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My fellow Americans,

It’s been a few days since my resounding reelection victory, and Michelle reminded me to thank those who helped me receive another four years serving the American people from the Oval Office. The list is quite long, so I will attempt to hit the high points.

First and foremost, I owe a deep debt of gratitude to George W. Bush for providing me with political cover for virtually every situation as well as our fiscal crisis which, according to Bill Clinton “not even he could have fixed in 4 years”. I shall continue to seek places to promote the work of the Bush administration whenever the need arises.

Next, I need to acknowledge two men who proved invaluable to me over the course of the last four years. First, my hat goes off to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke. His marvelous work with TARP, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (stimulus), as well as Quantitative Easing I, II, and III allowed me to spend as much money as I thought necessary to get our economy roaring back at 2%. Thanks to him, we have managed to rework perceptions about debt and deficits as well as completely rewrite the (Chinese) book on currency manipulation. Secondly, thank you to Chief Justice John Roberts for his full-throated and unexpected support of Obamacare, which allowed me to take a major step toward transforming our society.

Truth be told, I would not be writing to you today as a two-term president without the loyal and generous help of our mainstream media. Two special shout-outs go to the ‘Old Gray Lady’ and CNN’s Candy Crowley. First, the New York Times really pitched in with that wonderfully intuitive Op-Ed headline which they assigned to the Romney piece on the Detroit car industry bankruptcy. Secondly, one cannot forget Ms. Crowley’s masterful work as a debate moderator when she got me out of that messy ’terrorism misunderstanding’ with Governor Romney. I am sure that CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, and 60 Minutes will devote all their investigative efforts to get to the bottom of that ‘bump in the road’ down in Benghazi now that they have allowed the election to pass without that needless distraction.

I must say a few words about my new Republican friend, Governor Chris Christie. He was so gracious to escort me and the press corps around storm-ravaged New Jersey while allowing me to add my presidential horsepower. The public response to that one trip to the Jersey shore just a week before the election left such a great visual impression for those who think Democrats and Republicans can’t get anything done. I doubt I will ever be able to repay him fully; however, I remain confident he will put to good use the $100,000,000 check I gave his state.

I also want to thank the 65% of Americans who agree with me that not only the top 1% of wage earners pay their fair share, but anyone making more than $250,000 should join in as well. In my second term I will work tirelessly to ensure that more of their earnings are taxed more fairly so that benefits can be redistributed to anyone below the ‘$250,000/millionaire category’ who needs a helping hand. Only in this way can we continue to fine-tune capitalism through Progressive revenue gains in order assure a level playing field for everyone.

Much is made of the power of incumbency when it comes to getting reelected; however, nothing has been more beneficial to me and my party than the tireless efforts of our public high school teachers and college professors. The 18-30 year old demographic that I have so dearly counted on during my two presidential campaigns never strayed from my side. Our education system continues to do yeoman’s work in keeping young minds focused on our nation’s pressing issues: global warming, contraception, religion’s infringement on our society, English as a second language, economic class distinction, et al. The education these young minds continue to receive in our schools has allowed me to connect with them in a unique, non-analytical way that befits our new culture unlike those few students attending our remaining outlier schools who continue to dwell on old world curricula of critical thinking exercises, American and European history, economics, math, sciences, engineering, political theory, and general US civics.

As I enter my second term as President of the United States, I have become refocused and am now ready to work with Republicans on fixing our problems. As I told my friend, Dmitri Medvedev, “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.” No doubt Speaker Boehner and Republican House members look forward to working with me under these new rules.

Sincerely, BO


Scott Ruppert is a ‘basic man’ and writes social/political/business satire and commentary at Perspectives of a BasicMan. www.basicman.wordpress.com

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  1. HeavenHelpUs says:

    Four more years of this guy.
    I fear for our country and our rights.

    GOD help us.

    • No – WE help us and THEN God will help. We have got to get that bastard indicted by a military court because he is violating the constitution and the military has a duty to protect and uphold the constitution from DOMESTIC enemies, not just foreign enemies. Obama is clearly a domestic ENEMY.

      Before he can do away with the second ammendment, I suggest you buy a gun and lots of ammo and that we have a million man march – 1 million men ARMED – at the white house. From there, we knock over the fence and storm the white house and capture Obama, Biden, Holder, Reid, Clinton and all the others and execute them on the front lawn of the white house.

