A Shocking Display Of U.N. Environmental Fascism

United Nations flag SC A Shocking display of U.N. Environmental fascism

“I do not come here to lose my freedom; I beg you-get out of Seven/50. Do Not Destroy Our Freedom,” a political refugee from Romania pleaded with the St. Lucie County (FL) Commissioners recently.

In chilling details, she told the silent room what it was like to live in the Communist country under the brutal dictator Nicolae Ceausescu during the 1980s.  As General Secretary of the Romanian Communist Party from 1965 to 1989, Ceausescu “maintained strict controls over free speech and the media; internal dissent was NOT tolerated,” according to Wiki. His violent, repressive, brutal regime was overthrown in December of 1989, and he and his wife were executed by firing squad eight days later. Communist Party and Soviet bloc control fell.

The political refugee in St. Lucie sought and was granted asylum here in the United States. She now is using all of her newfound freedoms to protest the adoption of a United Nations Regionalism scheme (especially on the east coast of Florida, but also throughout the 11 nationwide regions being sliced and diced by unelected federal bureaucrats), thanks to huge grants from HUD and other Obama administration agencies.  “I am opposed to Seven/50. . .to the loss of our property rights by UN Agenda 21 (and) the NWO Communist Marxist project,” she said.  Another public forum speaker, a former local County Commissioner, said, “I can’t believe I’m here” to speak on the dangers of Seven/50. Speaker after speaker urged and pleaded with local elected officials to reject the takeover of Florida private property.

Citing the danger to the very sovereignty of America, they described attempts to set up a “vertical authority flow chart” controlled by unelected federal bureaucrats under the influence of globalists attempting to foist stack-and-pack 200-foot dwelling spaces on ordinary US citizens who worked hard to pay for their private property.  “Why am I arguing for what has always been my right. . .for all that made America great,” poignantly asked one speaker. Turning over “our authority” to unelected global bureaucrats was abhorrent to the audience.  No one spoke in favor of Seven/50 regionalism, even though it already has been adopted in the Gore triangle counties south of St. Lucie and Indian River counties. Vero Beach, IRC roundly rejected this UN intrusion into their communities last year!

“Seven/50 is not going to happen! This old lady is not about to quit,” an elderly citizen wearing a huge black hat told her St. Lucie County Commissioners, who said they still are studying this issue.

A typical stack-and-pack living area in the 200 square foot APodment bulding in Sammamish, WA is already developed. Occupant Judy Green (Seattle Times 5-12-13) “shares the kitchen with seven other tenants on the second floor.”  With no elevators, she has to walk up and down six flights of stairs to get to her loft! Bathrooms often are communal; no or few cars are allowed because of global warming. Federal control of water on private property is underway, and the UN now controls most US federal parks.

Taxpayers’ own money is being used to develop and advance the Seven/50 Agenda by using under the radar, low information staggering schemes that dole out our dollars incrementally to entice elected state and county officials. An early October window appears to be crucial for public comment and input from ordinary American citizens looking to stop the code of silence sweeping this tide across our once-free land. To find out what you can do in your areas, check out this website: ac4pr.org, phone number 772-200-4242, The American Coalition 4 Property Rights.


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  1. Sounds like a nightmare to me —— just like this current administration! I can't believe this type of set-up is already in our country, the Land of the Free! Lord God, show us the way!

  2. Linda From NY says:

    isn't this what Hitler and all communist leaders did? take away private property

  3. Lux et Veritas says:

    When all these idiotism started i was just laughing, but now it's not funny to realize how many brain dead idiots in America. I worry because I brang my talented son in this third world mexican country.
    OK, here we are going: Communist =marxist=nazism==========================NOW these idiots with low IQ and 0 morality called themselves "progressive." OK, hello pROGReSSIVE trash. Now we are here.
    You are walking on the circles, but you are progressive trush too dumb to understand this as you are pushing your country in the back.OK, maybe , you could read "1984" by J.Orwell. But i'm sure you are progressive too dumb to understand this.

  4. We need to throw out the Federal Reserve (and take back all of the money they have stolen from Americans over the years), throw the U.N. off of American Land (let them set up their Headquarters somewhere else), and pull all American Resources from the U.N.

    I am sick and tired of these NWO Aristocrats thinking they have us by the short hairs…it's time to follow Iceland's lead with the Federal Reserve, and push it further so that these Globalist Scum sucking Organizations and Politicians flee from our land or they will end up in Jail, or shot for treason!! That goes for our own Politicians that are trying to destroy the U.S. Constitution also…people like Harry Reid, Pelosi, Feinstein, Obama, Cummings, Warren, Barbara Lee, McConnell, Boehner, and Obama….and all the other Politicians that don't stand up against this takeover….the American People are fed up with your "Me, Me, Me" attitudes, where all you want to do is maintain control of the American People instead of doing your damn Jobs that you were sent to Congress and the Executive branch to do, which is to bring back American Morals and Values, Jobs, reduce the National Debt, and not be the World's Police Force and to PROTECT our RIGHTS and FREEDOMS!!

    • Linda From NY says:

      you forgot NY Demoncrap Chunky Schumer, he just signed a Bill to trash our Constitution and hand over our Sovereignty to the UN. He is a traitor, and he must be removed, I will do my part coming Nov. 2014 and vote his AZZ OUT!!!! and spread the word what this traitor is doing.

      And last year he signed another Bill to by pass Congress and give this A-Hole phony president all powers on all decisions. Many of these Politicians are Globalist Elites and they stand with the NWO, people better wake up and start letting these traitors know that we know what is going on and if comes to worst we will stand up and fight for our Country.

      God Bless America

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