A Reader Tells Arkansas It’s Time to Impeach Obama

The readers of this website constantly ask how they can help promote Barack Obama’s impeachment. An increasing number are contacting local media to make the case for Obama’s being turned out of office. In late April, James Boatright published this article in The Baxter Bulletin of Baxter County, Arkansas. He sent it to us, and we now take our turn printing his letter:

Why I Became a Birther
by James A. Boatright

When Barack Obama took office as President of the United States a little over two years ago, I was prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt. I hoped that he would rise above his hard left-wing tendencies and become “the president of all of us.” Instead, he has acted far worse than I ever thought possible. First, he grabbed control of two failing auto-makers, arbitrarily closed certain dealerships, fired the CEO of GM and then gave ownership of that resurrected, heavily taxpayer-subsidized company to his political friends, including the UAW. I expect GM retirees and other shareholders who lost everything were none too pleased by this. While none of these acts were legal, none have been legally reversed. After this auspicious start, he proceeded to appoint “czars” to run numerous federal programs and agencies, and he has encouraged them to issue new “laws” to side-step congress in violation of the constitutional separation of powers requirement. So far, he has appointed two of his fellow Marxists to lifetime positions on the US Supreme Court. Well, we knew he was a “progressive,” and maybe he was just so inexperienced that he didn’t know how to do things legally and properly. These were not impeachable offenses, and for the first two years of Obama’s reign, I really thought that this country would probably survive his presidency after the voters had a chance to see how badly they had been misled.

Other conduct may be impeachable: He and his Attorney General, Eric Holder, consistently refuse to enforce current federal laws controlling illegal entry into our country, and they have even sued the State of Arizona to prohibit its enforcement of a similar state law. They both swore faithfully to execute the laws of this country and to preserve, protect and defend the US Constitution. Obama continues implementing his “Obamacare” act, ignoring a federal judge’s ruling that the act is unconstitutional in its totality. He greatly exceeded his authority in dealing with the BP oil spill, and continues effectively to ban US drilling in the Gulf of Mexico in open defiance of another federal judge’s restraining orders. Together with halting the prosecution of the New Black Panthers (and failing to prosecute anyone from ACORN) for serious violations of federal election law in 2008, these failures to perform the duties of office constitute impeachable offenses of nonfeasance. Maybe our system of government just doesn’t know how to deal properly with a rogue president who willfully violates any laws or court rulings standing in his way and is supported by a friendly press. Even if he were to be impeached in the House, I do not believe that a Democrat-controlled Senate would ever remove Obama from office on any of these grounds.

In the past three months, I have become convinced that Obama intends to wreck this country’s entire economy, its time-tested social and political systems, and its very system of the rule of law. He seems to be executing quite successfully the plan of action formulated by Professors Cloward and Piven of his alma mater, Columbia University: wreck the American system from within and replace it with a soviet-style communist dictatorship rising from the ashes. Unsustainable public debt, wild monetary inflation, unchecked deficit spending, runaway entitlements, and the new federally contrived energy shortage are key pieces of that nefarious plan. Obama acts as one might expect a “sleeper” enemy agent to act upon achieving a position of great power. I have recently come to believe that Obama actually is an anti-American illegal alien. Even a cursory investigation would reveal that Barack Obama is not constitutionally qualified to be our president as a “natural born citizen.” He probably is not even a US citizen at all. He could perhaps apply for citizenship based on marriage to an American citizen. I became a “birther” because it seems our best chance to impeach and remove this imposter from office quickly and without causing a constitutional crisis.

I believe Obama intends to use taxpayer funds to purchase the votes of a permanently government-dependent, emerging majority class of Democrat voters. This bloc vote would presumably include most union members, government employees, and racial and ethnic minorities. Add to the mix virtually all “crony capitalists,” welfare recipients, the radical left, soon-to-be amnestied illegal aliens and enfranchised convicted felons. A fuel-starved economy will lead inevitably to food-starved masses beholden to the central government for their daily ration of moldy bread. Obama will be successful in these sinister efforts if he is not stopped soon. I fear that all future federal elections will be legally bought, legally coerced or illegally stolen with complete impunity. Successful early removal of this character from office by any legal means would be the patriotic thing to do. Now might already be too late to save our republic. Waiting for the 2012 elections will certainly be too late. Vice President Joe Biden is clearly an idiot and ill-equipped to become president, but at least he is an American idiot.

Others who believe in holding this administration accountable have sent letters and articles to newspapers in Ohio, California, Florida, Illinois, Virginia, Colorado, and Kansas. If you have had an impeachment letter published in the media, send me a copy.

Click here to learn more about the Impeach Obama Campaign. Click here to sign the Impeach Obama petition.

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  1. Obama is not only wrecking our economy , etc. he is also wrecking CHristianity.. He is trashing Christianity while embracing and proseltyizing Islam… The Christlam churches are his brainchild… If the devil can't break CHristianity he with lies till the truth is lost..

