A Word For The Left…You Have Offended Me

Obama Runs More To Left SC A Word for the Left...You Have Offended Me

To all of the left-wing hypocrites who claim to have the best interests of American society at heart, I for one will not comply with your wishes as you have offended me.

You claim that every American should be able to prosper while forcing over-burdening tax increases on us. For that, I am offended.

You kill millions of unborn babies every year, contrary to the will of God. For that, I am offended.

You failed to properly vet the man who holds the most powerful office in the world. For that, I am offended.

You force gay rights, an absolute abomination to the Lord, on the God-fearing citizens of America. For that, I am offended.

You seek to force absolute control of unions over the American labor force. For that, I am offended.

You have engaged in a war against Christianity by your bogus claim of separation of church and state that is not written anywhere in our Constitution. You use intimidation tactics to remove all religious symbols from our schools and public squares. For that, I am offended.

You continuously give American taxpayer money to groups like Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood against our wishes as these groups are only interested in killing America and her citizens. For that, I am offended.

You have pushed absolute immorality on our youth and have dumbed them down to a point where they don’t even know what critical thinking is and will never have the oppertunity to exercise it. For this, I am offended.

You have changed our history and our traditions, just as Michelle Obama requested, so that we no longer know the truth of our founding. Our great Boston Tea Party Patriots are now referred to as radicals and terrorists. For this, I am offended.

My left-leaning friends, this red-blooded true American will NOT comply with your social engineering model. I do believe that I stand with millions who feel the same. But unlike the thugs who you send out to protest, smash windows, destroy property, and defecate on police cars, we will simply do one thing. We will pray for you. For you who do not know the true God do not know His power either.

My prayer is that God will make himself real in each and every one of your lives and that you will turn from your evil, wicked ways. I rebuke every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ and command the evil to leave from your midst.

To my fellow Christian patriots, stay steadfast in your faith. And as always, stay safe and be aware of your surroundings.

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  1. All your words will fall on deaf ears. First because they are all Deaf and Complicit in the Biggest Scam, Fraud, Deceit, Theft, Murder, Treason, Over Throw of what was US Government.
    The US governmental body that we voted in has also attacked the Country & Republic of the US, now the US Fascist Police State that is a mirror image of Hitler and Nazi Germany, and all other Dictators and Gestapo for the past 100 years. Yet; you do nothing to protect what was once your freedom, free speech, free worship, free to work and live as was promised in a US Constitution by the Founding Fathers of this Country. Now you allow these Frauds of Treason to Shit in Your Face and the Face of the Founding Fathers??? Therefore you will receive what you did not protect, You Morons!!

  2. Tommy Mims says:

    Mammy obama is a slut. bill maher called Sarah Palin a "cunt". Then he gave obama a million dollars.The two obama inglets will grow up to be mirror images of their treasonous, bastard father. May he hang from a big oak tree until his eyes explode. God, I love free speech

  3. I could NOT agree more!

    Worker CL100098

  4. The "left" has been joined by a large multitude of fearful and unprincipaled Americans to "get what they can". They do not care about the future, first principals or what you are saying. My father-in-law summed it up years ago as he said, Why should I worry about what happens later/ I'll get mine while I can." The old Pabst Blue Ribbon beer TV and radio add said it well for him and those you are talking to: You only go around once, get all the gusto you can get!

  5. I still want to know about the Duel citizenship of Obama as president. How can an American and British Subject be considered a Natural Born Citizen when the requirement was put in place to prevent just such a thing from happening?

  6. Im ready to kick more tea off the docks. And a few union thugs along with it.

  7. Amen! Very well said…I am offended too!

  8. All the liberal bastards are traitors and should be tried for treason and hung, along with the Obama;s.Holder,and Belafonte.

  9. Well people, I am offended, and I have grown more and more offended with each day that passes with this TRAITOROUS congress and sorry excuse for “media” deadbeats, who only parrot what their “dear little “black Hitler” orders them to parrot. That is, unless they truly beleive he is all that and a bag of chips, with sauce thrown in for good measure, in which case, they are worse than he is! Because they are American Born citizens, and have a duty to tell the truth, no matter what they think. But they go along with im and his destructive ways, because, BECAUSE THEY AGREE WITH HIM! The whole left part of our so called “leadership” are the worst of all kinds of traitors, because they are deliberately turning on the very people who elected them to defend and protect us and the United States Constitution! We are dealing with traitors people, traitors from the very insides of our “government”. They are selling us out to our enemies, and they are doing it while we watch and know what they are up to. And they KNOW WE KNOW! When, OH WHEN, are we, the people, going to stop this train wreck that is our “government”? It will HAVE to be us, because we, at this point, now HAVE NO REAL GOVERNMENT OR PRESIDENT!