      I suggest you go to the local military recruiting office and peacefully talk to them. Ask them what they are doing to protect our constitution and to arrest Obama. Ask to speak to higher up in command and tell them you will do anything to support them, even fight along side of them. Let the military know that we the people are here to help defend the constitution from this imposter.

  2. Nikita Khrushchev said 50 years ago the U.S. will fall without the USSR firing a shot. This is paraphrased.

  3. I can't stand to see Obama's face or hear his lying voice any longer. When I am watching T.V. and he comes on I switch the channel immediately.

  4. Preston Jemmott says:

    Hey Michelle remember All this over a flag. Yes Michelle anything for our flag. Hey Michelle first time in my adult life I am proud to be an American. Yes Michelle first time in my adult life I am ashamed of someone who calls themself a first lady. Hey Husein you have refused to uphold the laws of our land ,yeah the ones you took an oath to uphold. Hey Husein you have refused to defend our Constitution, yeah the one you took an oath to defend. Hey Husein transparency closed door deals on Health Care. Leaving American to die in Libya. You do these things and I reject you and your Presidency. You are not have not been and will never be my President. You are a divider. I will not obey the laws you have put forth such as Obamacare , Immigration reform Gun Bans and anything else you decide to try. Half of this country will continue to fight you and your liberal agenda of making a dependent society, out of this country.

    • I refuse to capitalize 'president' in any mention of BO. Despite 2 elections I am yet to be convinced that he is qualified OR that he is Who and What he claims to be. SHOW ME

    • For the first time in my 69 years as a natural born citizen of America I absolutely, completely, totally and utterly DESPISE the current occupant of the highest government and military office of America. He is neither eligible, qualified, who/what he claims to be and, moreover, he despises everything about America and has been hell bent on destroying America.

      Vietnam Veteran

  5. Sickening

  6. Obama and his Commie/Muslim buddies better take us down sooner rather than later. This outfit is going to implode and destroy anything associated with obama including the Progressive movement and the Democratic party. Obama's arrogance will not be controlled by his handlers.

  7. From day one, I have NEVER called this PEICE OF SHIT a “president”! He IS NOT, WILL not, AND NEVER WILL BE MY “president”!!!! And I do not capitoloze the letter “p” because of the same reason. Furthermore, I have been changing channels, or turning off the television if and when that ugly baboon face appears, and that sickening, disgusting, whining “voice” starts in with the NOTHING BUT EXCUSES AND LIES he is go good at, and these things are ALL HE IS GOOD AT, maybe with the exception of DESTROYING EVERYTHING HE TOUCHES OR EVEN LOOKS AT! And he is really GOOD at murder, either by proxy, or ignoring, which are one and the same as FULL OUT MURDER anyway. No, I do not bow to his commands, nor wishes, and I will NEVER do so. He is unworthy of being near the White House, and even so much LESS of being inside it, living there is an INSULT to ever American ever born on these shores! He insults every SINGLE AMERICAN WHO EVER FOUGHT, BLED OR DIED FOR THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, SIMPLY BY BREATHING THE SAME AIR AS THE REST OF US DO! To those who hold him in such high esteem, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DESTRUCTION OF OUR NATION, AND AS SUCH, ARE TRAITORS AND THE ENEMIES OF THE UNITED STATES THE SAME AS HE IS! May God have mercy on you, because there are a lot of we Americans who LOVE OUR COUNTRY, WHO WILL NOT HAVE SUCH GREAT MERCY! Should the time ever come, you need to run to this INSULT/DISEASE in office, and BEG HIM TO SAVE YOUR USELESS ASSES! Maybe he will, and then again, he probably won’t, because HE DOESN”T CARE ABOUT YOU EITHER!!!!!! Dimwitted traitors that you are!

  8. VirgoVince says:

    WHO?? WHAT president, I know of NO such individual; you can't mean that ugly, useless, worthless, POS, SOB, mu-slime african in a suit, disgracing/destroying OUR country and occupying govt housing in DC??
    he NEVER won an election in his life, he 'bought' every advancement he made from his early days as a 'nigga gansta' selling drugs and ripping off honest people, back in his chicago days!!
    The '08 and '12 elections were total fraud and corruption from start to finish!! The PROOF and EVIDENCE is being exposed as we speak!!
    WHY wasn't he silenced, long before now??

  9. She is the one who said, "I have never been proud of this country."
    AND this is the first Lady? AGAIN> WHATS wrong with AMERICA ????????

  10. MondayTuesday says:

    Word for word… just like the hot mic recorded. "As I told my friend, Dmitri Medvedev, “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.” He is just asking to be taken down.

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