  2. Obama's plan for America and the world……A fuel-starved economy will lead inevitably to food-starved masses beholden to the central government for their daily ration of moldy bread. Obama will be successful in these sinister efforts if he is not stopped soon…….That no man might buy or sell lest he has the NAME, OR NUMBER OF THE ISLAMIC BEAST…
    If the senate or congress do not take immediate action the people should…beginning with the senate and congress…impeach them too…

  3. Your letter hit it right on target. The truth about obama. He and his lench mob needs to go NOW,

  4. Once again, I ask, where are all those disgruntled ex-postal emplyees when you need them? I think there is a plan out there that these postal workers could perform quite easily. We really should stop all the impeachment talk and pass GO, do not stop and go directly to trial for treason for obammy boy and his crew of crooked czars!

  5. Impeach the whole bunch starting with botox face Nancy p.

    • Angelicsweep says:

      Mrs. Botox needs to be tried and convicted for TREASON! SHE is the one who signed on to obama running knowing FULL WELL he was NOT Constitutionally worthy of running for office. SHE knew and so did ALL the communist we have in congress! We need the TRUTH and we need it NOW. I too, feel that waiting for the 2012 elections will be too late. It is the COWARDS way to wait and see if he can be voted out of office, but that is exactly what we have in Washington…a bunch of gutless COWARDS…ball-less wonders! They do not WANT us to know the TRUTH. Those of us who DO KNOW the TRUTH and have been trying to get the TRUTH out have been called every name under the Sun to try and discredit us. What they do not realize is that the TRUTH is the only thing that will be left standing when all this is over. The truth needs no props to hold it up…the TRUTH stands alone. When the democraps house of cards starts falling in on top of them, which it is starting to do right now, they will be buried beneath the rubble and I for one would not lift one finger to help save their corrupt and evil lives!

  6. Well said, but there are multiple other impeachable offenses by Obama including starting wars without the consent of Congress & the bribing of politicians to go along with his plans to name just 2 of them. The problem is: the RINOs are not much better and just want to sweep all these things under the rug so one day when/if they get back into power they can do the same Unconstitutional things! The system is totally corrupt. 95% of all politicians in office deserve to be thrown out of office. Even the latest bunch of Tea Party supported Republicans have frequently stabbed us in the back (I'm thinking especially of West who voted for with Boehner on raising the debt ceiling with no good reason… even Trump had more common sense on that). We are back to choosing between evil & less evil. We need a third Party with backbone or a truly small government politician like Ron Paul.

  7. Ya know what folks? I find it interesting that there has been more written about obammy boy that is bad, or all his failure's, or an impeachable offense, a treasonistic act, or corruption, or one if his czars resigned, or his past communistic/marxist friends, etc etc. Whats wrong with this picture? YUP you got it…. Obammy!

  8. This is an eloquent, understandable summary of our path to destruction. The fraudulent "devil in the WH" must be kept from running again. The electronic voting machines can be manipulated. If he is re-elected, we all know it is flagrant deception and fraud. Millions of people are now totally against this administration, but will be helpless in the onslaught of illegal activity jokingly called an election.
    Somebody, take him out now!! It can be done legally. We got rid of Sadaam and Bin Laden. This 'empty suit' is just as bad, and will be our first dictator in chief if not stopped before November 2012.

  9. His list of Impeachable offenses grows almost daily – but there is not EVEN ONE member of Congress with the moral courage to stand up and fight for this country. The so-called "Republicans" in Congress are refusing to uphold the Constitution and do what is necessary to Impeach this self-appointed king!

    One of the questions we should ask EVERY candidate for Congress – or president – is this: WILL YOU HONESTLY UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION – even though that may mean doing 'politically incorrect' things like filing Articles of Impeachment?

  10. How the hell could James Boatwright be so surprised by Obama's actions? Was he in a coma or a drunken stuper during the campaign of 2008? Obama was a citizen of Indonesia, attended a muslim school, read the Koran in arabic, attended daily calls to prayer, wanted to improve relations with the muslim community, attended Rev. Wright's church for 20 yrs,. had connections to Bill Ayers, George Soros, Van Jones, Louis Farrakhan and every other left wing radical, spent millions to seal his birth certificate and all personal information including college records and transcripts, had a wife who became proud of her country for the FIRST time when Odumbo became the democrap's golden boy for POTUS, was a community organizer Chicago thug, connected to ACORN and SEIU, served a short time as senator where he regularly voted 'not present, campaigned that he would push for social justice, sharing the wealth, fundamentally 'transform' America and visit all 57 states. continued in next post

    • Barbara W. Anderson says:

      I am just devistated to believe educated persons in 'high positions' could have been duped by such a
      phony, misleading character to be the President of the Greatest Country in this World. What were they
      thinking? ? ? ? ? We had never heard of ; or knew of anyone who had until he was chosen to run for
      President. What a joke…….GOD BLESS AMERICA……..&………rescue the U. S. A. from total destruction.

  11. con't

    Is James Boatwright really serious?. All this information was public knowledge during Odumbo's campaign and long before the elections. The handwriting was not only written on the wall, it was imbedded in his speeches and probably even tattooed on his ass. If Boatwright voted for Obama he has no one to blame but himself. He and the country would have been better off if he voted republican and risked being called a 'racist.' Now he's called an 'idiot.'