    • Disgusted, your so very right in what you say. I still don't understand how he managed to make it to leadership again as he can;t lead-period. The sad part is, we can huff and puff about our feelings about him and his high and mighty wife-o but they don't read these ventings. even if they did, they would just laugh at us because they really believe they are loved by the leftist's. It is a sad sad shame that one person can destroy a whole country. I am a christian, and GOD forgive me, I hate that man called president to my deepest soul, but all we can do is vent it on these blogs cause so many out there, don't care. Most people will laugh at us, but we must stand firm and pray that GOD reveals himself to them Husseins or at least give us justice for having to tolerate this evil, evil, evil, sick man. Whoa, I called him a man, he is pure chicken s___t, a liar, deceitful, murderer, etc, etc, etc. Even christians have feelings and get angry over the travisty of inhuman punishments. But, be assured, no matter what he does, he will pay when he stands in front of the MOST HIGH LEADER<OUR GOD.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Couldn't agree with you more

  10. Edwardkoziol says:

    I am offended that you Obutthole are the president.I am offended that we have people like Harry Bellyfonte,__Micheal Moore and Sean Penn live in this country when they should be in jail for cooperating with our enemies.I am offended that Holder and Obutthole can be gun runners while saying they they want to stop gun violence.I am offende that the left and Obutthole is trying to turn this country into socialism and young americans are going along with them

  11. With the majority of Americans today being DUMB DOWNED, they will not realize what they are doing until the ROOF COMES DOWN ON THEIR HEADS !!!!
    The only problem is, by then it WILL BE TOO LATE, just like it was for NAZI GERMANY !!!
    By some miracle America needs a MASS MEDIA equivalent, to the one controlled by the LIBERAL COMMUNIST DEMONCRAT PARTY CULT to truly FIGHT BACK !!!! FoxNewsChannel is USELESS !!! With people like bob beckel, juan williams, jeraldo rivera, megan kelly and a couple more DEVOUT LIBERALS on their payroll any help they started out with IS NOW GONE !!!!
    What Sean Hannity and some others do, unfortunately, is ONLY TALK with NO DUMB DOWN AMERICANS LISTENEING !!!!
    But, it may not matter if the WORLD ENDS on December 21st 2012 !!!!

    • Patriot, it has gotten to the point that even Fox News isn’t doing the job well enough. O’Reilly still insists on calling this peice of mu SLIME shit “”president”, and I find that extremely OFFENSIVE when we all know he is not even close to the word, or position of President! He is an ILLEGAL SITTING INSULT/DISEASE/LIAR/SLIME and more, NOT A PRESIDENT! And when I hear O’Reilly, or Hannity call this INSULTING BASTARD “OUR president” on these shows, I could reach through the tv screen and slap them sideways, that is, if this were possible to do! I instead, sit there and yell, growl or scream at the screen “HE IS NOT, NOT NOT A PRESIDENT AND HE DAMN SURE ISN”T MY PRESIDENT AND NEVER WILL BE YOU IDIOTS!!!” I wish, I WISH they’d stop with this giving him, this LYING SON OF SATAN, the HONOR of being called a name that ONLY BELONGS TO ONE WHO IS BORN IN THIS COUNTRY AND BEHAVES AS A PRESIDENT! In NO WAY AT ALL, DOES THIS CREEP BEHAVE AS EVEN AN AMERICAN !!!! And MUCH LESS PRESIDENTIAL BEHAVIOR IS EXHIBITED IN ANY FORM! He is constantly campaigning, and constantly disrespecting us and our United States Constitution, and he is forever APLOOGIZING for us to our ENEMIES! ENEMIES who would LOVE NOTHING BETTER THAN TO DESTROY US AND OUR COUNTRY! And MURDER US ALL IN THE BARGIN! If we do not end this rein of TERROR by the TERRORIST IN THE WHITE HOUSE, OUR ENEMIES MAY GET THEIR FONDEST WISH AND ATTACK US BY ANY MEANS THEY DESIRE……..AND WITH THE PERMISSION OF THIS ENEMY SLIME IN OFFICE!!!!! We face in today’s world, we FACE A MATTER OF LIFE OR DEATH, AND IT IS THE DEATH OF US AND OUR NATION AT STAKE HERE! This is not only about who is president, it is a matter of urgency that we have NEVER before faced, not even when the Japanese bombed us on Pearl Harbor Day! I beleive that soon, our ENEMIES will once again attack us, and it will make September 11, 2001, which was bad enough, but what will happen soon, will make that day look like the MU SLIMES were only playing with us! That day was only the BEGINNINGS OF THE ATTACKS ON AMERICAN SOIL! They INTEND TO DO MORE AND DO FAR, FAR, FAR WORSE! And they WILL, if we do not rid ourselves of the WORST ENEMY OF ALL, HUSSEIN OBAMA! With the HELP, the AID OF HIS UGLY FATBUTTED HAG OF A WIFE! By the way, she is not a First Lady, before one can be a FIRST anything, they MUST FIRST BE A LADY! And in NO WAY DOES THIS WICKED UGLY FEMALE PRIMATE RESEMBLE A LADY! Her words proved this when she said to her slimey mate, “All this for a F#(%*@& FLAG?!” This sunk her boat, so to speak, for myself and others! She hates America, and she despises any and all Americans, whether they are BLACK Americans or White, or in between! IF they are AMERICANS, this female primate HATES THEM, HATES US ALL! Between those two evil, destructive money/power hungry beings, America is in greater danger than she was when the British were coming against the few Patriots before the Revolutionary War, the War our forefathers fought for our FREEDOM AND INDEPENDANCE! This is going to be, for Americans who want America as she has always been, before the ENEMY was ALLOWED to enter our White House, THIS IS GOING TO BE A FIGHT FOR THE SURVIVAL OF OUR NATION, and FOR US BY EXTENTION! It is the DUTY, the TIME for all, ALL GOOD AMERICAN PATRIOTS TO COME TO THE AID OF THEIR COUNTRY, THEIR NATION WHICH IS BEING ATTACKED, NOT BY OUTSIDE FORCES, BUT FROM FORCES, THE ENEMIES WITHIN HER VERY OWN HALLS OF “justice”! We MUST STAND FOR SOMETHING, OR WE ARE GOING TO FALL, AND FALL HARD RIGHT INTO THE HANDS OF SHARIAH LAW AND THE FILTHY SLIMES WHO INTEND TO TAKE AMERICA AND MAKE HER INTO ANOTHER THIRD WORLD HELL!!!!!!!!!!! GOD, GUNS AND GUTS ARE THE THREE THINGS WE HAVE GOT TO HAVE IN ORDER TO WIN THIS FIGHT FOR OUR SURVIVAL AND CONTINUATION AS THE GREATEST NATION ON EARTH! GOD GUNS AND GUTS FOR AMERICA! NEVER SURRENDER!!!!!!!!NEVER!

