC anchor described the feelings of “opponents of gay marriage.”

For anyone unfamiliar with the “church”, members often interrupt military funerals with signs asking God for “more dead soldiers” and operate a website called “God Hates Fags”.

The inclusion of such an unabashedly hate-filled group in the broadcast suggests one of two things: either ABC producers genuinely believe that the Westboro clan represents the current climate among social conservatives, or they are intentionally trying to demonize the right by fabricating a nonexistent connection.

Personally, I think the latter is more likely, though the cocoon of leftism in which most of these people reside can certainly limit their exposure to traditional Americans.

Immediately following the incendiary Westboro protest footage, the newscast aired the only response by an individual against gay marriage. Of course, an introduction by idiots holding signs such as “God Hates America” doesn’t go very far in providing a hospitable environment for conservative thought.

A spokesperson for the Family Research Council – which was the target of a hate crime by an armed gay rights advocate just months earlier – received less than 10 seconds of airtime.
Receiving much more time and a friendlier forum was a lesbian who has been active in her opposition to the Defense of Marriage Act.

For all the left’s adoration of the Fairness Doctrine, which ostensibly existed to provide audiences with diverse views, those in the mainstream media are completely tone-deaf to any opinion aside from the radical left.


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  1. There is only one way that we can deal with these idiotic SOBs, and that is to boycott their network. It's that simple. When they lose viewers, they will lose sponsors, therefore, they might get our message. Why do we put up with and support them? Turn them OFF!!!

    • I agree, I have turn off channel 2 for that same reason, I do not support them by watching their news. We should turn off those channels and let their ratings go down.

    • more effective approach would be to skip them and go right for their advertisers.

  2. The “World News” has lost it’s shine for me. I will not watch it. Diane Sawyer has become so repugnant in her biased and one view of everything that she and her stupid whiney voice makes me sick to my stomach. I turn her off, and the rest of them too. Wayne is correct, if we turn them off, they will lose the sponsers that pay for their lies and tainted “news casts”, and then maybe, just maybe they will see the errors of their ways. Probably not, but it’s worth a try, and it is definatly better for our blood pressure and our hearts! It sure does benifit me, not to listen to Diane and her constant spewing of the “latest fact checks” of all the lies she “checks for facts”. The worst of the lot, for me at least, was this little blonde bimbo, twat, Katie Couric. She was so in love with Obutthole the first time around that she got downright rude with anyone who did not worship her little black boy! Yes, I said BOY! He offends me, she offened me, still does, and the rest of them offend the hell out of me! Hell, the entire left leaning bunch of bullshitters offend anyone with good sense and a brain to go along with it! They are OFFENSES, they are the WORST OF ALL OFFENSES TO EVER SIT IN FRONT OF A CAMERA! And, ABC was once one of the best “news casts” to watch. Not anymore. None of them are. And if Hannity insists on calling this slimey bastard in office “The President”, I will stop watching him too, because this INSULTING PEICE OF JUNGLE WASTE IS NOT A PRESIDENT AS A PRESIDENT IS KNOWN TO BE A PRESIDENT! He is an INSULT, AND AN ILLEGAL PEICE OF SLIME IN OFFICE! He is THE ENEMY! NOT OUR PRESIDENT, MR. HANNITY!

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Very good comment Dis I really like it and I will not watch any NBC news cast or any special they put on about what is happening in the world.I'm also with you on pretty perky Katie can't stand her her own husband probably killed himself rather then be with the liberal witch.katie wants tobe like Barbara WaWa an igger lover.When Babs was young she was dating that coon from Mass.

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