    • Jim Boatright says:

      No, I did not vote for Obama. I decided some years ago never to vote for any DEMOCRAT politician in any race at any level. Please keep in mind that my leter was written six months ago. A lot more stuff has come to light since then.

  12. Everyone in here reading this article needs to make a copy,,share with like minded friends and relatives, mail,,not fax, but mail to thier representative to include Issa and Grassley who are tying to bring this group down. They are being held back by Obama’s DOJ Holder and his court officials,,this needs to reach more people,,please let us all share this story with other’s and get it moving in the right direction. they all need to be cuffed and never again recieve a dime from tax payers as they try to take down America. Make our soldiers proud,,,,God Bless America

  13. Billy Cooper says:

    Obama has trampled all over the Constitution of the United States of America. The only problem we have is this: There is no one in either House who has the "Cojones " to even bring up the subject. The Democrats Love to see AMERICA DESTROYED. The RepublicaNS ARE AFRAID OF BEING CALLED RACIST, SO THEY KEEP THEIR MOUTH SHUT. I just hope when Sheriff Joe out in Arizona finished with his investigation on the forged Birth Certificate, we can get this Phony Out of the Whitehouse.Because I will bet you its as Phony as Obama is.

  14. We have been calling for impeachment for over a year and NO ONE IN THE CONGRESS DOES ANYTHING! We can't wait until 2012 to get him and his marxist minons out! He has to go now before we can't take our country back! This is the most corrupt govt. in America's history with the exception of Woodrow Wilson and I think Hussain is beating him! Wilson used to lock political dissenters up and when Hussain starts that, he will go down and the most corrupt, unAmerican ever to step foot in the white house! WHY DOESN'T THE CONGRESS START IMPEACHMENT PROCEEDINGS? WHEN WILL THEY LISTEN TO WE THE PEOPLE!!

    • alegalcitizen says:

      Bottom line, even if the House voted for Impeachment IT WOULD NEVER GET THROUGH THE SENATE AS THE DEMOCRATS STILL CONTROL THE SENATE.

  15. alegalcitizen says:

    Sadly, I can only see one way for our country to be rid of Obama, & I think you all know it. Sure, we all want to believe that he won't win in 2012, but that isn't being realistic as we also know that if he wins, it is through fraud & corruption. Even now with the "fast & furious" investigation, the 1/2 billion given to the solar company that has failed, plus all the others that Obama gave our monies to, just those two alone are grounds for Impeachment. Look at all the other Exective Orders he has pulled off ILLEGALLY, no one does a damn thing. So, either God decides to take him & his wife, toss them into hell where they belong or our Country is doomed.

  16. Seeks_the_truth says:

    What really has me worried is that even though all of this is provable and public knowledge, the Democrats STILL FOLLOW HIM! How can American citizens be so blind to all this and STILL defend him?Lets ignore his birthright, the ss# and all the proof he is a usurper. How can they ignore all the TREASONOUS ACTIONS he has done? Where are they on the war in Libya? Where are they when he openly breaks the law with respect to immigration and Obamacare?
    These same groups scream about the KKK, but they totally IGNORE the FEDERAL charges that was dropped against the Black Panthers!
    And just think, most are the young adults that have our future in their hands!


  18. Alice Johnson says:

    Impeach Obama??? I believe it is too late for impeachment alone, now his crimes deserve imprisonment!
    And the sooner, the better!

  19. This message is for those who cry for impeachment. Please, please consider buying an inexpensive paperback book through Amazon — a used one will cost between $5 and $10. It will be worth your time and will answer more questions than you ever could have conceived. The title is "None Dare Call It Treason." Written by John A. Stormer in 1964. Yes, that's right – 1964. You've known the people in this book and will be amazed at who they really were – and gain more understanding as to why there is an Obama today and why no one has moved to impeach him. The book is well-researched and well-written. I highly recommend it and have ordered Stormer's follow-up – "None Dare Call It Treason – 25 Years Later."

  20. Barack Obama's "New Jobs Bill" has a few "hidden items" of grave concern. Remember when he said that the bill is "All or Nothing"? Here is the reason behind that statement. You won't believe this one. There is NO company who is even going to consider hiring, much less to have an employee vs. employer interview now. It is almost like Obama doesn't want the the country to create jobs. Either Obama is dumb as a stump and set in his ideology or he is so deeply intrenched in Saul Alinsky's radical views on how to bring a country to its knees inorder to usher in a new type of government……..socialism/New World Order.


  21. (continued – TaterSalad):

    …………..and then we have this written in the Jobs Bill:
    Stimulus II, Barack Obama's "new" and improved (so he says) economic stimulus package (not yet presented to Congress) has a section 261 of the bill that grants portions of $15 Billion dollars to qualified non-profit organizations………ala……..Acorn. And we all thought "Slick Willy" had retired!

  22. (continued – TaterSalad):

    This past week, Barack Obama gave $300,000.00 to Acorn affiliates: http://weaselzippers.us/2011/09/16/report-acorn-a

    Deliberate Improverishment of the Western World. Agenda 21, BaracK Obama and the New World Order all come into play: http://www.rightsidenews.com/2011091414494/us/pol

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