  12. I am offended, also. I see things in a somewhat different light, tho'. I am commanded by my God to love my neighbor and I do. I also am commanded to condemn the sin and I do. In other words… Love the person, dispise the sin. It is the way God commanded. God Bless you … one and all.

  13. I think Obama mama got around, and he is the son of a single mom. the 9's on his birth ceriticate indicate information not available at time of birth. So that makes him a son of a bitch. or bastard.

  14. this country is at the point of no return! imo, a revolution, a civil war, or both is the next step. whether we like it or not, it is inevitable. so, so sad.

  15. Nobama offends me by existing! His goofy face, demeanor, EARS, voice are a constant offense to me! I can't get to the remote fast enough whenever he comes on! Just GO AWAY! And that's to say nothing of his POLICIES! He's a total loser, has been from day one in every aspect of life! He's an embarrassment!

  16. Offended……….I got up this morning, Sunday, and asked myself “self, are you still offended today?” And I answered my self “yes, I am, and will continue to be offended each and every day that passes with this INSULTING BIG EARRED LYING SON OF A SLUT IS INFECTING MY NATION AS HE IS!!” So, me, myself and I are mightily, and deeply still very, very much OFFENDED by this creep in office. I think however, that I am MORE offended by this lying bunch of ugly parrots in the “media” who squawk about anything they are “taught by their owner, HUSSEIN” and they are a worse offense than he is, as they should and DO know better! But, knowing to do better, and NOT doing better, are two different things, and so this being the case, they are stupider than the stupid igger in office, that’s the difference between ignorance and stupidity! If and when it comes to the revolution or civil war that seems to be inevitable, in America, these liars and freaks in the “media” should be some of the first ones to be hunted down, and punished accordingly. It seems to me that I will not be UN OFFENDED for a good long while yet! This is an OFFENSE that goes beyond even the word OFFEND! Oh, and those diwits who voted for this OFFENSE IN office, they are constantly being “offended” by those of us who did not turn TRAITOR against our country, and fellow countrymen and women, but I’d have to say that in no way are they as close to being as outright, outrageously OFFENDED AS WE AMERICAN PATRIOTS ARE OFFENDED BEYOND WORDS! Am I offended today? Oh you are DAMN STRAIGHT I AM OFFENDED, AND AS A RESULT OF BEING SO INTENTIONALLY OFFENDED BY THOSE WHO HAVE INFECTED OUR NATION AS THEY HAVE, I AM TRULY ANGRY AND VERY PISSED OFF ABOUT IT! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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